Stanley “Tookie” Williams

Stanley “Tookie” Williams
   Stanley “Tookie” Williams was executed almost 10 years ago and the world is a better place without this piece of garbage. There were idiots that actually wanted him to not be executed. In case you have been living under a rock for the last few years I will bring you up to date. Williams was the founder of the Crips street gang in Los Angeles. He murdered 4 people in cold blood. While he was on death row he wrote a few retarded books. He also claimed that he had gave the gang life up. Which was proven to be a lie as he kept in close contact with Crip members. He also told them not to cooperate with police. He also never admitted to crimes that he clearly committed.  Save Tookie protesters yelled. Gosh he killed Albert Owens and the Yang 
family. When asked about the murder of Owen’s he told people he killed Owens “Because he was white”. He wanted to kill all white people. Look how stupid those white protesters look there. “Smash the racist death penalty they scream”. Since when has the death penalty been racist?
  Because he wrote some books in jail some fucking idiot actually nominated Williams for a noble peace prize.
Stanley “Tookie” Williams: Williams was shit out by his mother on December 29th, 1953 in Shreveport, Louisiana. His mother was only 17. His father abandoned the family which is no surprise the way these creatures live. When Williams was 6 he moved with his mother to South Central Los Angeles.
  As a teen Williams was expelled from numerous high schools for fighting and had a lot of stints in Juvenile Detention Centers. When Williams was 16 he was arrested for car theft. He was very addicted to PCP.

The Murders: Williams and some accomplices went to a 7-11 store on February 28th, 1979. His two accomplices stole money from the till as Williams led the clerk to the back storage room. He had a shotgun to his back. He ordered him to lye on the floor. Then shot him twice as he pleaded for his life. He also shot a security camera. All this cold blooded actions for $120. One of the accomplices said in court that after Williams killed Owens he was laughing hysterically at the noises Owens made as he laid there and died. “You should of heard the way he sounded when I shot him” Williams said proudly. He also proudly said to friends that “He blew some white guy away for a few bucks”.

  Williams 11 days later went to the Brookhaven Motel and killed the mother, father, and daughter of the Yang family (Taiwanese immigrants)  who ran the place. He stole all the money that they had in the safe. This piece of shit killed a family of 3 for $50. Williams referred to the Yang family as “Buddah-Heads” after he killed them.
Albert Owens (victim)
Albert Lewis Owens: 26. Worked at 7-11. Shot twice in the back. Was a father of 2 young children. Also an Army Veteran.
Yeng-I Yang: 76. Owner of Brookhaven Motel
Tsai-Shai Yang: 63. Owner of Brookhaven Motel.
Yee-Chan Lin: 43. Daughter of the Yangs.

Sentencing: Williams was found guilty in 1981 of all 4 murders and sentenced to death. Williams maintained his innocence. He threatened all the jurors and said he was going to get them.

He mouthed to the jury “I am going to get everyone of you motherfuckers”.
Time on Death Row: Williams spent 6 and a half years in solitary confinement in San Quentin. He continuously assaulted inmates and guards.
Hasta la vista, nigger

Execution: On December 13th, 2005 the world became a better place as they killed this piece of shit know as Stanley “Tookie” Williams. People cried and thought he should of been spared. But Arnold Schwarzenegger being the smart man he is denied clemency on the ruling.

  While on the gurney it was actually hard for the executioner to find veins in Williams. They say it is because he was so muscular. I believe it is because of all the cold blood in his system.
  • Piece of shit cRapper Snoop Dogg Shit was in attendance at Williams funeral
  • Worthless unskilled ractor Jamie Foxx was a big supporter of saving Williams from the death penalty.
  • Williams has 3 children. One is a social worker  another is serving a lengthy jail term for second degree murder.
  • Of course that fraud fag Jessie Jackson has to stick his nose in this. He does this when ever a black person is involved in something. Whether they are guilty or innocent. Jackson always screams racism.
  • Other worthless and untalented celebrities who protested Williams death were Susan Surandon, Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, Jason Alexander, Anjelica Huston, Bonnie Ratt, and Laurence Fishburne.
This nigger is just doing this for street cred. In a car he stole.

I doubt these little niglets would care if it was an innocent white person put to death. These are nigger role models for their niglets a murdering gang leader who never changed. Pathetic.

Worthless Niggers

Poop Dogg worthless piece of shit. Bad attempt at music.
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  1. Ok so you feel this way about Tookie you are entitled to your opinion. But look at Marilyn Manson and his followers oh wait Helter Skelter come on people think that type of behavior is color blind and so is ignorance which you clearly have. Murder is murder PERIOD!!! What is the difference on how it's carried out? We have caucasian murderers still on death row or is even out for that matter. I don't condone murder on any level by anyone unless it's a matter of protecting yourself or your family. Please explain

  2. Nice blog! Nikko Jenkins brought me here. Some parts of your write-ups are hilarious, dude. I plan to read more of your posts later… keep up the work!

  3. Hahaha ^This person still believes in fairy tales. The only thing "Tookie" will be doing is decomposing in the ground. The afterlife, that's rich.

  4. That, by far, has to be one of the stupidest responses I've ever seen. The person asks about Chuckie and you assume he's a Tookie lover. Didn't even refer to the commentator's question, just straight to stupid fallacies. Holy shit, you are fucking stupid. You should've been executed along with the stupid shits you write about.

  5. We all know your bitchass wouldn't speak this Tookie slander to any Crips faces because you know they'd shoot you in your face you racist punkass faggot.

  6. Oh yeah that's why every body will be black one day racist Devil cracker don't be mad because you are the minority

  7. And your about a goddamn moron also.. The idiot said Marilyn Manson.. Hahaha.. Lmao.. Not Charles.. And never asked a direct question.. I'm relatively certain the content of this blog explains itself dumbass.. It's stupid fucks like you that need executed.. Making the world dumber by not even bothering to decipher the person's ignorant comments before interjecting your even stupider ones..

  8. Lol.. This has to to be the funniest blog I've ever seen. I do agree with its content as far as…yes..these pieces of shit got it coming.. But it really doesn't mmatter what color they are..look at even sicker fucks like Dahmer.. Gacy.. Bundy.. The most appropriate content of this blog is you highlighting the cockroaches that come out of the woodwork to support these fuck bags.. Like Snoop Fraud and the always trying and failing to stop executions Jesse Fagson..

  9. Another moron.. How is everyone going to be black? Your diluting your own race idiot..its you dumbfuxxx are getting whiter and whiter… Hahahaha

  10. Marilyn Manson is a singer, FFS, who are these idiots? And so what anyway if there are white killers, this POS became the celebrity cause 'de jeur' because he wrote an anti-gang book or some such shit. I don't see shit liberal celebrities crying about getting white serial killers released, and that is exactly what he was. A mass murderer and a serial killer who hated whites and asians.

  11. Lol. Not forgetting thr hundreds of years of rape and murder across the entire planet by white people. Lol. And the have the nerve to anyone else savage. Rape. Pillage. Theft. Brutality. Wiping out whole races of people. And black people are savage. Ignorant fuck. Go back to the caucas mountains you neanderthal.

  12. Lol. Not forgetting thr hundreds of years of rape and murder across the entire planet by white people. Lol. And the have the nerve to anyone else savage. Rape. Pillage. Theft. Brutality. Wiping out whole races of people. And black people are savage. Ignorant fuck. Go back to the caucas mountains you neanderthal.

  13. Fuck u and this article! Go to hell bitch for your words on the black people ! You racist motherfucker ! Fuck u and this article BITCH

  14. Baahston you sound like a paki or a somalian. I could write about school shootings. I am assuming you are going to say "All school shooters are white". Well no shit Niggers don't go to school and aren't smart enough to pull it off.

  15. Oh no please don't hurt my feeling You are probably a white kid who lives at home in the suburbs with his parents and listens to Will SMith albumbs


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