Solved Season One

I am slowly updating this as I go along. I have decided to add full links to all crime shows eventually ie this one and forensic files, FBI Criminal Pursuit, Wicked attraction ect. Slowly but surely.
Season 1

1)  The Devil With In – Some fat beaner fucking teenager claims an intruder broke in and killed her parents. This case has a post on this blog under Sara Johnson.

2) An Eye For Murder

3) Minister Of Murder

4) Old Habits Die Hard

5) Blood Money

6) Secrets and Bombs

  Bombs going off in Salt Lake City, Utah.

7) Behind Closed Doors

  The murder of Pennsylvania woman Charlene Hummert. Her crazy fat, balding, four eyed fuck of a husband murdered his wife.

8) The Watch Man

9) Broken Vows

10) Shattered Silence

11) The Dark Side

The murder of California woman Kelly Bullwinkle. She was involved with one of those strange groups that think they are goth or vampires. Too bad really she was very beautiful.

12) Burden of Proof

13) Grave Danger

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