Timothy Bradford


Received a direct threat of violence towards me on the old blog about this post. Violence of any sort is illegal and something niggers do and excel at. Niggers earn their name every day with their behavior.

  Hamilton, Ohio 1997- Timothy Allen Bradford is a drug addicted nigger from Hamilton,Ohio who killed his girlfriend Tina Mott who was a 21 year old mother. Not only did he kill her he fucking skinned and butchered her and slit her throat with a fillet knife. This occurred in 1996.
  But like all niggers Bradford “Didn Do Nuffin”. It was all an accident he claims. He used a hacksaw, meat cleaver, and a total of 19 different knives to dismember her body and behead her. I have accidents like that all the time I am pretty sure we all do. Just like stubbing your fucking toe on the coffee table oooops. He also flushed some pieces of her internal organs down the toilet. With her head in his lap he used pliers to extract her teeth from her skull.  He hucked her remains by a sewage treatment facility by their place and hucked her skull in a lake nearby. Where 2 boys found it while fishing.

Tina Mott
  Tina Mott (1975) was a very beautiful woman there is no doubt about that. But she made a huge mistake she got involved with a nigger. Women need to learn if you date niggers its like playing Russian Roulette or living in a cage with a giant African Silverback. Eventually you are going to get burnt.
  I read that Timothy Bradford is that kids father but that kid looks very white.

Timothy Bradford’s Confession
  I understand people panic. But if that really happen phone the police. You know why he didn’t phone the police? Because it didn’t fucking happen. Niggers are violent creatures. He was only sentenced to 12-25 years in prison. He has been denied parole before. Creature should of got the fucking death sentence. You watch he will get out and he will try to do this to some other white woman.
In the media This was featured on the show forensic files
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167 thoughts on “Timothy Bradford

  1. Sorry for commenting as anonymous but I totally agree with you point of view. Most of these fools are most racist than we, quick to yell racism. We are proud. No one blinks an eye when a nigger yells black power but the sky falls when some one yells white power.

  2. You are one racist bastard who does not belong on these streets I pray to GOD that you do not have any children because they will probably be just like your racist and. May GOD bless your soul

  3. You are one racist bastard who does not belong on these streets I pray to GOD that you do not have any children because they will probably be just like your racist and. May GOD bless your soul

  4. Matt is just an idiot that don't know the difference between his asshole and a sewer hole! One day he will get his true judgement the same as Tim Bradford!!

  5. Have you all forgotten that a 21 year old girl was brutally murdered? ?? This is not about someone being a racist! That's someones opinion of a person. Tina is what matters!

  6. Unfortunately, your racist language is so offensive that nobody can focus on the real issue here: murder, satanism, and the failure of our justice system. Tim Bradford murdered because of satanism, just like some of our oligarchic leaders who support Isis and their allies currently, because they love murder. Tim should have received the death penalty, but oh no the value of human life is so low here in the United States of America that he will have to be on the streets and all other people will be at risk. He'll get his, as will those who impose an unjust justice system here. And oh yeah, racism is a sin and you need to check out Islam. It's a true religion just like Judaism and Christianity. Have a good night y'all. Peace

  7. Yeah it is funny how stupid most people are on the subject. The only contact with groids most of them have is watching the magic ones on the jew tube and they assume thay are all like the Huxtables on the Cosby Show. The people bitching tend to life in very white areas. They don't realize niggers are disease carrying violent criminals. Its not the niggers fault they lack the IQ to do anything proper.

  8. Have you all forgotten that a 21 year old girl was brutally murdered? ?? This is not about someone being a racist! That's someones opinion of a person. Tina is what matters!

  9. I'm a black male. I literally just got done watching the episode of forensic files. I actually cried, especially when it got to the part where he flushed her organs down the toilet. I googled his name, just to see if the bastard was still locked up. Unfortunately, I came across this site. I've always been a compassionate and understanding person, but I can't understand how people can hate an entire race or group of people. Hate is learned; it is not something one is born with. I have to believe that, just as hate is learned, it can be unlearned and replaced with understanding. I would love nothing more to meet the monster who took this beautiful soul from the world. I would also like to meet the person who created this site and shake his hand or give him a hug. Only light can drive out darkness

  10. Being labeled a racist by these brainwashed buffoons is a compliment.

    For those making excuses for feral, bestial Negroes I hope that they or a loved one has the misfortune of encountering a feral beast themselves.

  11. I mock white people on here too the problem is I havent figured out a good term. I'll shake your hand I don't a hug. I will buy the coffee/beer.

  12. I Hope you get herpes from your step father when he rapes you every monday night. Right after bowling and Butt fuckin his sister in her trailer. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffft

  13. Part of me prays he DOES get out…and comes straight to you home…
    May you get everything you deserve. And believe me…one day you will.

  14. When is it ok to call a person the "N" word? What should you call him? Im absolutely SHOCKED, he is even getting out some day!! I couldnt live by him, just knowing how sick and demented he is to do that in the first place. He should never walk a free man again, PERIOD! !

  15. Hate begets hate, let me get off this racist bullshit before I end up as miserable as these salty niggers promoting this nonsense. Fuck all you racists! Lol

  16. Hate begets hate, let me get off this racist bullshit before I end up as miserable as these salty niggers promoting this nonsense. Fuck all you racists! Lol

  17. If we're lucky, it will be you and your loved ones that have this unfortunate encounter. Since you hope this for others. You faggot-ass piece of shit.

  18. Lol. Coward. You probably spend your days sucking dick! Blacks don't yell black power asshole. Only dumbasses like you, think everyone is racist, like you!

  19. She was Waaaaaay to pretty for him. He was nowhere in her league. Another white woman beaten down by so called "racism awareness" & "white Guilt"gives in to pity. He had no business being with her. He should have been with his own kind. Nature never intended for white women to abandon there OWN kind in favor of AFRIKAN DESCENT. His Mother was probably a white woman who made the SAME MISTAKE!Not a racist but don't mess with NATURE!

  20. I went to school with Tim and he was from my neighborhood we all knew tim was into satanism that's a fact he worshipped satan. Tim wasn't the type growing up he got heavy into drugs and under the influence of drugs he was a different person…. bad deal all around and by the way tim had no black friends is half white and he also said the n word on the regular he hated blacks believe it or not it's the truth …… I'm Bobby and that's how it is period

  21. Its funny hows he half white (mother) but everyone associate him with being all black…lol…im sure any excuse will help you hear!!

  22. I hope all you racist enjoy living in Hell with WHITEYS Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer just to name a few! When you have your own entire race in check & perfect, only then can you run your suck about other races. So go suck whatever cunt whores dick who was obviously too ignorant to abort your worthless piece of shit ass!

  23. Stop. God doesn't sleep. Check yourself. What you say and do matters. Love You all. Hate bad/ ugly. Me

  24. Well Matt has a point. There's a reason why the VA governor wanted felons to vote and that is for the reason they would vote democratic which is what over 90% of AA's vote for. But I think that justice wasn't served for this girl. 12-25 yrs?? She made the mistake of dating not out of her race but of picking a guy who was into devil worship and into psychedelic drugs that made him violent and a little baby who is now without parents.

  25. Love can make people do crazy things? Like your murderer friend who killed and skinned his baby's mother whom he said he loved? Yeah sure that's normal (eye roll). Sick is what it is! I can't believe he got only 12-25 yrs for such atrocity.

  26. You are my new hero I feel the same way I think we should all stay to our own color each race hates eachother white women are sick we they wanna big black buck

  27. I don't hate this guy because he is black. I hate him because he is a piece of shit. For the record white people brought aids into america, white people kill more people than all other races combined and I am sorry to say homosexuality and pedofilia was created by white people. So let's stop pointing fingers like black people do. Just saying

  28. I knew Tim personally and actually liked him. Just a typical young man, struggling to find his way. And Matt, your ignorance is saddening. I really hope Tim Bradford will make parole someday and get a second chance. Love can make people do crazy things.

  29. I totally agree with you..Race,age,gender,has NOTHING to do with this mans sick mind and his crime..

  30. This guys colour has nothing to do with him being a disgrace of a man. Surely watching the programme Tina's murder was aired on would show you that there's sick fucks of every race age and gender so the amount of hate towards black people on this page is ridiculous. The rage at colour is also taking away from the face that a young innocent mother got brutally murdered and torn apart by this monster and he got fucking 12-25 years?! He should have got the fucking death penalty. I get they did a plea bargain to get the location of her remains but still, this guy is gonna be on the streets very soon! How long untill he attacks another person like he did her? I hope someone is waiting for him on the outside to make sure he never does anything like this again whether that be crippling the bastard so he can no longer use his hands to dismember and kill anyone or just killing the cunt and sending him to hell!

    Peace out anyways all the way from the UK and ease off the racism.

  31. Some white women like getting AIDS and being single mothers. Or they like the smell of shit and ugly black skin. It is like pedophiles. They are sick in the head. Or people who have sex with goats and dogs. Something is not right in the head.

  32. Matt you are the Man. Fuck those nigger lovers. I put nigger down daily for trying to fuck with my beautiful white queen… I don't know what it is but those tar babies lose their mind when they see a gorgeous, voluptuous white woman. I concur with your statements indubitably!

  33. I never said that. But niggers kill off whites at a huge rate. Niggers kill more whites in a week that whites ever killed blacks even in the slave days. Don't let the Jew lies fool you.

  34. Jesus… I was just doing background research, and thought I wandered into a KKK Site. Bradford's an animal and needs to do his full term. His race has nothing to do with him being a monster!

  35. Fuck you dude u talking all this shit about black people but the blacks have done alot for white people and you talking about blacks having AID's dude they are not the only ones white people have them so instead of you talking shit about blacks you also need to talk about white people to because they are no better. Your far from a man to try and put down the color of someones skin because white people do some really sick killing and rapping little children so talk about that dummy and for all the people thats on here talking about blacks get the fuck out of here because yall try to be just like them

  36. You're like 12 aren't you. Lol parents gave you the password but forgot to monitor you on the computer again. Look let grown people speak on grown people issues. That has to be it he's a child."you sound like you have a yeast infection" Nope. I call B.S. everybody Matt's 12.. a grown man would never say that.

  37. Matt. You and some of the others need to grow up. You surely know that not all blacks are to blame for what 1 man did. Just like not all whites are to blame for what Ted Bundy did. Don't hide behind a computer screen with this type of ignorance. Instead of blogging about hatred you should pick up a book. You know get to know your enemy and learn all the great things African Americans have accomplished. By the way, how dare you write about a woman who was said to be so loving and kind and put your hate speech in the middle?And as far as blacks killing more whites then whites did during slavery.. Well, that just goes to show you haven't been paying attention to history.

  38. The fact that mostly white men do murder and majority are registered as a sex offender….you got a nerve to talk about a nigger, dont get it fucked up you are an color also you are white …so how you call black people of color a nigger what are you???? Like stfu timothy bradford should did this to your ass you deserve it bitch!!.

  39. Exactly, Matt get real you racist pussy. Your a internet gangstar who wouldn't say none or this to any black persons face. Hide behind a keyboard with your spirit fingers. This the only way you can express yourself aww poor baby. Lol how fucking pathetic are you. You mad cause your dick is small. I bet your a real pervert that likes child porn. I would like to sit you down and teach you some table manners BOY!!

  40. You niggers should be in your own schools. Spelling like that is why all of you niggers are failures. Without white people you would all still live in cow shit huts and throw spears. You can not deny that.
    Plus all the AIDS you guys have. Fucking sick.

  41. I'm not lucky to be alive but he is so he doesn't have to spend his lifetime behind bars like his other racemates. Sorry for the racist comment they're just so real and almost not racist 😂

  42. Hey crakka I'm wit u. I hate race mixing watering down our superior genes with yalls nasty ass tail growing sunburning Lil dick wet dog smelling disgusting ass genes. Lice n shit yuck fukkin nasty. Raw chicken lookin asses. U crakkas are the trash of the earth. That's why y'all feel the need to conquer every race cuz y'all weak AF 😂😂😂😂

  43. Animals are smarter my ass.. you my friend are ignorant. Animals intellect is minimal and very limited.. this shows your lack of intellect

  44. I'm a African that explicitly denounces racial slurs and never uses the 'N' word but Tim Bradford is a Nigger.

  45. You must fuck any animal also then. I bet you have AIDS now. Did the nigger steal the car you were in? You are lucky to be alive.

  46. I agree with this racist fuck, I had a nigger boyfriend for 2 years and the way we broke up is he was always hitting me anyways but he broke my foot when he pushed me out of the car. I'm pretty sure I could've ended up like this if I didn't break my foot. Thus, I realised being a white girl never date a nigger he will fuck you up or turn your life into a hell.

  47. I came to read a real opinion on this matter. You took your chance to be taken as a real writer and sank yourself with such an opinionated thought about a people. He committed a horrible crime and as a BLACK woman i mourn Tina. You're right. He should've gotten life without the possibility of parole. I was shocked by the depravity but man did you take a way from her by inserting yourself. You obviously want to write why only write for such a small number of people? This blog would be great without the slurs.

  48. You are sick and lame as hell!! You have a fucked up way at looking at stuff!!! God bless you and your pathetic little soul!! A mind is a terrible thing to waste

  49. Matt said he gone move back on the mountains pale skin bitch..you mad bitch you can't take us because y'all daughter get fucked good by that nigger dick my brother maybe smashing on..you never know your wife might got her a nigger..is your dick big if not bitch she got a nigger

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  51. Obama is half white (Mother, deceased) and half black, yet ignores his white heritage (and his white grandparents in Hawaii who raised him were communists, while the rest of his white relatives were patriots and proud military veterans, and lived 15 miles south of him when he was in the White House, yet he brought his black mother-in-law to live in the WH and never ever visited his white relatives in VA); Obama identifies instead with black, married black, and encourages racial hatred against whites. How messed up he is.

  52. Hamilton Ohio is known for mass murderers, serial killer (Glenn Rogers), and being a "stepford wives" type of mentality among women there…when I saw the episode, the purposeful atrocity of the crime – beheading, dismembering, and of all things, skinning, with the consciousness of guilt through covering up his crime – it was NO surprise, unfortunately, that it occurred in Hamilton OH.

  53. Humans kill regardless of race, gender or sexuality. No need to mask your bigotry under the guise of ignorant moral high ground. I think the slave trade boasts a fair few whites who committed atrocious acts. Humans kill. 2 legs bad read Orwell get an education

  54. Well said, Shawn. Hatred and sick people are why heinous crimes such as this happen. Perpetuating hatred won't solve anything. Neither will idiot juries that gave the slime bag Bradford a slap on the wrist and hopes that he will be free soon. Education matters. Skin color does not.

  55. Hamilton was a rough town me and a friend were playing down at the creek by Wilson pool and two black guys came up twice our age twice our size and started trying to kill us with rocks they finally busted my friends head open and the side of his head he was spurting blood out his Temple I got massive adrenaline and pushed him up the hill and got help for him lots of crazy things happened in Hamilton you forgot to mention James Ruppert who killed 11 of his family on Easter day it could be rednecks it could be blacks I try not to be racist but it just seems like sometimes people that aren't like you want to hurt you it was very segregated back there and back then

  56. español asta la medula correo de españa diremos k estoi en desacuerdo.desi es el asesino que page ojo por ojo y diente x diente.españa no esta tan yeno de negros.pero si de muchas culturas.las fronteras, estn exas para cruzarlas, todas las razas se estan mezclando desde los tiempos, es ley de vida, no depende del color de ojos, los ay mui azules como los de ukrania, o uzbekos,rumanos rubios y morenos, donde salen del pais por falta de trabajo y atraso social,la situacion? cultura, religuion, de cada pais influye en nuestras costumbres,pienso en kay bueno y malo depende de como kieras jugar tus cartase cierto k la situacion te elige pero como tantas cosas ay muxos factores k dependiendo del esfuerzo k aga en un sentido o otro se tornan de un o otra en esta vida nadie nace enseñado, todos somos individuales y individualmente, cada uno es responsable,de todos) si pensaramos un poco mas analizandolo todo,la gran mayoria estaria perdiendo el tiempo tn balioso que tenemos y todos, no nos lo podemos permitir, ese es el motibo por el cual se dicen tantas tonterias, y se cometen tantos impulsos k cuestan tan caros, a mas de uno de lo contrario, todos seriamos unos santos pensadores, como los del imalaya, por lo tanto Az el vien y no mires a kien,por experiencia, todo lo k agas con maldad y daño, con daño y malo lo pagas.acostumbra a tu mente y espiritu, a ir de vien, con logica por la vida, y te iras de este mundo trnkilo

  57. Second chance???? Are you serious??? Will Tina get a second chance?? Will that baby get a second chance at growing up with his mother?? NO! So your piece of shit friend doesn't deserve one either! Hope he gets killed as he's walking out of the front gates of that prison. I'd pay someone to do it myself!

  58. Don't worry about it Jose or Enrique its all good. Niggers have evil blood born to them just like you have mowing lawn and picking lettuce in your veins.

  59. Oh my god Matt. I really cannot believe all of the hate that you are spewing. I am a Hispanic man and thank god that my dearly departed mother taught us to love and respect other people….No matter what their skin color is. And skin color has nothing to do with what this evil scumbag did to this poor beautiful young woman. He is just plain evil.

  60. She studies Darwinism but she skipped the basic grammar class! How did you make it into college? German, English and Scottish are all capitalized, Jasmine! People need to stick with their own race when it comes to dating, mating and marrying and please don't procreate, we don't need any more mixed races on the planet. Kardashian/Jenner women are dumbing down young girls who think this practice is o.k., it's NOT, it's disgusting and there's not one decent white man who would have anything to do with any of them after being with black men, these are facts, ask any decent white man. One of them is dating a Muslim, she isn't Muslim, I thought they weren't allowed to date outside of their religion? Again, no decent white man would have anything to do with any of them.

  61. Jose, This is an English Only site, why are replying in Spanish? SMH! Did you see anyone else writing comments in Spanish? NO.

  62. Sorry I guess I get a lot of mail there Princess Jasmine. Sadly this isn't my day job. I have to work to pay for all the niggers on welfare. If you must know I am Norwegian. Remember Niggers are always going to Nig.

  63. I my self just finished forensic files. I am a white christian man,I have alot of black friends white friends. I have friends that are white that have married black person. more than one. great people loving and caring. Just because a black man did this to a white woman thaere are white people that are just as bad,the same as spanish. i believe we are all the same . when God made us we are all one . yes we come from difrent back grounds. we have much difrent lifestyles and beliefs. but when God looks at us he dosent see collor. just like myself i dont see collor ,you can be a good person or the worst person on the face of the earth. but there are really bad white people just like the are whit people. so you canot judge one person to another for the collor of thee skin. also i dont know why people like to use the N word . I hate that word that is verry disrespectful to black people. I dont even like it when i here them call them selves much less hearing it come from a white person. when i here people talk like that and using fowl language like i have heard or seen here , as far as im conserned you are verry ignoren disrespectful to others. Im not saying im perfect but I am also not like i used to be.God has changed. I used to say words that you would not here come out of my mouth now but i never used th N word. even when i wasent a christian man i never liked or did i used that word i was raised diferent .than that you had respect for every one Red ,black yellow white whatever i dont care what collor its yes mam , yes sir , thank you and yes i have black friends and white that when i see them i shake there hand and hug them. some of ypu people are verry taciest . and God did not make you like that he didnt make me like that ,He didnt make any of us like that you are like that because you choose to be.you have a choice just like i have a choice.people like you make me so mad but you know what i choose to just because i done like the wayyou talk or the things you do.I love you in Jesus name. the bible says to hate the sin but to love the sinner. getting back to Tim Bradford there are white people that are like him as well as spanish ,greek german. people of all race, color.so its not just a black thing. again i dont know who you are but i love you in Jesus name and i will be keeping you in my prayers.ill ad you to my prayer list. if my spelling is off its because im typing cause it makes me angry when i see and here how racistpeople can be and are. because you dont have to be that way.there is so much hatred in the world .This is why this world is the way itis. if people loved others the way that we loved our selves. we would not have people killing others,or people raping women . or kids being disrespectful to there parents.this world is not going to be here much longer.God is not going to let people go on like this foe ever,one day you will see what im saying is true but it will be to late.any way i said whats on my mind.Im out of here. Peace!

  64. for some reason Matt you never post me.
    i am Shivani, i am female. i am from india. i study social darwanism. i have already mentioned before that unless you are german or english/scottish, you are already in the down ward slope of humanity. i am on the downside so i know.

    yes this negro murdered a white woman. She is to be blamed too. Why was she dating this negro? it is like i try to date a Romani or a Gypsy to show off and then get killed for it. i am to be blamed as well.

    i hope Matt you are a german or a english/scottish. else, i hope you know what you are doing.

    i hope Timothy Bradford Rots. Negros Rot!!

  65. Just saw the show on Forensic Files. This guy Bradford is a very sick man. White or black, I don't see how people like this can ever join normal society. He should never, never see the light of day.

  66. Hey Anonymous i have a present for you.The first racist chainsaw.It goes like that:run nigger nigger nigger nigger run nigger nigger run run run nigger nigger nigger.

  67. you are a disgrace to society, Matt and the rest of you ignorant racists … The racist comments and remarks are unwarranted and you like Tim have committed a serious crime and should spend some hard time behind bars.

  68. Hey yo Anonymous.Go out and slap some Niggers.To wash your brain.Its always good to hold some Bitches Niggers for Household and something like that.And now i will fuck a pink pusssssy.

  69. This site made me laugh out load hysterically! Thank you all for doing that! I hope all of you and your families die a horrible death!

  70. I love pink Pussy Nigger bitches.I love watching them in their faces while fucking them.It givs me the feeling to be their god.And they ar my slaves.



  73. Matt said u are a animal and you have AIDS. Pretty much dumb you down. You must like to be force fed shit. I doubt u even dated a black man. You too stupid and brainless.

  74. Matt and people like this cretin. Are mad and weak suckers. They're angry That the brothers get white chicks they these fags could never get. Small dick fags like matt would shit themselves if they ran into this killer. He would show matt upclosed and personal how liitle guts this cretin really has.

  75. Well.. anyone that stays in this conversation is just being entertainment. It sounds like this Matt has been damaged in some way? I pray the people I love and care about never have to see this or meet anyone like this. I'm sure he only puts his hate on here and maybe towards his family. Like an abuser of women and children who becomes a scared wittle wabbit when physically confronted by another man. He'd be dead if he acted like this in public. Just another coward afraid of everything.

  76. Matt you are an ahole. Learn your history. Your kind are the barbaric ones. Before Africans showed you all how to live civilized, you were living in cages. It is sad that your hate stems from ignorance. You are very uneducated and you get alm your information from fox news. You mother should have aborted you you are a waste of space.

  77. No AIDS came from niggers. Society just hides to hope niggers do not feel as big of failures as they are. You dated a nigger? I bet you would fuck a goat and a dog and molest children too. It is just as gross.

  78. This just goes to show how uneducated our system is check facts before opening your mouth animals is where aids even first started and if you’ve heard of patient zero you’d know the first known human case of the aids virus came from a white male �� I cannot stand when people speak on things they know nothing about the term nigger actually has nothing to do with skin color it means ignorant and there’s a lot of ignorant comments and ignorant people on this post if you hate someone because of their skin color you were taught that and they were taught that the worst abusive relationship I had was with a white guy ive dated every race but Asian just because they aren’t around in my area but color has nothing to do with shit it boils down to how you were raised and sadly as I have read there’s a super small percent that we’re raised correctly sad sad story

  79. Parasites like this kill me. I watch Forensic Files all the time. Ninety percent (90%) of those cases are white people killing each other. Primarily for greed because some entitled white woman wants her husbands insurance payout because he's moved on to a later model and he can't bare the site of her old shriveled up $#%. In other demonic cases, these up-standing white christian men kill their white women because they don't want to give up any of their assest or pay child support for their white children in pending divorce proceedings.

    Interestly enough, the episode that followed the Bradford case, white Fred Grabbe killed his his wife Charlotte Grabbe so he could keep HER family farm and HER assests and live happily ever after with his 24 year old loose moral…uneducated mistress.

    This up-standing white man strangled his wife in front of his mistress; sodomized her AFTER SHE WAS DEAD; filled every orifice (opening) of her body with a dieasel gun (so her body would be more flammable) and burned her body all night.

    I guess you were too busy runnung to your key board to spew your venomous hatred on the Bradford case and missed that episode…or do just report and hate blacks that commit crime? Just wondering…

  80. Oh…So that's it. Sounds like you are speaking from experience. That was pretty vivid. Seek therapy.

  81. Matt , hope the sun takes you before Tim skins that pig fat off your skull .

  82. I only recently found out about this. My heart bleeds for all involved. I didn't know her but I grew up with Tim. We were very close as kids, His "white" parents were close friends of my parents so we were always around each other. I hate that this has happen and honestly I'm completely shocked. He was like a protective brother and would defend me and we would have to take care of each other cause he was black and I was a while girl. If we went to the show we were targeted by other kids. It was hard cause at that age what did we know about racism? NOTHING, We were kids/friends. He and I were friends from 6 to 11 at which point my family moved away.
    I am by no means defending him or what he did to such a beautiful young lady. I just wish this had been about the facts of the tragedy and the lose of a mother to her son/family and not about the fact he was black.
    Just an FYI Tim was adopted by a wonder caring white couple that could not have kids of there own. They loved him and were very strict in raising him. His father demanded he take care of me when we were together and to always speak kindly to his mother…and he always did. I don't know at what point Tim's life changed or what brought on such a horrific act of violence from him but perhaps the next time someone wants to sling the N word maybe All the history should be reported first.
    The fact is a son lost his mother and a family lost there daughter, and Tim's parents lost there son and the baby Lost both parents.

  83. @matt theres absolutely no logic or anything that hints towards someone with a mantality older than 12 in your writings. did you get beat up a lot? is your dick too small, that why you hate blacks? girls wont even give you the time of day? your writing tells me a lot about you…. likely jobless, spends his days sleeping and his nights in the internet hunting easy targets because u want the world to feel your pain. your uneducated and the best job u could obtain is flippin burgers at McDonalds but thats too embarrassing for you to be waiting on people of non-white backgrounds. youve got no gf because your ideals and morals are revolting. your parents dislike you because youre a failure to them and even more so like a hemmorhoid that just wont go away since u live in their basement as a filthy 25yr old virgin who stinks so bad cause he is too busy attaching himself to his fake online world….because the real one scares him. sound familiar? onhhhh and your likely less than 5ft10 and a measly 120lbs with glasses and a bad case of acne and of course white

  84. this world has fallen to shit. we are all equal no matter the colour of our skin. shame on u. you're likely some skinny punk who is how I put it 'telephone tough' but in the case its the internet. step up face to face n talk like that to most people and count how many teeth youd be spittin'

  85. BTW I do agree with you on one thing: This guy should NEVER get out of prison. He is a stone cold killer. I would like to have him meet the business end of my remington express

  86. Matt, the hateful comments that you make tells me much about you. In your head, the world would be better off without blacks, Jews, Asians,and any other group that you feel threatens you. You are probably under educated, under employed and can only feel good when you are able to put down others. You aspire to nothing greater than running this blog. Give up the hate, go back to school and make your life a success story.

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  90. So many racist people here. I bet none will step to me or anyone like me being African American. You all just hiding behind a screen, scared. People missed the whole point. A family lost their daughter and grandson. As far as who kills more, killing is killing! Matt you are the type, that masterbate to black women like me because we won't give you the time of day.you probably have a rice grain and two sour peas you call a dick, and cum in half a second.Next time you and your friends want to talk shit about "blacks"go look in the mirror. You really hate yourself. If you hate blacks so much, do some research about things that blacks have invented and throw it all always. If you don't like blacks don't buy shit that we invented.

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  97. Oh, but you’re a coward who can’t handle other people’s opinion so you’ll just delete this. I will be reporting this website so hopefully you don’t have any information about yourselves that gets leaked to the public for everyone to see.

  98. Wow. Aside from the fact this person was a horrible individual who committed a terrible crime, doesn’t mean you have to be a shitty racist person too. What’s the deal with the Racism? I honestly feel bad for you that have somehow been convinced that there is a place in society for this hate and racism you spew. You try to say you’re just saying stuff the “PC Pussy media” won’t but really you’re just spewing hateful rhetoric because you are either uneducated or honestly were brought up by some ignorant people. Get some help. You are just a damaged individual confused by society that creates more hate. I feel sorry for you

  99. You are very racist person, shame on you . Killing is killing whether it's committed by white, blacks, chinese, Latin, Asian, etc..

  100. () Yall try to be just like them)⬆ .. Lmao.. How the fuck do you think you just wrote that sentence.. Ha hah ha.. Or even learned how to wipe your ass in a civilized manner… You fucking apes kill me.. You and your worthless ancestors would be nothing more than lion snacks right now.. Instead of making millions throwing a rubber ball around and kneeling down in front of your country's flag…And I'll say that to any of your bitch ass faces…only problem.. Every time I smack one of you ho's.. 10 of your monkey cousins always gotta jump in and get smacked up also.. Now… Did any of this sound like I wanna be like you?

  101. Hey Matt what's your address brother I would like to send you a donation courtesy of the brotherhood I like your opinion on this we need more nationalist like you I tell you what.

  102. @ the anonymous comment dated 12/29/2018. Typical nig reaction, threats of violence in response to some WORDS on a SCREEN written by some faceless anon. Proves all our points. I was raised with the sticks and stones philosophy. I've never let perceived insults draw me into throwing the first punch. But nigs? Hell, they'll bitch that Whitey is being racist (stupid, meaningless made up word that I wear as a badge of honor) for throwing his black ass in the pokey for STARTING a physical confrontation, even though the nig's victims only ever used WORDS. LOW IQ savages, though a small percentage ARE in fact functional. Also, cracker? Honky? Keep em coming. If I hated Whitey for saving me from a life in africa, I might try a more creative term. Cauc – sounds like cock but is also a shortened version of Caucasian. See that? Too easy. For me. But, then again (like the media keeps telling me) I'm White. And hated.

  103. Matt, ignore all the anti-White comments. Well, some are funny in their stupidity. Why self-hating Whites feel the need to IMMEDIATELY mention White crimes in defense of their pets I'll never understand. It's proven (fbi crime stats from 2010) that NIGGERS commit rapes and murders and other assorted violent crimes at the highest rates of ANY race. I don't have the stats in front of me. It's not enough for these commenters to rage at you for your OPINION, they can't even appreciate that you don't ban or edit their comments. Try going to their sites and see how long they let your comments appear. If indeed they even published them in the first place. Hell, they ban most opposing viewpoints so much that comment sections are just echo chambers. Can NEVER allow REAL debate. Weird way to live.

  104. Look at all the niggers in here talking shit with their Profile names like cracker killer and shit.. that’s what pisses me off the most, atleast this man owns his hate of monkeys.. while you apes walk around blaming everything on racism and shit when your ass is just as racist if not more than any white person ive ever met.. whites people just actually are smart enough to do something about it and try to put a stop to you nappy headed government bums. It’s sad how stupid and thuggish y’all all are.. if you can’t rap or sale drugs you don’t wanna do anything but sit on your ass and blame Donald trump for your problems.. like Obama did something for yalls broke ass’s. Own your race and your feelings bro. Don’t walk around trying to put white people down by calling them crackers and then cry about racism like it’s not right and it’s not fair.. shut the fuck up and hit the books, get a job, and climb the fucking ladder. You motherfuckers should be happy we brought you slave ass ancestors over here or you would be in Africa with the rest of your monkey family members with no drinkable water and a piece of bamboo pierced through your cock like a fucking retard dancing around a fire like something off of planet of the apes. Every time I see one of you ugly motherfuckers It makes me sick to my stomach what this country could be without all you drug addicted and rap artist in it. Why do you think Africa is the poorest and worse place on earth!?!? Please… think that through

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  106. Timothy Bradford was a hateful, heartless,murderer and a fucked up psycho. Doesn't matter what his race was.He must have have had a lot of hate inside that boiled over. No different then you racist sobs.

  107. Timothy Bradford was a hateful, heartless,murderer and a fucked up psycho. Doesn't matter what his race was.He must have have had a lot of hate inside that boiled over. No different then you racist sobs.

  108. Why people waist their time responding to OBIVIOUS fags that only say rascist shit behind a phone screen is beyond me. "NIGGER" lol why do white people think that word is insulting? It's like using the word groovy it's played out.If you must insult blacks atleast go into the ghetto and say it to those people I mean that's what you all are about right? "WHITE POWER" Well go to the public housing projects and let them know how you feel.Now as far as disease goes im pretty sure that it was the whites who brought disease and crime to every civilization on earth.you ever hear of the black plague? Leprosy and a host of other diseases? all white people diseases.I mean You all are the only race on earth that MUST wash your hair daily to combat bugs. Not saying this to be mean but I mean it's true.so if your gonna say things such as we have diseases and smell maybe you should actually do research about your ancestors and you'll be surprised. Or maybe you have researched (I doubt it) and thats why you so salty.i read a few years ago that the first human too contract the aids virus was (drum roll) a WHITE MAN. the virus was injected into a gorilla and as far as the white man getting it from the gorilla guess what he had to do to get it.(wink).. You all have this genectic defect even to this day of taking shit and claiming it as yours or inserting yourselves and beliefs into other races or countries you all are biggest crime commiters since the beginning of recorded man kind.dont believe it research it. Nothing else I have to say because when I read rascist shit I just laugh at sheer stupidity and the double standards white people have when it comes to black people.but I have a question.who exactly told you all you're the best race of people to ever grace this beautiful planet called earth? Was it that white guy that you all swear was blonde haired with the blue eyes you call jesus? Or was it the fact that other races largely blacks were more advanced than you all were? If you don't believe it research it.Now moving on too how violent we are lets see. EVERY successful town and city in the United States that DID NOT need whites to survive was destroyed by you guessed it whites.so inclusion of my summary research things before you hide behind a phone screen and spout dumb shit..*in referring to the research of exactly how the aids virus entered the human race I personally did not do a deep research on the matter. But giving white peoples track record it's probably true..

  109. Hi! The REAL Matt here and I am now aware of this site. Which is illegal and I’m going through the proper channels as soon as possible to get this site removed because all this is is my bitch ass “fiancé” and his friends pretending to be me and making me out to be worse than I am but he can’t say shit to my face? Lol. Grow up. I’m not racist, I HATE using slurs like the n word. And the fact that you have to do all this and lie to tear someone down and make you feel better only says that y’all are some weak ass individuals. So have fun posting ALL you can. Truth will come to light and you’ll be the ones that karma goes after. My conscience is clear…..MOD EDIT. I AM A LIAR MY NAME IS RYAN CANIPE I AM FROM OHIO My boyfriends is in North Carolina. I CROSS DRESS.

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