Kingston Problems

The Guardian ranks Kingston, Jamaica as the 10th most likely city on earth to have a nigger approach you and blast your brains out. They probably have good guns too because looking at the houses there they spend no money on those. They must of learnt how to build their homes from their Haitian relatives. Apes in the zoo make shift better dwellings than this with much less.

  Kingston, Jamaica is ranked 16th for violent cities in the world by business insider magazine. The capital of nigger island.

Oh no Jamal got capped. Lets put his ass in the river after we dig through his pockets.

Crime by lots of niggers policed by lots of niggers. I do not know or want to know which one would be more dangerous. How would anyone know what side that they are on.
Iz a gonna find that muddafuka dat stole my bucket of fried chicken. Word dogs.
The other negros are quite confuse. Why is this fellow negro sleeping with his pants down. One negro is wondering if the negro lying on the ground has been robbed yet. One negro is wishing the other negros would all leave so it could have sexual intercourse with the corpse. Remember in negro culture if it doesn’s say no its not rape
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