Islam The Religion of Peace

Like how does this work for Muslims? They kill this guy by throwing him off the roof because he is a homosexual. Yet they worship Allah and Mohammed who were known gay lovers together and rape little boys. In Islam does double gay cancel it out?

It is fucking mind boggling that society is so stupid and can not see this is what is happening. I never knew how many people out there were actually stupid enough to think they could integrate with us.
I do not fell sorry for her. I would have more sympathy for an idiot that stuck their penis in a running blender and wonder why it got chopped off. The blender incident sounds really stupid and most people should know the out come. Well she should of stopped the second she knew it was a paki. It is vermin like that that is moving to the west with their culture and traditions.

Shoot Bin Laden

Conservative activist and blogger Pamela Geller organized the Draw Mohammad cartoon contest in May. Two jihadists were killed outside the event after trying to storm the contest.For this crime against radical Islam ISIS wants Pamela Geller dead. In June 2015 ISIS tweeted out Pamela’s home address.

I just whipe my ass when I want a picture of Mohammad or any muslim for that matter it smells the same and looks the same. FUCK ISLAM. Do you think that the reason that some Muslims get so mad later on is that they realize Islam is a fake religion.

It is so hard to tell the gender of these creatures.Most Muslims from Africa come from Somalia. Somalia is known as having the dumbest citizens on earth. Coinsidence Islam is the main religion there? I think not.


  i am assuming the 3 on the right are of the female variety. They do not look that happy in that picture. I wonder why they are so sad? Is it because they are muslim or they looked in the mirror? Or are they denied fried chicke. Someone mail these folks some bacon.


  I know their religion is stupid to begin with. Plus it is a proven fact that Africans have smaller brains than the rest of the world. But this is beyond stupid. Why are these scum even wasting air. Even the air that maggots and poison ivy need. Look at those brillo heads fucking laughing. They are laughing at us for being so stupid to believe them and let them life off or our ancestors success. They can not build a society on their own. They at least are smart enough to know that. There is a reason they all flock to white countries and we don’t go there.


Islam The Religion of Peace 2

Saudi Arabia


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