Jodi Huisentruit

  Jody Huisentruit (Born June 5th, 1968): Is/Was a Television journalist from Mason City, Iowa. She vanished without a trace on June 27th, 1995. Her co workers got suspicious when she never showed up for her 4am shift to anchor the news.
  There is evidence of a struggle outside of her apartment and a white Ford Econoline van was spotted. Also it was noted that neighbors had heard screams at the time of her disappearance.  And it has been 20 years and police are still clueless as to what has happened. On the day of her disappearance she phoned her boss notifing her that she slept in.
  Jodi was declared legally dead in May 2001.

Beside Jodi’s car police found a bottle of hairspray, her keys, a blow dryer, and red dress shoes. The cops found a partial palm print on her car door but got nothing from it.
  But in 2015 new evidence came forward when some people came forward. Some nigger serial rapist named Tony Jackson is the prime suspect in the case. Of course he denies it. But he is one of those groids that thinks he is the ultimate ladies man. And look at her she is hot and proffesional she wouldn’t dip down to date a smelly monkey. He had to use his ape like behaviour to get what he wanted white pussy, Probably sick of the black sewage kind.

Tony Dejuan Jackson: He is the ugly ape on the left. He wanted to be a talk show host. Like Montel, Steve Harvey, and Arsineo all shitty nigger shows. He and a friend went for drinks after playing hockey (no just kidding of course it was basketball). Jackson went up and started chatting with Jodi. The friend couldn’t hear what the two were saying. There has never been a proven link between Jackson and Jodi. But It sort of fits. Rape after all is the black mans national sport.
  There is also a rumor that cops kidnapped rapped and killed Jodi. Jodi’s personal journal was sent to the Mason City Police Department from a former police chiefs wife our of Waterloo. There was a local man named Mr Best who claimed to a friend that he believed the police were involved in illegal activity. That year Mr. Best was killed with his throat slashed.
  There is also her 50 year old neighbor named John Vansice who apparently spent alot of time with Jodi. He was also the last person to see Jodi alive. He was apparently obsessed with Jodi and even bought a boat and named it Jodi. Maybe he made a sexual advance and got turned down.
   Another speculation has been that she was going to report on drugs in Mason City. Then drug dealers killed her.

My Thoughts: If you have read the blog you know I usually blame niggers for everything. This time my best bet would be with the neighbor. Someone would have to know her schedule and where she lived. It could of been random. The cop theory is possible but it was a pissed off employee who left who said it. Not a viable source. The drug thing is possible. It could be something where she stuck her nose in something she shouldn’t of with the wrong people.

Tid Bits

  • Jodie was an avid golfer
  • She was born in Minnesota
  • Her first job was at North West Airlines
  • This case has been filed on Unsolved Mysteries, 20/20, and Americas Most Wanted
  • Had a Miatta
  • She graduated from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota in 1990
  • Worked for a TV station in Alexandria, Minnesota before moving to Iowa


the case of missing news anchor

  • Police believe Jodi Huisentruit was abducted from the parking lot of her apartment building around 4am on June 27, 1995
  • The 27-year-old news anchor at Mason City, Iowa station KIMT had overslept and told a co-worker she would rush to get to work for her 6am broadcast  
  • She was never heard from again 
  • A retired police officer and journalist that continue to look into the mystery believe a serial rapist might be a person of interest in the case 
  • Tony Dejuan Jackson was 21 at the time of Huisentruit’s disappearance, and living just two blocks from the KIMT news station 
  • He is currently serving a life sentence for raping three women in 1997

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8 thoughts on “Jodi Huisentruit

  1. This blog reads like a parody of idiot racist mentality. Of course fucko thinks he's funny and the black guy's to blame, of course. . . spoken like a totally effective detective. Can't go wrong with that, nope. And if you raped a black woman would you suddenly not be white anymore? Nope, white people never rape black people, nope. Imagine if police actually operated under that mentality.

  2. Ive seen most of the shows that have aired about Jodi and have wondered if it was ever solved. My bet is on the nigger serial rapist. It would not have been hard for him to stalk her first to learn her routine. After all stalking white women is their other sport. Any word on who the partial belongs to?

  3. Look, the gal that got her job was behind it. 1) She is the only one that claims Jodi was alive that morning (Jodi could very well have been attacked the previous night and her items strewn around her car to be found in the morning). 2) She is the only one that substantially benefitted from Jodi's disappearance (she even admitted, "I wanted her job". 3) She was familiar to Jodi and easily could have lured or gained entry into the apartment. 4) The video of her as she is asked questions and interviewed shows major deception, even the display of false tears/emotion, she is the only person close to Jodi whose responses appear utterly contrived. 1) Has anyone put her through a lie detector test?? Has anyone done a thorough search of 2) Her bank accounts to see if any unusual payments or large cash withdrawals were made around the time of the disappearance?? 3) Were her contacts: boyfriends, brothers, family, or other male acquantices, ever thoroughly researched?? Believe me, the answer lies somewhere related to her.

  4. To the one saying this blog is reads like a parody of an idiot racist clearly doesn't know any crime statistics. How come over 50% of the murders are committed by just 12% of the population? How come the blacks consistently votes democrat even though the party has done nothing but damage their community? To quote Lyndon Johnson, "I'll have those niggers voting democrat for 200 years" and he was right. How come the average iq of blacks is over ten points below that of whites, how come being the oldest known civilizations of Africa has had zero innovations or central government until relatively recently when white people basically did it for them. There's being an idiot racist and than there's a realist. People ignore reality these days and its a damn shame cause it's been destructive for society.


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