Funny Pictures 3

The KFC Marathon. The negros run at night so their skin blends in with the enviornment so they can cheat and steal chicken.
This really is not that funny as it is true. It is not so much that I hate anyone that is a homo butt pirate. I just can’t stand the ones that flaunt it. I want to have a titty day where breasts are used as sidewalks. And the confederate flag is flown instead of that rainbow fudgepacking one they use. With fags you give them an inch and then they take a mile much like negros. Years ago negros and homos had no rights. Now they have too many. And years ago no one thought they would ever have rights. Mark these words. There will be a day when child molesters have rights. The left wing liberals have went this far why not go further. 

Like basketball, cRap, and raping fat white women. Lashing of negros makes them feel important. Why do you think they hose nigger bucks off in prison so much. Yes sure alot is due to the fact that they smell like the shit splatter that comes out assholes after spicy chilli. But deep down inside the nigger loves it like a watermelon.

Odds are these fine young negros jacked this truck from another spook. Victim less crime.

Her parents must be proud she has a black boyfriend. He plays in the NBA his name is LeBron.








There is bound to be chimpouts over this white power thing


Funny Pictures 4

This is this idiots actual mug shot. As of 0800 hrs this 28th day of October 2014, Ubong David AWAK (1979-02-02) is wanted on a British Columbia wide warrant for KIDNAPPING x 4, ROBBERY x 2, ASSAULT, & 7 other charges. AWAK is described as a Black male, 168 cm or 5’6″ tall and weighs 73 kg or 161 lbs. AWAK has black hair and brown eyes. AWAK should be considered violent.
Somalis must be the ugliest creatures to ever roam the earth. They are worse than scum of scum. This guy is beyond redemption. Why on earth would anyone in their right mind think this piece of shit could be useful to society. I think we all got AIDS and lost brain cells just looking at him. I can smell him through my screen.

That garbage can now knows “These niggers mean business” In Durban, South Africa.

Black history month. Invention. One nigger stole a construction workers helmet and the other grabbed the pail that it shits in flipped it over and put it on his head. To boot there is a bike helmet on the handle bars that I doubt the groid can see.

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