Bashir Gaashaan

Bashir Gaashaan

Gaashaan fuck are niggers ever ugly vile disgusting parasites Look at it’s souless eyes. Just like he is ready to eat a bucket of stolen chicken.

Sing this petition for the victim Jenna Cartwright

  I really wish I could find a picture on line of this piece of shit (Found One). Not that it really matters they all fucking look the same anyway. Ugly stinky fucking worthless Muslim Somalians. If it was up to me I would ban Islam bullshit from the west and rip down every mosque and ship them all back home. They do not belong here and they are not wanted here This story about this waste of skin sends chills down me so bad that I am almost in rage thinking about it.
  Bashir is a convicted drug dealer from Somalia. You know that worthless country where the worthless citizens from there bring their third world filth over here. The Canadian Immigration board let him free because detaining him would violate his human rights. Even though they knew he was a risk to public safety. He was ordered deported but never detained him. Then he went and killed a 21 year old mother.
  Jenna Cartwright was raped and killed and left in a ditch near Olds, Alberta back in 2011. What also chills me is there is virtually no media coverage on this. This should of been international news.
Above is Jenna with her child. The more I find the more I will add. It sickens me that the Canadian government would not do more to stop this and aware people of the Muslim rape epidemic.
Well thats no good. Where ever they are welcome to attack you parasites you should go there or home. I can not say it enough white christians do not move or are allowed in your lands it should be like that here with muslims. It is only fair.
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7 thoughts on “Bashir Gaashaan

  1. Thank you so much! and yes share as much as you can. p.s. my name is Marissa Cartwright – 😉
    Thank you for posting this article, the more awareness that is raised the better – i hope we get some answers.

  2. Thank you Marlene for posting that. I will add the link onto the main post if that is ok with you. The worst part about this story also is I lived in Calgary at the time this happened. I never heard any media coverage on this then. That is brutal and a coverup by the media and t
    he government to ignore this horrific crime. I will get as many as I know to sign that petition.

  3. Above i attached a petition i started for my Twin Sister. We are desperately trying to raise awareness and get justice for my sister and most importantly for her daughter!
    We have waited 4 years – March will be 5 and still no trial or sentencing! It is sickening.

  4. You racist piece of shit stop trying to be the next Treasure Richards. You're such a low-life retard. Here's your to-do list:
    1. Get your (nonexistent) brain checked
    2. Go on Dr. Phil and get exposed for being retarded
    3. Get a life
    4. Get an actual job

    I feel bad for your parents because they gave birth to you. And I feel bad for you because you look like them.
    Let's see how long your posts stay up after they're reported 🙂


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