Diane Tilly

  Diane Allison Tilly was a beautiful, loving, caring woman. She was nice. The saddest thing is she was too nice.  Her kindness and big heart is what ultimately ended her life short. Let this be a lesson to everyone out there. NEVER I MEAN NEVER help out niggers. She was murdered, raped, and robbed in 2004.

  Diane Allison Tilly (Born: July 6th, 1946) was a divorced mother of 2 grown children and was the co founder of an organization called the Robbins Academy. The Robbins Academy is an alternative education program for kids having trouble learning and general trouble in life. It is in San Antonio, Texas. Which means it is a place mainly in for attempting to help niggers. All the students and staff there loved Diane calling her a miracle worker. She helped a lot of niglets build their self esteem. She genuinely cared about making the students lives better.
  As fucked up as virtually all the students she tried to help were she had the Aunt Jemima of fucked up little niglets. This 15 year old sows name was Pearl Cruz, Pearl lived with her grandmother just blocks from Diane’s home. Pearl’s father Ronnie Neal (why they have different last names who knows) was just as fucked up as most of the students in the Robbins Academy.  He was 33 years old and actually got his OWN nigger daughter Pearl pregnant. But inbreeding among niggers probably can’t make them anymore stupid. Just more proof that niggers will fuck anything even their own ugly offspring their sows shit out. Ronnie often fed pearl full of cocaine and booze and prostituted her out for extra cash. It is also said that Pearl’s mother Elisa Stanley had multiple children with multiple men. Surprising enough Pearl’s mother was white and Ronnie was the only nigger she fucked or got raped by.

  Here are the sequence of events that led to the murder and conviction. On November 22nd, 2004 a junglebunny nigger and it’s offspring shit Pearl Cruz entered the home of Diane Tilly. Uninvited of course. Pearl had said that her dad Ronnie’s truck had ran out of gas. Since Diane knew Pearl from loser school and also hired Ronnie to do landscaping work she let them in the residence. They pulled out a gun and took Diane’s bank card. Pearl held Diane hostage as her nigger buck father went to withdraw cash. Diane gave him the wrong pin number. Or so they say we all know niggers have a brain the size of a pea so maybe he forgot the right one.
  Ronnie came back furious and threatened to kill Diane’s cat. Then Peal went to a Shell gas station and withdrew 400 bucks. Now it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what Ronnie did while Pearl was gone. Nigger alone in a house with a female (especially a white one) Yeah that has rape written all over it, with a side dish of AIDS (Ronnie had AIDS). He also took a few swigs of some scotch Diane had leaving his paw print on the bottle. He tried to wear a condom while raping her but failed and doused her with hydrogen peroxide hoping to destroy DNA evidence.
  They then took Diane at gun point in her car and burnt it. Monkey brains probably thought it would reduce evidence. Then shot Diane 5 times execution style. There was a bullet hole found in Diane’s house on the couch. But police believe it was a warning shot to get the right ATM pin. Instead of yelling at them and calling them stupid niggers before she died, Diane being the loving person she is looked at Pearl and said bless this child. This shows how souless and heartless niggers are.
  A big reason these niggers got caught also is they were seen on camera using Diane’s debit card and were in possession of her laptop. Pearl led police to Diane’s body which was buried under branches. Pearl told police that she and her father had planned to rob and kill Diane seconds after meeting her.

Pearl received a 30 year sentence which is too light. Her rapist nigger father on the left there Ronnie Joe Neal got the death sentence. During the trial Neal tried to use the defence that he was mentally retarded. Well you are worse than mentally retarded you are a nigger that is a way lower IQ dumb spook.
  Ronnie never got the death sentence he committed suicide in prison from overdosing on anti depressants which he hoarded in his cell. His shit stain niglet daughter Pearl is sadly released and free. He was serving 4 10 year sentences for robbery, unauthorised use of a motor vehicle, and burglary. With an additional 2 5 year sentences for burglary.
Nig Bits

  • Ronnie Joe Neal showed no remorse for his crime
  • While on death row he was suicidal and had AIDS (like all niggers)
  • He wanted Bexar County to pay him 35 million dollars for violation of his civil rights while in jail (fuck these niggers need to quit listening to Jesse Jackson)
  • Claims the DNA evidence was wrong.
  • Neal was accidentally released from prison 5 days before Diane’s murder while serving a 10 year sentence.
  • Got caught with a weapon while serving his first jail term
  • A warrant was out for his arrest at the time of Diane’s murder
  • While in prison Neal set up a website claiming his innocence and love for poetry. Yeah that sounds like something someone who claims is mentally retarded could and would do.
  • After killing Diane Neal phoned his ex wife telling her that he came into some money and they should go shopping.
  • In the motel room where Neal was living they found Diane’s 357 Magnum hand gun which she had for protection.
  • In 2010 Neal Killed himself.
Pearl has a meet me page?

                                                            Who would want to meet this ugly inbreeding nigger sow?

Ronnie Joe Neal: Born January 28th, 1971
Pearl Ann Cruz: Ronnie Neal’s daughter and the future mother of his child.


Pearl Stealing from Diane
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32 thoughts on “Diane Tilly

  1. Racist! Not every black person is a nigger with AIDS. Some are raised in good homes and attend Ivy League collages unlike yourself I’m sure. Are all white people honkeys? Should I never help one because one killed and raped one of my family members?

  2. What a beautiful, giving woman. Had it been the other way around, with a white man killing a black woman, the entire town would of been burnt down, traffic stopped and stores looted. And how the hell is that loser Pearl out of prison? Because our justice system doesn't work for white people.

  3. Omg wow I dont understand why you are calling other humans niggers if you watch forensic files it's you guys that rapes little boys and girls and kill your parents and hide bodies in your basements you crackers kill me it's like you just cant admit that you envy us you want to have little black babies your men fantasize about the beautiful black women's body and you white bitches age so bad it's a fact that you white women want to be us so bad and you white men cant stand that your ducks are small so you try to kill all the brothers cause your white trash wives cant stop fuking owr black brothers I'm so done with this I was looking for that little girl that helped her father do that murder but you people are just sad enjoy hell mother fuckers

  4. First I'd like to say I will not resort to your level nor will i call you out of your name or racially attack you as you do and have done. But I don't see your need to say such racial slurs and being so judgemental as you are. It really shows ignorance. There are slit of good people black white Hispanic and all races who are you to say what race isn't up to standard or to speak so ill if a a whole entire race in which I'm sure you are basing your judgements on maybe a couple of bad experiences but you don't know every single minority to be so cruel and ignorant. There are plenty of white serial killers and murderer's that have fine crimes just as horrible and vicious neither the father or daughter was right in their crimes but it wasn't because of their race it was because they were and are fucked up individuals. But I surely don't see all the hostility in your post that refer to Caucasians. You are trying to so God's job and I really hope your eyes open before they shut. A black person could be the one saves your life or a black doctor may have to perform a complicated procedure be careful of the ruthless tongue you speak with you never what irony you may endure because of it. I truly hope and pray you get help and realize that no race is no more superior than another.

  5. So now this piece of shit of pearl cruz is slowly dying of AIDS because she is HIV positive now. She goes on to infect other Niggers with aids because we all know Niggers fuck anything. This fucking cunt needs to be buried alive under the prison . But our court's are fucking corrupted. Thanks to the feminist movement and democrats Cunts like this walk away free

  6. Shut up Nigga ain't nobody trying to be like yo black azz y'all ain't shit.. and you know it.. I am black btw so I know you know that the black community ain't shit..we ain't shit..

  7. Listen to Jesse Lee peterson. Or Tommy sotomayor. They are 100% correct Niggers are the worst group of people in the world they are animals. The good thing is that the gov is killing then slowly. With aids and other deadly diseases.. fuck all Niggers…

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  9. How did Neal do work for Diane Tilley if he was in prison just 5 days before he killed her? I thought she knew them for awhile. Too bad she wasn't able to get ahold of her gun. They caught her off guard. Sad story.

  10. Crime is committed by all types of races and ethically. I'm sure you're just a racist lonely perverted asshole living at home in mommy's basement watching child porn.

  11. White criminal killers tend to murder people in large amounts at once without conscience. Also, white racists have been murdering good black people for over 400 years and still counting…

  12. I've never heard so many disgusting words that make me want to cringe for being white.

    How pathetic, you've taken a women's senseless and horrible death and made it all about your horrendous vile views! PLEASE DON'T BREED!!

    Unfortunately there seems to be one too many of you thick racist fucks about!


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