Detroit Problems


Or a gun for that matter he has to use his finger and finger bang.
Top Tenz ranked Detroit as the second most likely city to be murdered in in the US. Right behind
it’s beautiful hell hole neighbor Flint.
Oh NO! Not Demitris he was just turning his life around and was an inspiring rapper.
He had such a good role model raise him in the east side how could this ever happen? No one could of ever seen this coming.
African nigger jungle bunnies are cleaner than this. Fuck are niggers slobs.
People wonder why the whole world hates niggers.
Niggers at a Detroit Lions game sat out the national anthem in the crowd. I think they should go back to Africa. Or at least if they have to stay in the western world they get nothing that white people invented. They have already never worn deodorant. So may as well give up the cell phones too.

Damn it someone busted a cap in Urkle’s cousin

“Yesterday, two people came by in a unmarked, black suburban with tinted windows both with bulletproof vests and badges,” she wrote. “I do not serve law enforcement (ICE, Homeland Security, DPD, etc) so I told (them) I was closed to not make a tense situation more so. They then circled back around with a lady (still with bulletproof vest and badge) getting out of her vehicle asking why I didn’t serve them.
“Not feeling confrontational, I meekly told her that I don’t serve law enforcement. She told me she was (with) the humane society and that we probably have the same political ideas. That’s when I was ready to rectify the situation but she quickly became belligerent. She took her phone out and stated taking pictures (wish I woulda done the same).
“The customers already at the truck were harassed by her and photographed despite NOT having their consent. THATS WHEN I REFUSED HER SERVICE and asked her to leave.”

Now who is she going to call when all the young nigger youth rob her?

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