Adam Emery

Adam Emery
  This case happened way back on August 30th, 1990 when 31 year old Adam Emery stabbed 20 year old Jason Bass to death in Warwick, Rhode Island. Adam’s motive? Someone smashed into Adam’s car when he along with his wife Elena and a couple of friends were parked. The saddest thing about the whole ordeal is it Wasn’t even Jason Bass who hit his car. Adam was detained in jail for 8 months but was later released on bail until the hearing on money that his parents, inlaws, brother and sister raised by mortgaging their properties.
  In 1993 Adam was convicted of second degree murder. In a court room camera it shows Elena whispering in Adam’s ear saying “We are still going to do what we talked about”. Almost right after the verdict was read Adam and Elena purchased sweat suits and 80 pound weights at a local sporting goods store.
  It is believed at first that they both plunged to their deaths as Adam’s car was left parked on a bridge. Elena’s remains were found a year later. But there was no trace of Adam’s. Most believe that he staged it to look they both committed suicide, when in fact he killed Elena and fled.
Adam was declared legally dead in 2
004 yet the FBI placed him back on their wanted list in 2010. Obviously they know something that they are not telling the public.
  A lot of people believe Adam may of fled to Europe but his family denies this claim. They believe that he died that day with Elena.
  • Suicide notes written by Adam and Elena arrived via mail after their deaths. But everyone except for the families thought they were fake. They also stated Burger King as their last meal.
  • Some people in Jason Bass’s family believe that the remains of Elena’s found are in fact not hers.

    My Thoughts

      I believe Adam is alive. I believe the whole time Elena probably thought she was going to flee with him too. But he sacrificed her for himself. She faced no jail time and all she had to lose was time away from Adam.

    Above victim Jason Bass
    The Bridge where the Emery’s car was found.
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    7 thoughts on “Adam Emery

    1. Thanks or the comment Margaret this case is a weird one. I really think he is alive and killed her to save his own ass. But who knows. It is hard to trust TV. I have today off work I should right more stuff and see what else I can find on this.

    2. At the time the. "Unsolved Mysteries" episode was aired, it was stated that her relatives used their homes as collateral for the bail. At the time the episode aired, the authorities were in the process of foreclosing on the homes. Did her relatives lose their homes in foreclosure? The skeleton was found while the crew was filming the episode and that discovery was added to the episode. Yes it is possible that the skeleton was not hers. It does seem strange that his name was included on the Most Wanted list several years after he was declared legally dead. This case shows the danger of not controlling one's temper and the danger of flying into rages over trivial matters.

    3. I disagree with both of your outlooks on this case because I was given the time to meet and spend some time with Adam in the 'Armed Forces. We were stationed together for a few years and I got to know this individual very well and have a lot of doubt that any thing happened other than what Adam said happened. I learned that Adam was a man of his word would go out of his way to assist and support any of his friends if it was for a good cause and result in positve consequences. Every one I knew liked Adam, he was a good person, had some great values. kept to himself and he served his country well. Yes I was shocked when I first heard about this incident however with no leads or contacts since his dissapearance I have to believe that his life ended the way he intended it to and if his girl agreed and approved of his decision then they probably chose to stay together. I would never question Adams sincerity or faith to someone he loved to not to do what they had agreed upon. I understand there was an incident and some things went wrong and I can't imagine how tough this has been on the families of all the folks directly involved in this case, and my heart goes out to them all, but I believe and will stand by my belief that if I know that Adam Emory he did what he thought was the right thing to because I know he was a good man.
      a he went off that bridge because if it was a pact, the Adam I was fortunate to have been associated with would never have backed out on something his heart was in. I don't believe Adam ever broke promises of this magnitude ever.


    4. My son will never know his uncle Jason, I will always remind him of who he was I will never forget the phone call, the shock, the denial, the say what you want about adam, to me he is a killer, with no remorse.I saw him in the court room

    5. My son will never know his uncle Jason, I will always remind him of who he was I will never forget the phone call, the shock, the denial, the say what you want about adam, to me he is a killer, with no remorse.I saw him in the court room

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