Chris Dimeo and Nicole Pearce (Diamond Murderers)

Say no to Drugs Kids

  Chris Dimeo and Nicole Pearce I wish I could find nice things to say about them. Nicole is dead now from cancer. I was nice to at least put a picture on the left that gave her some justice. If I can get anything to any young kids that read this out of this story is stay off of fucking drugs kids.
  They would rob jewelry stores to get the jewels then sell them so they could get heroin. Dimeo’s mother was a heroin addict too who helped them do this also.
  Dimeo and Pearce met in 2004 in San Marcos, California. She was there living her mother after serving time for burglary. She was on parole. She committed those crimes with her husband at the time. Then this article says she once talked about being a dental assistant and never pursued it. I once talked about being able to fly. I never pursued that and it didn’t cause me to kill people. Fucking excuses.
  Pearce would case out jewelry stores in small towns with low security. Then Dimeo would go in and rob the place. Then they sell the stolen jewels then they have more heroin.

Donnelly Murders: On February 2nd, 2005 Dimeo robbed then killed Tim and Kim Donnelly at their Fairfield, Connecticut Jewelry store. He killed them for only $7,000. After all the news reports on this Dimeo and Pearce bailed and went to Atlantic City, New Jersey where they got caught. They were stupid and left their cell phones on.

Chris Dimeo: A native of Glen Head, New York. He lived in California with his grandparents when he met Nicole Pearce. He stole from his grandparents when he took off back to New York. He stole art work from them and their car. Both Dimeo’s parents were heroin addicts also.

Nicole Pearce: Died of cervical cancer.

Wicked Attraction Video Rough Diamond

Junkie Bits

  • All witnesses said that Dimeo had piercing blue eyes
  • Dimeo was called in court no criminal mastermind just a junkie with a gun
  • If you watch the video above at the end the son of the Donnelly’s is nice and calm about it. If someone did that to my parents. Words couldn’t describe.
  • He killed Tomas Renison in his first known robbery in Glen Head.

Chris Dimeo: Life Term. In the Connecticut robbery Dimeo could of got the death sentence, Which he should of.
Nicole Pearce: 20 years for robbery
Maryann Taylor (Dimao’s mother): 15 years for driving the getaway car.

My thoughts
I would of executed that junkie the same way he shot the Donnelly’s. Don’t give me the addict excuse. I was an addict for years. It was booze not drugs but I craved it too. I never killed or stole to get it. I crafted smart enough ways to acquire it back then when I needed it. If you are too big of a pussy to suffer a few days of withdrawl check yourself into detox. I hope he gets ass raped in jail fuck him. You are heartless and soulless like a nigger if you can point a gun at couple running a business and kill them. PERIOD. Another thought for you that think drugs may be fun.

This is before she had bad cancer. That is drug sickness. That is so fucking ugly. Kids stay off of fucking drugs.


Chris is rocking some styling threads there. I wonder if it is more comfy in those while getting butt fucked in the pen.

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12 thoughts on “Chris Dimeo and Nicole Pearce (Diamond Murderers)

  1. The "nigger"comment was seriously tasteless and uncalled for.Your racist ass spreads as much pain with your hate as Chris and Nicole have.You're no better.Come down off of your racist high horse.

  2. The "nigger"comment was seriously tasteless and uncalled for.Your racist ass spreads as much pain with your hate as Chris and Nicole have.You're no better.Come down off of your racist high horse.

  3. Hi Matt, just found your blog by watching a heartbreaking story on Ronald West, the pos who is most likely a serial killer.

    I hope you haven't stopped posting new material!

  4. Hey asshole author, Get addicted to Heroin and see for your how easy it is to get off. Its not "a couple of days of withdrawl" Its a Hellish nightmare where you cant eat, sleep, you are in constant pain. You vomit, dry heave and shit diaherra constantly,you have convulionw, seizures and your blood pressure goes sky high. In detox, they give you NOTHING. Thats why the relapase rate is 99.99%. You were a drunk? LOL! Booze is pussy shit compared to a Heroin addiction. So, shut the fuck up. I got clean, but I was in a coma from seizures. Our country needs a anti withdrawl drug thats not addicting itself, like England has, so opiate addicts can quit without almost dying or dying. Dont judge, you weak ass beer drunk

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