Jacqueline Gardner

Jacqueline Gardner
    If this crime was the other way around no doubt in my mind that it  would be considered a hate crime. I can not believe when such a brutal crime like this happens it gets absolutely no attention from national media. Yet we get stuck having to hear about thugs like Trayvon and Michael Brown all day on the news. With that being said here is what happened.
   On May 19th, 2012 in Scherville, Indiana 24 year old Jacqueline Gardner was getting off her shift at Joe’s Crab Shack. When 3 black males robbed her of her tip money ($85) and fatally shot her in her back outside of her apartment.
Jacqueline was a mother of 2 small children one which she was still breast feeding while living in her Hidden Creek apartment with her boyfriend. 
   What saddens me the most about this is you google this and you barely find anything on the net about it.
Savage Culprits

Stephen Lee Henderson: A 25 year old Meriville, Indiana thug was arrested for cocaine possession in 1997 a charge which was later dismissed. He was one of the three men that weren’t caught right away he remained on the run for a month.
Michael A. Craig: 22 from Meriville, Indiana. His live in girlfriend worked with Gardner at the Crab Shack and told authorities that when she arrived at home she seen all the men there. They were playing video games like nothing happened.
William Blasingame III: A 30 year old from Harvey, Illinois
My Thoughts: Fry all three of them. They don’t deserve to breathe.



This has to be some white kid bored trying to stir shit up. The only people stupid enough to think this way are Niggers (who are too dumb to use computers) and White Liberals and Jews (who would do a better job).

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22 thoughts on “Jacqueline Gardner

  1. Hard to believe that anyone would defend scum of the earth like these three thugs! After killing a defenseless woman? Really? They don't belong on the face of this earth for another day. Sorry a$$ m.f.'s!

  2. Fry them, lol you can try. the only killers on this earth is your kind. Yahweh is back with his son to put an end you your kind

  3. Wow! Did you refer to Trayvon Martin as a thug?! He was a regular teenager ATTACKED by a grown man who had no business tailing him. Your blog is pretty good as far as covering criminals but the way you speak ill of victims, takes all that away. Not to mention the racism.

  4. The only reason her bf didn't help her was bc he was in the apt w the two kids, an infant and a toddler. They weren't after him, they targeted her because she's a woman and she was easy to prey upon, cuz niggers are cowards. I hope these Nigger creatures are rotting

  5. White people never rape niggers. It is unheard of nigger women are so sick and vile it doesnt happen nice try. Ahh silly niggers. Excuses excuses. Just admit you are worthless and need the white man to survive. Without whites there is no doubt in my mind niggers would of died aka been extinct years ago.

  6. All you people are fucking dumb and her WHITE BOYFRIEND was a fucking drug dealer they were there to rob him not her how about the fact the boyfriend didn't even help I see white men are pussy your mad ha-ha whites killed raped and beat blacks and it was legal SALARY your mad but WHITE created angry Blacks FUCK WHITE PEOPLE

  7. This white person believes in the 2nd amendment and legally carries a reputable firearm that works 100% of the time. Pull this shit around me, and see what happens. You won't be going to court……BROTHER.

  8. This white person believes in the 2nd amendment and legally carries a reputable firearm that works 100% of the time. Pull this shit around me, and see what happens. You won't be going to court……BROTHER.

  9. I would like to know the status of them, I know one of them and he is not in jail. Just curious what happened

  10. All 3 are out on bail and still have not gone to trial. Over 5 years they've been enjoying their freedom. Looks like they are due in court October 2017.

  11. i am an Atheist. i am from India. i like this Blog. i wanted to bring a few things to everyone's attention.
    -> Multicultarlism sucks. See my own countrymen giving me the looks when i eat Pork, something i really love doing and will continue to do so.

    -> Social darwanism was developed for a reason. the races are defined in a way. You start with the base, go on to improve.
    so, humans started off as black but improved to be White.
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    so i am worst.
    -> Blacks are the WORST of the WORST. their genes are unable to shed the primitive instincts such as forced sex, laziness, sense of entitlement because grandpa was abused by a white man feeling.

    so if you want to see my point above in real world. take the example of timothy spencer, first person caught with dna in america. what was special about him? he proved all criminal profilers wrong. he was black. he was intelligent. he was a master theif. yet he was a Rapist, coward, serial killer. Luckily for us he was not as smart as he was. He was known to a detective who caught him. Of course his arrest caused a stop to many serial killings thanks to DNA but that did not stop Black on Black Violence. Every day in Chicago 90 blacks kill each other.
    What can we do? i know we cannot help muslims and their circumcized dicks. what can we do as a society to help to clean up this mess. Oabama was here. he did shitt. Trump is here. he will do shitt as well. do we need Ted Cruz? do we need Rush Limbaugh? or do we need the sissy Mike Pence to ensure a full "Last Chance" is given to the Black Community by educating them more, and also to stop violence, stop attacking people, stop killing people for 4$.

  12. Yes they were after him. The girlfriend if one of the murderers worked with Jackie. She said the boyfriend came into their work bragging about all the money and drugs he had picked up to sell. Get your facts straight or stop lying cuz you're probably just the piece of shit boyfriend or someone who knows the piece of shit

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