Suitcase Killer

The Suitcase Killer
The spic will be where he belongs on March 27th. Good fucking riddance.

 This guy is a piece of work charming, respectful, and apparently good looking. Some said he could of been the first Hispanic president of the United States. He had an issue though he liked to rape women and kill them. Usually a bad trait.This wad of cum his mother should of swallowed killed 2 women (that are known of there could be more) in Lubbock, Texas. He put them both in city garbage bins.
  At a Lubbock land fill a man checking the garbage found a suitcase with a human foot sticking out of it. They found a nude body inside of a woman and the only clue they had at the time was a tattoo on the ankle that said “Summer”. After a police background check it was found out that it was Summer Baldwin aged 29 and pregnant. The police were baffled. Baldwin was a known drug addict prostitute,

When the police did an autopsy on Summer they learned a few things. She had been severely beaten, suffered from asphyxiation, and had been anally and vaginally raped. That to go along with the fact that she was 10 weeks pregnant. It is sad that anyone is dead but a pregnant prostitute imagine the STD’s you could collect from someone like that?
The detectives on the case got a lucky break. The suitcase where Summer’s body was placed in was exclusively sold at Walmart. This was the way that the so called Great Man Rosendo Rodriguez got caught. At 3 am in the morning when he was in Lubbock for military training he went to Walmart. While there he purchased a suitcase and latex gloves. Now who buys that at 3 am? That is like going into a store at that time and buying spoons and baking soda we all know what you need it for.
Once detectives talked to walmart employees they found out only 2 of those suitcases had been purchased in the last week. Then right on camera they seen Rosendo Rodriguez buy it. How did they know he was? He used his military debit card to purchase the items. He was also driving a red rental truck. A truck that an associate of Summer’s said that she was last seen in.
What makes this guy even sound more guilty is that he stayed at a Holiday Inn while the rest of the guys staying in Lubbock for the training stayed in a Holiday Inn too but on the other side of town. Rodriguez was the only one that stayed at that certain hotel.
When police seized Rodriguez’s computer they found that he searched numerous times for Summer Baldwin articles and also discovered that he searched for another girl which he had killed earlier in 2004 named Joanna Rogers.

Documentary on Solved
Documentary on Forensic Files

Investigation: When police searched the Holiday Inn in which Rodriguez stayed in they. A month after the murder, Rodriguez, accompanied by counsel, gave a statement to the police. Rodriguez admitted that he had spent time with Baldwin. He stated that he met Baldwin on Saturday evening, September 10th, around 10:00 p.m. He said that he was driving down a dark street when he saw Baldwin walking in the same direction that he was driving. He noticed that she was crying, so he pulled over. After letting her get cleaned up at his hotel room, he drove her home. He claimed that he did not know that Baldwin was a prostitute.

Rosendo Rodriguez born March 26th, 1980: Rosendo Rodriguez was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. His father was a defence lawyer for 20 plus years but known as abusive and a drunk.  Rodriguez attended Texas Tech and lived in San Antonio with his parents. He was in the Marines Corps Reserves and went to Lubbock monthly. Eventually warrants were issued for his arrest immediately.

Only reason he looks upset is because he got caught!

He is a Mexican- American who claims to love the second world war. He likes soccer and is a movie addict and claims that his favourite movie is Kill Bill. He also likes to play dungeons and dragons (you know that game all the cool kids played in school). At one point he claimed to be writing a book about Zombies.
If you ever feel like writing to this all star to let him know what you think here is his address

Rosendo Rodriguez 
 Polunsky Unit DR 999534
3872 F.M.350 South
Livingston. Texas 77351
Obviously I would never encourage sending anything mean which I am not doing. But I can’t stop those who do. Here is his page asking for a pen pal Who in their right mind would want to talk to this guy?
He apparently also has been accused of sexually assaulting and raping four other women while in Texas Tech. He also sexually assaulted his first high school girlfriend who testified against him at court. But none of these rapes were reported to law enforcement.
He was a man who his friends said never had a problem getting women and said that to him having sex was like a handshake. He also bragged to people about getting prostitutes and killing people in Iraq (He lied at least on the last one as records show he has never been to Iraq).
He was also known to use his charm to get women to have sex and shortly after the sex always turned violent. While he was at Texas Tech also he was dating a woman and when the woman found out Rodriguez was cheating on her she went to confront him about it at his apartment. Then he held her down on the couch and raped her. It was her first sexual experience.
Summer Lee Baldwin (Born August 27th 1976): Summer Baldwin was a known prostitute and drug addict. Rodriguez claims that they had consensual sex and then she began smoking crack. When he took the crack pipe away from her she attacked him with knives. He then put her in a choke hold. This all occurred at a Holiday Inn on September 13th, 2005. She was 29 at the time of her death.

He then went to Walmart where he purchased the suit case and latex gloves not only was he caught on camera buying these items but his card key from the Holiday Inn confirms the times in which he entered his hotel room.
On September 14th, 2005 Summers wallet was found in a trash bin with no money in it. Due to the fact that Summer was pregnant her murder is considered a double homicide.


Joanna Kathryn Rogers (Born June 25th, 1987): Rogers was 16 when she went missing in 2004. Rodriguez claimed that they had sex and then she demanded money from him

He then choked her to death stuffed her body in a suitcase also. The city searched the city landfill for 2 months before they found her decomposed body. She snuck out of her house at 3 am to go meet Rodriguez whom she had met on the internet.
The US postal service distributed out 52.000 fliers on the one year anniversary of her disappearance and got nothing back.
She was a junior at Lubbock high school at the time of her disappearance. There she was active in theatre, Dance, Debate, and Student relations. She was also involved with church and youth activities.

Plea Deal: Under a plea deal Rodriguez would give information on where the body of Joanna Rogers was so he could serve a life sentence and avoid the death penalty. 
The trial: It took the jury only 2 and a half hours to sentence Rodriguez to death. In March of 2008 Rodriguez was convicted of capital murder. He was found guilty of 2 counts of murder for Summer Baldwin and her un born child. He wasn’t charged with the death of Joanna Rogers due to his plea bargain.
Appeals: Rodriguez has filed numerous appeals to avoid execution. Which to me is ridiculous that he is still even alive they should of gased this guy along time ago. He is just wasting air and taking up space. In one of his appeals he claims that his attorneys should of stopped him from making a plea deal in the death of Joanna Rogers. He also claims that lawyers should of prevented him from admitting his crime to the police.
A Brief:

Name: Rosendo Rodriguez IIIGender: Male
DOB: 26.03.80
On death row since: 14.05.08
Charged with: Capital Murder
Inmate No.: 999534
State: Texas

This piece of shit wants his last meal to be 5 turkey legs I think they should feed him dog shit.

My Thoughts: I hope they kill this guy as soon as they can he is a waste of space and air and deserves to die now. Why waste all that money to keep this sick fuck alive. I hope he reads this one day and if he does I hope he does us all a favor and asks to die now.


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49 thoughts on “Suitcase Killer

  1. Unfortunately the justice system is set up in such a way that this piece of crap is more likely to die of old age, he can keep filing appeals for the next 40 years, also he never even got tried for the second murder of the 16 year old, apparently a confession and leading the cops to the body wasn't strong enough evidence for the DA to go to trial after he withdrew the plea deal

  2. What ever are the motivations for this creature to commit such hideous crimes, is indeed, beyond me. I'd begin with a lack of a soul or conscience. He obviously takes pleasure in causing extreme pain and severe emotional distress. I certainly feel that the death penalty is the perfect mechanism for dealing with him, and other filth like him. To carry out the sentence as soon as possible, would be an excellent example of how justice should be carried out in Cali, and the rest of a society that practices realistic jurisprudence. To have a sentence of death, then drag out the execution, would truly be a travesty. So, let's get rid of Rosendo, and move on to the next unit who deserves to be unplugged. Next!!!!!!

  3. I enjoyed reading MOST of your article but one thing you said REALLY OFFENDED me about the VICTIM. This woman is DEAD. Has been MURDERED & will NEVER get the chance to turn her life around. YET, you are pondering about the STD'S one would get from her by having sex with her. REALLY DUDE? Are you freaken' KIDDING ME?! I am a 54 y/o GRANDMA & have NEVER had an STD, used drugs OR sold myself for sex. I may have something nasty (although I try not to be…) to say about someone doing all this while ALIVE but could never think of saying something nasty about a poor YOUNG WOMAN who was killed in such a NASTY manner. We ALL make mistakes! Who knows-maybe she might have gone on to be someone really special but we'll never know because some ASSHOLE used her like a punching bag & sex toy & threw her away like TRASH. NOBODY deserves that!! NO-BOD-Y!!! Please try & think about that next time you make comments about a VICTIM!!

  4. I am a aunt of Summer Baldwin. I am appalled at the comments by the idiot that wrote this blog. You have no idea what you are talking about. You have no idea what happened to Summer that took her into living a bad life. She was a very good person and was very clean. She kept a spotless house and kept her kids very clean and took care of them very well. I baca me sick and Summer was the one that came to help me. She cooked for my husband and me and cleaned my house every day. Her dad was a piece of crap so she basically had no choice to go into the drug world. She was supposed to inherit her grandpas house but her dad kicked her to the curb and kept the house for hisself. He would not even hold his own grandkids. I went to pick up her youngest baby several times for Summer and the grandpa didn't know where anything was such as his clothes or his food or bottles. I found him on the bed all alone and he was big enough to have crawled off the bed and hurt his self very bad. Summer assumed her dad would watch the baby until I got there but no he was a creep. So don't judge people and there lives until you know what you are talking about. No one deserves to die just because they are on drugs. She did not have any STD'S so don't claim shit you know nothing about. Not every one on drugs has STD'S why don't you spend your time bad mouthing the son of a bitch that murdered her. He is the scum of the earth. If I were able I would do to him what he did to her. None of you know what all he did to her. She was actually still alive when he put her in the suitcase and he had broken every bone in her body. I wish I could spend at least 30 minutes with him before they took him to be put to death. That is the easy way out. He deserves the worst thing that could be done to him. He is a serial killer and rapist and any one that thinks he is a good person and my niece was the bad person is out of your damn mind. Summer just had a hard life but sure didn't deserve any of this and neither did her unborn baby. It never had a chance. Get real people and stop judging people. That is God's place not yours.

  5. And another thing, Walmart needs to train it's cashiers about people buying: shovels, duct tape, plastic tarps, suitcases, work gloves, black ski masks, bleach and other cleaning products, etc…in the middle of the night! Don't they notice what these people are buying? They don't even try to hide it by, oh I don't know, also purchasing some more "innocent looking" stuff. Literally dozens and dozens of these cases.

    Let me spell out what to do: 1) Quickly get the largest male employee you can find to go with you and follow the person to the parking lot 2) Write down their license plate info if you can without getting yourself hurt or killed 3) Call the cops! Yes, this is stressful, but you may be able to prevent a MURDER or at least the cover up / body dump.

  6. First, I agree with JM Wentzel's post about the victim, Summer Baldwin. The article says she was an addict, and that's clear from her picture. Don't you understand addiction can cause people to do things they normally would never, and in fact don't want, to do? Like turn tricks to support their addiction…And had she not been MURDERED she may have been able to beat it.

    Also, I wouldn't stress about how long it takes to execute this guy. Living on death row in Texas is it's own punishment. Locked up most of the time in solitary, no contact visits, eating shit food, no a/c, no TV, no women. Living amid other murderers and gangsters. Being handled by guards that know you're a POS and some treat you accordingly. Regularly seeing other inmates go to their deaths and knowing your warrant could be signed next. Besides, the execution method the US has resorted to – lethal injection – doesn't come close to evening the scales of justice anyway. IMO the only good reasons for executing are 1) in case the death penalty gets repealed and 2) to make sure some court doesn't commute the sentence to life. Otherwise, I personally am fine with these criminals living on death row until they die naturally. Or maybe commit suicide or another inmate kills THEM! (FYI you know it's bad when you hear death row inmates whose sentences have been reduced to life say moving to general population was FREEDOM to them – they are happy! And I've heard this many times in interviews.)

  7. I grieve with you in your loss.
    But "Her dad was a piece of crap so she basically had no choice to go into the drug world" is absurd. Many people have Dads that are pieces of crap but they don't then "have no choice to go into the drug world".
    I know she had a rough life and that's sad. She did not deserve to die for any of the things she did. Rodriquez, on the other hand does. And the sooner the better. Why this guy is still alive after seven years I do not understand – and in TEXAS yet! Gutless judges. Put the needle in him TOMORROW. He's had a fair trial. He killed the woman. Those are the salient facts. Not some legal mumbo-jumbo technicality that lets him keep breathing.
    Ice him.

  8. ese hijo de puta,pedazo de mierda,merece no solo que se este pudriendo en el infierno,que le este dando por culo satanas,como que esta de mas,de mas esta que este pedazo de mierda como bien dice el dueño de blog,quite la vida a estas mujeres idefensas

  9. I just saw this story on Forensic Files which led me to this blog. While I don't mind the bad language towards this killer, the derogatory comments about the victims (Summer) is really unnecessary and uncalled for. Summer is unfortunately gone, she lost her life in one of the worst ways possible, and it's just disrespectful to speak of her in this way. May she and the other victim rest in peace, and I hope their families will be able to forgive and live their life to the best of their abilities with such a horrible loss. l

  10. The legal system in Canada and the USA need a major overhaul. How can and evil slimball still be alive after all this time. Was the sentence not death? Why is he still not being put to death as he was sentenced to. He is now using the valuable time of the courts and taxpayers to continue living (at our expense)

  11. To any of Summer's friends or family that reads this. I want to see that piece of shit fry for this almost as bad as you guys do. And yes I do talk how I write in real life I am no internet warrior. Summer had a different proffesion, not something I'd encourage my kids to get into but none the less.

  12. "Her dad was a piece of crap so she basically had no choice to go into the drug world."

    One of the dumbest things I've ever read. The guy who wrote the blog did make a couple blunders but seriously, lots of people have bad dads and don't go "into the drug world." Stupid beyond belief.

  13. Why are you so rude to victims like this and everybody? You're so mean does it relieves you from your disgusting and pathetic life ? Asshole

  14. It's such a tragedy that these kinds of humans come into being. God help us that we can discover what to do about them. But meanwhile, keep the ones who've done the killing locked up, and if you believe in the death penalty, kill them quick before some weak minded people who think they have "reformed" let them out. And keep the guns out of their hands. And people, especially beautiful women, stay away from charming strangers. Yes, we have the Prince Charming myth, and they know how to play the role. The poor drug addicted girl, I can just bet what kind of line he fed her. She's seeking escape in drugs, so easily enough, she'll fall for an escape fantasy he'll feed her with. Well, she escaped all right — she escaped this whole world. And does he care? You know what I think? I think he remembers the murders he committed with the same kind of pleasure that most of us dream about a lovely romantic interlude we had with someone we truly love. So in your life, if you ever meet someone who seems too good to be true, keep your eye on him. Watch him closely for cracks and don't kid yourself that it was just a one time thing that he hit you. I'm talking also about the sociopaths (who are now called "anti-social personality disorder" — a pretty inaccurate label as far as I'm concerned. They should change it back to "SocioPATH.") They are diseased in the sense that they can't love, all they want to really do is get power over you, and the best way to do that is to hurt you, yell at you, insult you, take away your friends, insult your family, threaten to hit you even if they don't do it this time — and they start doing it when they've got you good and attached to them so it'll be really hard for you to get away. So DON'T call these guys "scum" and "swine" and "low-lifes." Call them DANGEROUS. Don't insult them — stay away from them. Don't give them the time of day or a second thought. A really good guy will stay good to you. There won't be any flying insults, or slaps in the face, oh-I'm-so-so-sorry, it'll never happen again. They cannot help themselves. They don't WANT to help themselves. They FOUND their answer and it's to HURT YOU. Who will read this? Maybe I won't even be able to post it!!

  15. They need to be locked up to protect everyone else. And here's the other point. There is a lot of talk when it comes to gun control, about screening people with histories of seeing a psychiatrist. But THESE are the people who need to not have guns. MOST people who see a psychiatrist are depressed or anxious. So I wish they would make sure that depressed people are not barred from having guns. But make sure people that are killers, and people that have crazy thoughts never get to own a gun. We see over and over what they do. And still everyone's so afraid of gun control because they don't understand what gun control is. The big-wigs who want you to vote for "small government" (so they can get away with their sort of murder, shipping jobs overseas and merging everything into huge companies so no more mom and pop stores can make it. THEY say it's Big Government that wants gun control.) Well, that's just not so. It's terrified people all over the country that want it. And people whose heart bleed when they hear of yet another gun massacre. Gun control is not "They are coming to take your gun away." That's what the NRA wants you to think. Control is not the same as "deprivation." We need to be protected from these insane people — and you don't even know who they are until they start killing. But it they do use a gun and it's registered, you've got a start to catch them. That's what the "control" is for. Well, I didn't plan to say that, but it's been on my mind. It wouldn't have stopped this guy. For his satisfaction he needs to kill with his bare hands.

  16. There is a diagnosis for this kind of guy—and for this guy in particular. His diagnosis is "Psychopath." You've probably hear the term. Not Sociopath— similar to a sociopath, but a killer. For some reason, these people don't have normal feelings. They can't feel attachment and they can't feel that life has any meaning. I don't think people understand yet whether they are born this way or whether it's a result of a traumatic childhood. I'm guessing both. A lot of people have traumatic childhoods, and it'll affect them in some unpleasant way, but it won't make them murderers. And we don't know about people who are born this way but don't have traumatic childhoods. Maybe they are the sociopaths, who also can't feel attachment or meaning, or love most of the time. Not even love. But while you and I find ways to find love and meaning, even if it's a struggle, these guys can't. THE ONLY THING THAT GIVES THESE PEOPLE A SENSE OF MEANING IS POWER OVER OTHERS. In the case of psychopaths, they have to KILL people. Sociopaths can settle for ripping people off and making them miserable. Just as long as they can feel powerful. Now obviously, underneath there, they must feel very weak, to have to behave this way. But no one knows what to do about it. No one knows how to psychiatrically treat these people so they can get better. No amount of therapy or psychotropic drugs can fix them. This is why, for example, in this very sick guy's case, if there is no death penalty in the state they are in, they should never never never be released from prison. The person who started this blog said it — he's charming, good-looking, polite, pleasant, and they can lie like a gorgeous oriental rug. They love lying and guess why — it gives them that sense of power. So what sometimes happens with these people is that while they are in prison, they will be model prisoners. For as many years as it takes. Even if this guy spends another 30 years in jail—don't EVER release him. They will swear that they are different now. They'll say everything you want to hear. They are master manipulators. Then if they get out — they'll kill again. Why? Because they are miserable if they don't. I read the words of one of these guys once, and he said it's like needing to scratch the worst itch you ever had. You have to try and imagine what it's like for these people. Maybe so you can forgive them and be a good Christian. But also to make sure they stay locked up for the rest of their natural lives.

  17. No need to degrade the victim. That was uncalled for. I googled this to find out if he has been put to death amd 8 years later still not. Wow

  18. No need to degrade the victim. That was uncalled for. I googled this to find out if he has been put to death amd 8 years later still not. Wow

  19. To be honest, the Baldwin girl was nothin but a snow bunny, so her days were numbered anyway. The Rodgers girl though, seemed like an innocent girl that just made a huge mistake. Sad. I hope they rape him everyday in prison.

  20. The shit you wrote about my friend Summer was fucken ridiculous and 'fucking disrespectful you son of a Bitch her dad Larry is the best man I've ever known and Summer was my friend you fucking Bitch.. I don't appreciate you making a joke out of this I'm still 'fucking devastated as well as her family so have some' fucking respect

  21. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hate when people attribute less value to people who have taken a wrong turn in life and ended up as prostitutes or drug addicts. Those people deserve more sympathy, they obviously are hurting very much. Don't let the ignorance of strangers get to you. You know the truth and that's what matters.

  22. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hate when people attribute less value to people who have taken a wrong turn in life and ended up as prostitutes or drug addicts. Those people deserve more sympathy, they obviously are hurting very much. Don't let the ignorance of strangers get to you. You know the truth and that's what matters.

  23. Well you probably did not know she was on there because you spend all your hooker earnings on drugs. Or those shitty eyebrows. Hence you could not pay for cable.

  24. I'm so glad it's so easy to find stuff on my friend Summer Baldwin But a lot of the stuff they're saying is not true she was a mother a wife at one time and her dad very grieved horribly for her and so did I and I still grieve even tonight for her at-times I can't even stop crying I loved her and she was my friend

  25. Ohm my God I didn't even know that my friend was on forensic files that is sickening as well-and about her dad been a piece of crap that's total bullshit I know Larry he is a very nice guy He grieved so deeply I saw it I was at her funeral

  26. I appreciate the article… but you really need to take some English classes. This reads like a middle schooler wrote it.

  27. Isn't it interesting? A child is a child when we want her to be. But when we don't want her to be one, she is a piece of tissue.

  28. Don’t worry his time is coming up in March the human waste has the audacity to grand stand on the crappy minutes before six blog about conditions in prison. Oh how convenient that you don’t metion anything about your crimes you have committed yeah you hate trump alright but he is making America great again by letting human waste like you die and pay for your crimes I’ll be drinking to your demise March 27 2018 at 600 pm you can count on that

  29. Actually, any evidence that came about from the plea deal (so all of the Joanna Rogers evidence) became inadmissible once Rodriguez rescinded the agreement.

  30. You keep talking about how her dad was this awesome,caring man that grieved so much after her death but a couple of comments above,Summer's aunt wrote a whole page about how her dad was a piece of shit,he kicked her out of the house that was left to her and he wouldn't even acknowledge or take care of his own grandkids! So this awesome man somehow had you fooled Shelley Gavin!

  31. I so agree with Anonymous. And it was so well written. As for Summer and her unborn child, I pray their sweet souls may rest in PEACE. Just because she was an addict and a prostitute doesn't mean she was a "bad" person. It's sad that she was so lost and ended up in that lifestyle. I pray for peace for her family and for lots of love and healing for her children. Rodriguez is beyond disgusting.

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