Rape: More of a sport than basketball to niggers

Not only do they look like shit they smell like it too. Plug your nose and vagina.
Better hide the fact he is a nigger. If the world knew that they are the majority of sex offenders and rapists are niggers we would be called racist.
Black women really are that ugly and undesirable.
Due to the low IQ of a nigger and their soullessness, I am guessing they assume no means yes. It is an easy mistake as most niggers can not understand how to tie their own shoes. Hence why white people invented Velcro from looking at the Brillo pads on their heads.
More on these worthless niggers

DETROIT — (WXYZ) — A Detroit man suspected of raping his girlfriend’s daughter last week has been arrested, according to Detroit police.
Kevin Price, 32, allegedly raped the 15-year-old girl on Friday while the mother was working an overnight security job.
The mom came home early and found her daughter naked in bed with Price who was also naked. She had been dating Price for four years and they have three young kids together. <Snip>



“I look at rape the same way I look at HIV: If you play guard for the Lakers it won’t affect you.”

Daniel Tosh


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12 thoughts on “Rape: More of a sport than basketball to niggers

  1. If you are young enough, you will live to see the day when your nazi group will become the minority in this country- should be about 20 years. Then maybe you or your family members might be lynched or have your houses burned. You might be told that there is an Aryan conspiracy to take over the government, without being given any kind of proof. You might see a blog like this one with photos of white trash who married their cousins and had stupid babies. Of course there would be photos of white trash like you with accusations of rape of fine black, asian, hispanic or jewish ladies. Enjoy the last few years of your "superior life". The change is coming and you can't do squat about it.

  2. Nazi… Lol.. I'm sensing a malevolence directed towards apes in this blog.. Seems as what I've studied about the Holocaust Era wasnt very many monkeys getting shipped off to Treblinka and Auschwitz.. So shut your inbred non educated balloon lips until ya can say something that makes a bit o sense… The author of this blog has already heard the same Nazi horseshit 3000 times from you coons.. Give it a rest.. Go get ya a pile a wings Grab ya a fith of Gin… Go smart that shit to your 6'7..280lb white neighbor with the swastika above his garage door . ?


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