Caleb Fairley

Caleb Fairley
   Look at this sad fat fuck. Ladies I am assuming he is also single so don’t line up all at once.  This stud muffin is a child killing, rapist, necrophiliac, and he is also into vampires. He does or for that matter did hold a job though. He was working at a children’s store that his parents owned in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.
  This crime always sends chills down my spine as he killed a beautiful young mother and her 19 month old daughter. 
  On September 10th, 1995 Fairley was working alone at his parents kids clothing store in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. The store was called Your Kidz and Mine. Just before closing time that day a young woman named Lisa Manderach and her 19 month old daughter Devon entered the store. When Fairley realised they were the only customers in the store he locked the door. He then proceeded towards Mrs Manderach and attempted to sexually assault her. He ended up strangling Lisa to death and then strangled baby Devon to death. Then he raped Lisa’s dead corpse on the store floor.
  After that he went to some hippie goth loser concert like nothing happened.
Caleb Fairley: Born October 21st, 1973. Caleb Fairley was a loner. You can tell by just looking at him. He was into Vampires and Dungeons and Dragons. He was obsessed with pornography and for who knows what reason had a real difficult time with women. He apparently got turned down alot go figure huh? He lived with his parents and worked part time at a store his parents owned called Your Kidz and Mine. Fairley at one point was close to his younger brother who shot himself when he was four. He was often bullied in school.  He also worked one time at a restaurant where co workers constantly ridiculed him.
  In 1998 Fairley’s father James went to jail for filling out false prescriptions at the pharmacy he owned. More Here.

Lisa Manderach
Lisa Marie Manderach: Born September 30th, 1965. Lisa Manderach was a mother to Devon Manderach and wife to James. She graduated in 1983 at Norristown High School and a volunteer for Meals on Wheels. A memorial playground was built for the two of them in Limerick, Pennsylvania in 1998. She was 3 weeks shy of her 30th birthday the day she was murdered.
Devon Manderach: Born February 4th, 1994 Daughter to James and Lisa Manderach. More Here
Arrest: Lisa told her husband where she was going before she left. When her husband phoned the police to report her missing they found her car outside the store. When police conducted a search of the store they found porno mags in the back with cum stains all over them. Blood was also found. They also found a hair which appeared to be similar to Lisa’s on the floor and in the vacuum cleaner. They also found a large wet puddle which appeared to be drool on the floor.
  With further investigation they found peepholes drilled into the dressing room. It assumed Caleb used these to peep on women while changing.
  When police searched Caleb’s room at his parents house they found even more porno. You can’t blame him that bad for the porno really remember this was 1995 and the net porn was very very slow back then. They also found a sweatshirt with a vampire attacking a woman that bore a very close resemblance to Lisa Manderach.
  When police questioned Fairley about Manderach they noticed he was wearing make up. When detectives told him to wipe it off his face they noticed large scratch marks. He claimed he received it while in a mosh pit at a concert. 
  When hikers found baby Devon’s body police charged Fairley with murder. Fairley entered a plea bargain with prosecutors to tell them where Lisa’s body was if they did not seek the death penalty.
Request for a New Trial: Even though Fairley was 21 at the time of the murders. He claims that he was mentally competent as a minor at the time. Stating shit that his brain wasn’t fully developed at the time blah, blah, blah. Saying his age should of been considered at the time. Sorry buddy 8 year old children know better than to do what you did.
Sentencing: Fairley was charged with two counts of first degree murder and sentenced to two life sentences.  He is currently incarcerated at a state facility in LaBelle, Pennsylvania.
Playground for Lisa and Devon
Devon and Lisa
Thoughts: Even without the death sentence How this fat fuck is still alive and breathing in prison is beyond me. I pray the inmates kill him.

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14 thoughts on “Caleb Fairley

  1. "The most disturbing crime connected to The Electric Hellfire Club concerns the case of Caleb Fairley. a teenager from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, with a history of minor sexual misconduct. Fairley was employed at Your Kidz and Mine, a children's clothing store owned by his parents. On September 10, 1995, he was the only one at the store, except for a woman and her young daughter who arrived to ship just before closing time. Fairley proceeded to lock the customers into the store, murder them, and allegedly violated their corpses before dumping them somewhere outside. He then immediately headed off to his scheduled entertainment for the evening—a concert of The Electric Hellfire Club. At the venue, Fairley approached Shane Lassen, the band’s keyboardist, and demanded plaintively, “Can you help me?” Lassen was slightly bewildered, and asked Fairley to explain. “I need help in establishing a more personal relationship with Satan,” he elaborated, and told Lassen how he had tried utilizing books like the Necronomicon and the Satanic Bible to no avail. Lassen would realize the fan’s attempts to please the Prince of Darkness had entailed much more than reciting spells when he read of Fairley’s pre-concert activities in the subsequent newspaper headlines. Fairley was charged with two counts of murder, robbery, two counts of aggravated assault, and “abuse of a corpse.”
    From “LORDS OF CHAOS The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground” by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind, page 331.

  2. I saw this on Forensic Files and have never ever forgotten it. Having thoughts and fantasies about these things, OK, but how anyone actually follows through with it I just don't understand. Sounds like the whole family is one big giant F up. I would love for the inmates to beat this POS to a pulp too. Rot in hell Caleb Fairley.

    Also it makes me think of JoAnn Katrinak and her baby who were murdered by a jealous ex girlfriend of JoAnn's husband's. Sick sick people.

  3. Haha…love your take on this case! Feel horrible for the victims. It's bad enough killing any innocent woman but the child too was just pure evil. Can't believe that fat F*** hasn't killed himself yet. Hopefully every day there in prison is worse for him than the hell he's put that family through…

  4. He briefly attended West Chester University in '91. I was going there at the time and talked to him in the student lounge a couple of times. He really creeped me out. We also worked at a supermarket in Wayne, PA at the same time (spring '93). I worked produce, he worked in the bakery. Still a creepy guy. When I saw this story on the news, I was shocked but not really surprised. I'm still disgusted by the heinous, brutal nature of his crimes. For what he did, there is no excuse. He's right where he belongs. I hope he never gets out.

  5. I'm real sorry for this family rest in peace to the mother and the daughter and now I'm a talk about the man in prison I wish I could be in the same room with you and help in help you God because the stuff I would do to you the only thing I must say is I wish I could be with you because you don't know what you did to that family right now how they suffering let me tell you something about me I been in prison and the people like you we deal with them that is why I say I wish I was there with you in the same room cuz I will make your life miserable I would do stuff to you you would never imagine I never hate nobody is the first person I hate is you and I wish they read this to you

  6. I know it's a year late but you can fucking swear any fucking time you want on this fucking site. Horeseballs nigger jew fuck. Sorry I may have typing torrettes.

  7. Let me have "fairley", I'll take care of everything. Of course it will take me a good long while to finish what I'll do to this POS scumbag. And, he definitely "ain't" gonna like it.

  8. Just a thought guys and gals. Since the victim scratched his face teach people, especially petite women, to stick their thumbs in the nutjob's eyes as deep as they can. Works lots better than just scratching their face. Go for their eyes and once they release grab something solid and let them have it as hard as they can swing it.

  9. Frankly, I think Lisa should've kneed Caleb in the crotch. That would've definitely made him let go of her throat. I don't think he will be considered for a new trial because what he did was beyond heinous. I'll never forget what he did as long as I live. I feel so bad for the Manderach family.

  10. Frankly, I think Lisa should've kneed Caleb in the crotch. That would've definitely made him let go of her throat. I don't think he will be considered for a new trial because what he did was beyond heinous. I'll never forget what he did as long as I live. I feel so bad for the Manderach family.

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