Suzane von Richthofen

Suzane von Richthofen (Born Nov 3rd, 1983-Sao Paulo) Suzane would make a guy really happy she is beautiful, rich, and she irons. Oh wait scratch the second one there she couldn’t inherit the money from her parents as she is responsible for their murder. Scratch the first one also she is in jail in Brazil probably roomed with some Brazilian looking Rosie O’Donnell dyke who likes to eat the tuna salad with a fork. As for the ironing she doesn’t iron clothes with it. There were actually iron rods that she beat her parents with. Good thing I double read that. She strangled them with towels too I thought it was going to be shower time. It wasn’t even her that strangled them or hit them. This bitch is useless.
   Suzane was born in Sao Paulo to a German engineer and a Brazilian/Lebanese mother. Her parents were wealthy. Her mother was also a psychiatrist. Probably should of had her daughter as a patient. She had a younger brother Andreas.

  On October 31st, 2002 she murdered both her mother and father with the help of her boyfriend and brother. She waited until her parents were asleep and then turned off the alarm to the estate. She then let her boyfriend 21 year old Daniel Cravinhos and his 26 year old brother Christian in. The brothers went up stairs and beat the parents. They then made it look like a break in.

  Another big reason for this is little princess is upset because her parents didn’t like her boyfriend, who the first let her date. Daniel was considered a lower class citizen and didn’t want to work. Her parents also found out they were smoking Marijuana (Rebels).

  On July 22, 2006 her and her boyfriend Daniel were sentenced to 40 years each in jail. Of course they both turned on each other when caught. Daniel’s brother Christian got 38 years.

  In 2011 Suzane’s brother Andreas sued her for the other half of the inheritance. He won.

Ricardo Barreda

  I can’t believe I have had this blog for 5 years and this is the first post I am writing that takes place in South America. Ricardo Alberto Berreda- Born June 16, 1936-  La Plata, Argentina. Look what ever you do DO NOT make fun of Ricardo the Retardo Querreda.  On November 15th, 1992 he killed his wife, his mother in law. and his two daughter. His reasoning? They always flung verbal assaults at him and made fun of him.
  Retardo killed his family with a shotgun and when finished he went to the bar and had a couple of beers. I wonder if it was a gay bar? He would of been single at that time.
  Ricardo was a dentist and seemed to have 2 successful children one daughter a dentist too the other a lawyer. But his family made fun of him. They called him “conchita” which in English is pussy/ They also called him a useless, unemployed, stupid sack of shit.
One day when he was having a good day and his family made fun of him he blasted them away. Ironically enough with a shotgun that his mother in law gave him as a gift. I always like when I buy people things and they put it into good use.
  After he killed his own family he ended up raping them. After that he picked up his shot gun shells and thrashed the house to make it look like a robbery. Him and his wife were both having affairs so after the murder Retardo and went and visited his bitch. Berreda finally confessed to the crimes.

Victims-  First he blasted his wife (Gladys McDonald) in the chest in the kitchen where she belongs in the first place. Then he shot his oldest daughter Ceilia(26) who was standing over her dead mother. Then his youngest daughter Adriana (24) came down the stairs to see what was going on and he smoked her.
  But according to Retardo he saved the best for last. He killed his mother in law Elrna Areche(86) with two shots to the back then the icing on the cake 2 to the head.
Sentencing- He was sentenced to live in prison in 1995. Which in 2008 was converted to house arrest and he lived in his house with his mistress. In 2011 he was released a free man. Fuck kill 4 people and only serve that little time. I should ask the people I don’t like”Want to go on a trip to Argentina?”

In 2003 argentinean punk-rock band Ataque 77 released an album called Antihumano on which there is a song called Barreda´s Way, who pays homeage to the famous dentist. They also released a video for that song which quickly became very popular and one of their most succesful songs on this album.

Not a bad song I must admit. I am adding it to my cell phone. Use it as a ringtone when the mother in law calls. Just kidding I am happily divorced.

Sarah Edmondson and Ben Darrus

 It’s not what you know. It’s who you know and how much money you have. That should be the motto for the Justice System.
  On March 5th, 1995 Sarah Edmondson and her boyfriend Ben Darras (Both 18) were at Edmondson’s parents cabin in Muskogee, Oklahoma. They watched Natural Born Killers. Horrible and stupid movie to begin with. A few days later they hopped in Edmondson’s car and left with a gun, which belonged to Sarah’s father. On the 7th they arrived in Hernando, Mississippi and for no fucking reason shot and killed cotton-mill manager William Savage. 2 bullets in the head at point blank range. Darras pulled the trigger there. But does it really matter these 2 were the next Mickey and Mallory. Almost make sense. Ben looked like a strung out Mickey and Sarah looked like Mallory flat chest and all.
  They then made there way to Louisiana and robbed a convenience store. Sarah went in and shot the clerk. Patsy Byers. Byers survived the attack but was left paralysed from the neck down. After Edmondson shot Byers she left the store. When she got back to her car with Darras waiting she realised she forgot the money. She went back in the store. Opened the till with Byers giving her the code and then cold bloodily said”Aren’t you dead yet?” as Byers lay on the floor.

Sarah Edmondson- Her father is Jim Edmondson a Muskogee County District Judge. Her uncle is Drew Edmondson, Oklahoma’s Attorney General. Edmondson pleaded guilty to shooting Patsy Byers. But in a plea bargain testified against Ben for shooting Savage. A crime the cops knew nothing about. Edmondson claimed that Darrus MADE her rob and shoot Byers. She went in the store alone. She could of called the cops. Edmondson got 35 years. The judge said it is important that Sarah gets treated like every other prisoner. Which is fucking bullshit you know that won’t happen. I agree with Patsy Byer’s husband Lonnie. Edmondson paralysed Byers and can’t walk. Sarah shouldn’t be allowed to walk.
  I really believe Sarah is more at fault for this crime spree. The woman usually has the control. If she told him no sex if you do this Ben wouldn’t of done it. Sarah should of got the death penalty. Bought her way out of that “Thanks Dad”. She was released in 2010. Hard time. I doubt she is sorry.

Ben Darrus- April 8th, 1976- From Telequah, Oklahoma. Is currently serving 2 life sentences and Mississippi State Prison. He doesn’t have as much money as the more guilty Sarah. He is a born again Christian

William Savage- From Herrnando, Mississippi. Killed with 2 shots to the head. Savage was a friend of well known author John Grisham who publicly criticised the making of the movie as Savages death. Blaming a movie for someone shooting someone is week. These kids are fucked up plain and simple. They would of found something else to blame it on if that movie was never made. That’s like saying if you watch Broke Back Mountain you are going to go out with a cowboy hat and fudgepack someone.

Patsy Byers- From Ponchatoula. Louisiana/ Worked at the convenience store. Paralysed from being shot by Sarah Edmundson. Filed a law suit against Oliver Stone and Time Warner the makers of Natural Born Killers. Byer’s died of Cancer in 1997 a day before she was to tape her testimony against Edmondson. Hmmmmm How convenient.


Pardon Request Letter
My name is Benjamin Darras and I am an inmate in the Mississippi State Penitentiary serving a sentence of Life Without Parole for the crime of Capital Murder. I am seeking a governor’s pardon for this crime. Regardless of my conduct in prison, no matter the amount of rewards or certificates I receive, or how many good deeds I perform I cannot make up for the pain I caused to my victim’s family or the community in which they lived. Yet, I ask for a pardon with a desire to pay my debt to society in a real and meaningful way. I ask with a desire to show that a person, especially teens and young adults, can learn from their mistakes-even tragic mistakes-and grow into moral, responsible, and positive contributions to society. I ask for a pardon because I am not the same young boy who committed those crimes sixteen years ago.
On 1995, I was arrested in Muskogee, OK and extradited to Louisiana for the crime of principle to armed robbery along with Sarah Edmondson (eventually an additional crime of attempted murder was added). During the criminal proceedings there, I was indicted for the crime in Mississippi I am currently serving at the Mississippi State Prison. I do take full responsibility and blame only myself for my poor decisions leading to my imprisonment.<SNIP> rest is here Just a bunch of shit how his life is changed and he is sorry. Oh yeah he added Jesus in there too.
Always wear glasses and take pictures of yourself with your mother when in jail and want to get released. That or hold a puppy. It make people think you care and are loving. Then after the camera is off tell your mother to fuck off and put your slayer shirt on and go to your cell and think of ways to escape and what you will do to society when out for retribution.

Forensic Files Season 2 Episodes 10-13

Episode 10- Sealed With a Kiss

1993- Pocono, Eastern Pennsylvania- Threatening letters began arriving to a first grade teacher Joanne Chambers a married mother of a 10 year old son. Eventually they did not only go to the school where she worked but they also went to her home. Some letters were left for other teachers in mail boxes in the faculty lounge. It seemed as someone had a grudge against Joanne and also seemed to know alot about her. Investigators thought it could of been a fellow employee sending the letters.
  A fellow teacher was charged but it proved the saliva on the envelopes wasn’t her. This is another stupid episode. It just sounds like 2 old bags that just can’t get along.

Episode 11- Postal Mortem

  In 1985 Steve Christiansen a married man with a young family received a nice package one day. Kaboom. This occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Who wanted to send  Christiansen this lovely gift? Apparently he fucked alot of  people around and they thought he scammed them. Christensen was involved with trading Mormon books. I know this is Utah Mormon capital of the world but who even a Mormon would want one of those stupid books?
  Steve’s business partners wife Kathleen Sheets, the wife of Steve Christiansen’s former business partner Gary. The bomb was meant for him as it was addressed to him. Hence never open others mail.
  Mark Hoffman a man who counterfeited these books that lord knows who would want was charged with the bombings. Hoffman was sentenced to 5 years to life for second degree murder and forgery. I am know law expert but isn’t first degree intent? I just sent him the bomb for fun and it accidentally went off?

Episode 12- Micro Clues

  August 4th, 1993- In a small Swiss village a  teenage boy (Dario Chikaleki) fishing did not return home as he was suppose to. His mother reported him missing. Microscopic evidence was located in the water. They found his bicycle and clothing left behind. 2 nights after Dario went missing 2 women were walking along the Switzerland/Germany border one night and seen what appeared to be blood. In a corn field nearby they found the naked body of a young man, it was Dario. He had been sexually mutilated. He had post mordem cuts on his body. He had been mutilated.
   When his body was found there was no sign of a struggle so police believe he was killed somewhere else and dumped there.
  Roland Keebler was arrested in France for a similar crime against a hitchhiker. The diotones in Keelber’s car carpets matched the diatones in Dario’s lungs. How the fuck do you solve this? Is this made up science fiction? Keebler pled guilty to the murder and mutilation due to the mass amounts of evidence. Keebler is a drunk child molesting queer. Fucking kill him.

Episode 13- Deadly Parasites

In the Spring of 1993, an unexplained illness struck the residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Four-hundred-thousand people developed a serious gastrointestinal illness, 4,000 were hospitalized and, by the time the epidemic was under control, more than 100 people were dead. Health officials suspected it was influenza, but it proved to be more serious and more difficult to identify.

Port Arthur Massacre Martin Bryant

  He basically is the Tasmanian Devil, He sure does  look like a fucking looney tune. Martin Bryant forgot to take his meds a couple days(April 28th and 29th) 1996. And it cost 35 people there lives. This occurred in Port Arthur, Australia on the island of Tasmania. Due to the Aussie government is as big as pussies as the Canadian government he got a slap on the wrist.
  That slap on the wrist being 1,035 years in prison. In all reality he should get 35 bullets to the head. Or even better yet if I was in charge I would say 35 bullets in the balls every week for 35 weeks. Then a public stoning. Or put his balls in a vice. Then everyday a family member of a victim gets one turn of the crank until he busts and bleeds out.

Martin Bryant was born May 7th, 1967 in Hobart. They say at childhood he suffered severe bullying. Well look at him no shit. This guy would never hear the end of my taunts and mocks if he lived near me.
  He was considered border line retarded with an IQ of 66. So a black genius. He got disability pension in 1983 with a psychiatrist saying “He can not read or write. All he does is garden and watch TV”.
  in 1987 when Bryant was 19 he met a 54 year old millionaire woman while he was out looking for customers for his lawn business. He moved into her filthy mansion with her and her mother. Her name was Helen Harvey and she died in a car accident in 1992. Bryant was in the car with her at the time of her death. People had said that Bryant had a tendency to jump for the steering while people were driving.
  Bryant’s father Maurice who was taking anti depressants. Bryants father was found dead in a dam with diving weights around his neck. The police called the death unnatural. Anyhow Bryant inherited $250,000 after his fathers death.
  In 1995 Bryant became a suicidal boozer. Thinking that the whole world was against him. God couldn’t of been that much against him he got that inheritance which I believe he had a part in at least one death if not both.
  With all his money Bryant travelled the world.

Right before the murders Bryant told a neighbour that he was going to do something that will make everyone remember him.

David Martin(72)- Owned the bed and breakfast Seascape. Bryant believed that the Martin’s owning the Seascape (which his father wanted to buy) caused his fathers suicide.
Sally Martin(69)- Owned the bed and breakfast Seascape. Killed her and her husband David in a guest house before travelling to the Broken Arrow Cafe with a duffel bag.
  When he arrived at the Broken Arrow Cafe he ate. When finished he set up a video camera and then killed 12 people and injured 8.
Moo Yee Ng(48)- Visiting from Malaysia killed instantly. Moo and Soo were sitting at a table next to Bryant while he was eating.
Soo Leng Chun(32)- Visiting from Malaysia killed instantly
Mick Sargent- Shot in the scalp
Kate Elizabeth Scott- Sargents girlfriend 21 years old. Shot in the back of the head and died instantly
Jason Winter- 28 year old New Zealander wine maker who was at the restaurant helping the busy staff. Threw a tray at Bryant as he pointed a gun at his wife Joanne and 15 month old son Mitchell. Winter died after a second bullet hit him in the head.
Anthony Nightingale- 44 years old fatally shot in the neck and spine while telling Bryant Don’t do this here.
Kevin Vincent Sharp- 68 years old fatally shot.
Walter Bennet(66)- Fatally shot
Raymond John Sharp(67)- Fatally shot. Kevin Sharp’s younger brother.
Gerald Broome- Struck by fragments but survived.
Gaye Fidler- Struck by fragments but survived
John Fidler- Struck by fragments but survived.
Tony Kistan(51)- Shot in the head. Died.
Sara Kistan- Survived
Andrew Mills(39)- Shot in the head. Died.
Thelma Walker-  Survived
Pamela Law- Survived
Graham Colyer- Shot in the jaw almost choked to death on his own blood.
Carolyn Laughton-  Carolyn got shot in the ear while trying to protect her daughter and survived. Sadly her daughter Sarah did not.
Sarah Laughton(15)- Daughter of Carolyn. Died while her mother protected her from the shots.
Mervyn Howard(55)- Fatally shot.
Mary Howard(57)- Fatally shot in the neck.
Robert Elliot- Shot in the arm and head. Survived.
Nicole Burgess- 17 year old working at the gift shop fatally shot in the head.
Elizabeth Howard- 26 years old fatally shot in the chest and arms.
Leslie Dennis Lever(53)- Fatally shot in the head
Coralee Lever-
Peter Nash(32)- Fatally shot and killed.
Carolyn Nash-
Vera Jary-
Ron Jary(71)- Shot through the neck and died
Pauline Masters(49)- Fatally shot.
Gwen Neander(67)- Shot fatally in the head while trying to escape.
Peter Crosswell- Shot under the ass.
Dennis Olson – An American tourist shot in the chest and survived.
Royce Thompson(59)- Shot and then rolled under a bus for safety. Died of his wounds later on.
Winfred Apline(58)- Fatally shot in the side.
Janet Quin(50)- Bryant shot and killed her after she escaped his first attempt and she was lying on the ground.
Neville Quin- Shot in the neck and left paralysed. Janet’s husband.
Gordon Francis- Shot and survived but ended up dying later on due to massive amounts of medical operations.
  After that shit show he drove down the road aways honking his horn and waving as he drove. Then seen a woman walking with her 2 children(Nanette 36, Madeline 3, And Allanah Mikac 6). Bryant slowed down and actually offered them help to escape. He fired 2 shots killing the woman and the child she was holding. He made Nanette get on her knees before he shot her in the temple.Then he chased the other child who was running and went and shot and killed her.
  He then stole a BMW by killing all 4 occupants inside. Mary Rose Nixon(60), Russell James Pollard(72), Helene Salzmann(50), and Robert Salzmann(57).
   Then he seen a Toyota Corolla with 2 passengers Glen Pears(35) and Zoe Hall(28) he forced Glen into the trunk. Then he killed the female Zoe Hall Braynt’s 34 victim.
  Bryant had the male Glen with him and went back to the Seascape along with the female corpse. He lit the car on fire. The police eventually showed up and tried to negotiate with Bryant. It is unknown when but Bryant killed Glen Pears. He wanted to be airlifted away in an army helicopter to an airport.
  Bryant 18 hours later set ablaze to the house and while trying to escape with burns to his ass and back he was taken to hospital. I have never quite understood why they would take him to the hospital. Fuck his human rights beat his burnt ass and throw him in the cell to suffer. Then lash him a few times for fun while hosing him off with vinegar and salt water.

If I was the investigator and seen this Kurt Cobain looking  retared hippie laughing I would grab his girl hair and smash his head on that table.

Sentencing 35 life sentences which equals out to 1,035 years that’s not that long. He lives in the Risdon prison in Hobart, Tasmania. For the first 8 months of his prison sentence he was on suicide watch. Suicide watch is another joke. He is a bill to society now and too harmful to release let him die. Bryant tried to commit suicide in 2007 with a razor blade to the throat. He didn’t try hard enough.


Risdon Prison Seems to be a well organised happy place.

 Recreation and there does not appear to be any black people at the prison. Must have a KFC.

Take your kids to a playground near the prison. Must be the sex offender unit to the right there.

That kitchen is almost nicer than mine. Oh the punishment here. They probably have a fucking maid too to clean it up.
No bars. Open the window and fuck off. Just promise to come back and commit only a few crimes.

Sydney River McDonalds Murders

 Sydney River, Nova Scotia- May 7th, 1992. Three friends who claimed that they only planned on robbing a McDonald’s restaurant ended up murdering 3. They permanently disabled another one. In 1992 it was one of the highest profile murders in Canada. One of the murderers actually worked at the McDonald’s. They shot and stabbed their victims.
  The killers said they didn’t want to hurt anyone just thought it would be quick easy money. Might as well take some fries too. The idiots thought that they would get over 200k. They left the joint with only 2,017. That is like a yearly wage now a days in Nova Scotia.


Derek Wood- 18-  Worked at the restaurant and left the back door ajar earlier that evening with a back pack. Sentenced to 2 life sentences. Parole denied in 2015. The staff at McDonald’s didn’t really like him He was also the first to break down to the pigs.

Freeman Daniel MacNeil- 23- Sentenced to 25 years and is still currently in a maximum security prison in New Brunswick. Exactly where that wad of cum his mother should of swallowed belongs. Unemployed.
Darren Richard Muise- 18- Got 20 years. Received full parole in 2012. Had martial arts skills and he claimed that he needed the money so he could get to Vancouver to work for the Hell’s Angels. Lol yeah fucking right. After being paroled he moved to BC and is forbidden to ever go to The Sydney area again.

Victims- All 4 were shot in the head.
Jimmy Fagan- 27-  Arrived by taxi at 1 a.m to start his overnight shift. MacNeil shot him dead and the three boys walked over his dead body to leave the restaurant.

Donna Warren- 22- Warren was forced upstairs by Wood and opened the safe to get his $2,017. Then he shot her in the head.
Neil Burroughs Jr.- 29- A married father and maintenance worker was upstairs cleaning sinks when wood came up and shot him in the head. When he fell to his knees Muise stabbed him in the neck and then MacNeil beat him with a shovel handle. Then a second shot to the head. That gruesome kill alone should of got them all killed via torture.

Arlene MacNeil- 20-(No relation to Freeman) Left permanently disabled by a gun shot wound to the face. She passed away in 2018.


Captain D Murders

   On July 12th of 2000, three employees were murdered at a Captain D’s fast food joint in Smyrna, Tennessee. Murdered in cold blood by filthy savages.
   After the robbery 18 year old Troy Snell was found shot to death outside the restaurant in his car. Managers Bryan Speight and Scott Myers were found murdered inside in the cooler.
Victims.  Apparently the robbers want to use Snell as a get away but then decided to shoot him outside moments later.
  Police at the time believed the murders may of been committed by serial fast food killer Paul Denis Reid at the time. But he was already incarcerated and witnesses seen a black male leaving the store. Reid did kill at a Captain D’s in the area before.
  No death sentence for the pair that committed the horrific crime. Taylor will be in jail for the rest of her worthless ape life. And Percy Palmer will be eligible for parole in 2056 at the age of 76. In all reality a much better place to live for them compared to the ghetto.
Latonya Taylor- This sow tried to appeal her case of murder pfffffft. The state was seeking the death penalty against Taylor which she should of got. But she is black and considered a human female by liberals so they spared her worthless life.

Percy Palmer- Use to work at Shony’s the same restaurant name that Paul Dennis Reid worked at. Wonder if he was “Learning to Pull a Paul”. Some paki that worked at a BP gas station just down the street from Captain D’s recognised Percy as a regular customer just shortly before the murders.

  What an insult to the mentally handicapped. Percy of course is slower in the brain. He is a negro 99.99999% of groids are slow in the head.


Troy Snell, 18(Born May 16th, 1982)- Was a senior in high school living with his parents.
Bryan Speight, 29– Was training to become a manager. Had one young daughter and was living in Nashville.
Scott Myers, 42(Born June 7th, 1958)- Worked at the corporate office and went from store to store training employees. He was married with 2 young daughters at the time of his murder.
A special garden was built out side the restaurant for the slain workers.


  I will add more once I find it.

Patrick Selepak and Samantha Bachynski

  Samantha Bachynski claimed that the man of her dreams (Selepak) made her commit murders although during their stint the bitch had several chances to fuck off. She was 19 when she met him online. Selepak was in jail and he had low standards on what he fucked(Obviously). 
  Bachynski came up with the idea to inject the victims Scott and Mellisa with bleach to kill them.
 Bachynski told investigators she helped Selepak as she feared that he would kill her. But he is still the love of her life even over doughnuts. Bachynski even drove by police while by herself that really sounds like someone scared for their life.
Selepak and Bachynski’s Crime Line
  • They started their crime spree February of 2006
  • Robbed an eatery and sports store in Flint, Michigan. This is Flint they are probably use to it. The victims were probably wondering more of the fact why white people were there.
  • Selepak strangled to death a pregnant Mellisa Berels
  • Bachynsi helped Selepak torture and strangle Scott Berels before injecting him with bleach.

Patrick Alan Selepak-(Born October 17th, 1978) Selepak was paroled just months before the crime spree. He served 8 years for armed robbery and escape. He was sent back to jail for assaulting a girlfriend but a prison employee fucked up. They let him out when he should of stayed.
Samantha Jean Bachynski-(Born May 28th, 1986)


Victims from left to right Melissa and Scott Berels (New Baltimore, MI)both 27. Fred Johnson Vienna Township, MI) 53.
Melissa and Scott were strangled to death and beat with the butt of a shot gun. After injecting Scott with bleach he finally died after having a belt hooked around his neck.

  Bachynski met Fred Johnson at a fudgepacker bar in Flint. They used him for money and a place to stay while they hid from the police for the Berels murders. Selepak and Fred played bum darts together.

  Patrick Selepak and Samantha Bachynski are both seving life sentences.
Bachynski is serving at Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti.
Selepak is serving at Oaks Correctional Facility in Manistee.


Fucking gross. $300 dollars is a fair price. There is probably 300 fucking bucks worth of moldy cottage cheese cooze crusties on them. Re-sell it to a supermarket. Eliminate the dairy farmer.

Forensic Files Season 2 Episode 6-9

Episode 6 The Blood Trail

  Nothing like getting a severed lamb’s head on your fence post with a note that reads “You next” On it. Plus getting threatening letters and phone calls. Oh yeah and a car bomb that almost kills your wife. Either this guy fucked up and is wanted dead or he is doing it himslef. This man is Graham Backhouse a shitty farmer ex hairdresser(fag) from the UK. Oh yeah his neighbor was found dead and Backhouse had a stab wound. Backhouse shot him and made it look like a fight.  Backhouse had 24 hour police protection. Also lots of debt and life insurance on his wife. He claimed to the police that his neighbour admitted planting the car bomb and it was meant for Graham.

Backhouse did it and was sentenced to 2 life sentences.

Backhouse died in 1994.

Episode 7 Fatal Fungus

  In Cleveland in 1994 a rare disease was infecting young children and infants. 4 died and it infected over 30 young children and infants Where did it come from? Ironically enough none of the children were breast fed. Proves that titties can save lives.

Episode 8 Charred Remains

  1991- Vancouver, Canada- A dumpster is found on fire in a diserted parking lot. In the ashes there was more than garbage. It was a body shot and burned beyond recognition. DNA was impossible to get but they knew the victim was an adult female.
  They viewed missing persons reports and found it was 30 year old Lynn Breeden a cocaine addicted model who once posed for playboy.
  Shortly before Lynn’s murder someone tried to drain her account that wasn’t Lynn.
  A coke head male escort living in his car became suspect. Some bitch he knew went to try and drain Lynn’s account and narced to the cops that it was Cruz that gave her the stolen bank shit.
  Police believe that Cruz beat Breeden with a tire iron, shot her then burned her body in there with gas. Probably beat her due to money over blow.

Episode 9- Something Fishy

  Two people die in Seattle after taking an over the counter pain reliver. 40 year old Susan Snow a bank manager and mother of 2 was a victim. Cyonide was found in the pills.

South Carolina

Kwik E Mart Myrtle Beach South Carolina Simpsons

Coal burning evil race traitor trash. I hope they leave her in the chair long enough so she is crisp and black like that soulless nigger.
This kid should fry for this. Drop him off naked in some nigger neighbourhood. Why shoot them another nigger or mother nature usually does it for you.

A high school honor student was shot to death in South Carolina and another teen was arrested in connection to the slaying, according to police.

That boot lipped coon is a teen? Some liberal probably just said that so it doesn’t get the maximum sentence. I bet the nigger will get a slap on the wrist. The judgs will say there are too many blacks in prison.


CONWAY, SC – Jenkins, Daniels, and James Elbert Daniels Jr. were charged after the 2015 Sunhouse convenience store robberies. 
On January 2, 2015, Bala Paruchuri was shot to death inside the Sunhouse store on Highway 905. Trisha Stull was killed on January 25 at the Sunhouse store on Cultra Street in Conway.
James Daniels went to trial for his involvement in August.jury found him guilty of murder and two counts of armed robbery for driving the getaway car in the robbery that killed Trisha Stull.(White)

This is Tia. I caught her digging in one of the trash bins outside a trailer in Jamestown. We broke into this house and started drinking the dudes beer. She passed out and then I put peanut butter on my balls and got the owner of the houses dog to sevice my nut sack as Tia’s meth mouth stunk as bad as her cum bubbly farts and rotted gutter sewage pussy. I always wondered what happened to Tia. Until I read this about her.   Tia Coleman is a employee of a strip club in columbia off greystone blvd. She frequents a bar on Broad river and st andrews rd. She is a nasty slut hang hangs from any mans cock she gets her hands on (married or not. Women BEWARE!). She was a lousy lay and her crotch smells like anal sex. I thought i had it in the wrong hole from the foul smell coming from her snatch and had to check to see if i had it in her dookie chute. i should have realized after the horrible excuse of sex and a trip to the doctor i would need meds for the clap. Thank you Tia Coleman for everything now i puke when i see pics of her. ***Enter at your own Risk!!!** The dude that wrote this got the CLAP from me I gave it to that trailer trash slut lol I rule in South Carolina #Winning

Don’t forget to visit Kayla when you are in the Columbia, South Carolina region. Best thing about her is she is really fucking slutty.  this b*tch is a nasty slore. She has slept with everyone she could in Orangeburg South Carolina, Sumter, Gaffney, Charleston, Bamburg, Branchville, Columbia. Anyway her name is Kayla Bohn, married to a female transgendered solider stationed in Afghanistan(or how ever its spelled) she says she got gang-raped by the Cosby family but wouldn’t file a report, then because she wouldn’t file a report her husband thought she was lying(which she was). So because he told her that she decided to sleep with the man who owns a bar down the road from her and her husbands house in SC. I’m also sending you a pic she decided to post on facebook, she just recently had a child, don’t know if its her husbands or the guy she slept with(or mine or yours) a week before she met her husband, she posted this bikini pic 2 weeks after having a baby and being married and having mostly male friends on her facebook most of them she’s already slept with. Another good thing about Kayla is you can blow your load in her and the kid could be anyones. There is so much dried up crusty cum in her cooch it could just be a mixture. A koolaid kid.

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