Gender Confusion and White Hate/Guilt

Below are the kind of people that are slowly killing society and cultural. You know the kinds of people who know black people because they watched the Cosby Show and Nigger Matters. Had a couple of MC Hammer casettes. Live in an all white rich neighborhood and say words like “radical’ and “dude”.

Lorca and Mark need to move to Africa. There they can go there with all their hopes and dreams of a happy equal world. They will be killed and raped by violent savage niggers in the first 5 minutes, but at least they didn’t die racist.

It’s sad but fucking true. All you need to get a good job or free shit is be a nigger. I think society makes these ads knowing damn well the negro will not work anyway. Too much whitey hand outs and shit to steal. So for white straight males if you want a good easy job or welfare don’t shower for a few months so you are dark and smell almost as bad as a negro. Then tuck your dick between your legs. Trans vestite negro. No one can fire or deny you.
This is in Cranbrook, Canada 99.999999% white. where did fatty immigrate from the doughnut shop? That weird child molesting guy behind her looks like he has a lot of loving. A couple of acres of land there.
Threat of direct violence. Oh well the whiny Jew is jealous OH VEY!

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