Where Is The Crime Here?

Mohinder is admiring the art work he just drew. It’s a real turban scratcher on why he drew it.
I Love the Polish people
Above is WAY better than what Jews want in there, Below is what immigration brings

This would be a great name for a Chinese Food Restaurant. Cheap signage. 
Then when you leave on the bottom of your bill.

A free paint job on your car should be appreciated nothing to get mad about here. You could take this vehicle to charity events. The community would welcome you.

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4 thoughts on “Where Is The Crime Here?

  1. Yes although you fail at every other aspect in life you can do 1 amazing thing that white people can not. It is How can you keep an erection with such butt fucking ugly women? The mere site of a black or muslim women clothed make a sane normal person impotent. But then again your race also rapes goats and has child brides. Thank the Jews you hate for flooding our countries with you scum.


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