Ethel Kidd

Ethel Kidd

      Burr Hill, Virginia April 12th, 1989 after returning home at around 2pm after visiting her daughter. (Her children and Grandchildren all lived near by) It was the last time Ethel Kidd age 61
was ever seen alive again.

  Her daughter phoned her the next morning and Ethel never answered and her daughter assumed that Ethel was on her way over for coffee. After about 2 hours of not showing up her daughter sent her husband over to Ethel’s house to check on her. When he got to the house he found her car still parked in the driveway. When he approached the house he found a road atlas on the lawn. Then they found a piece of paper from a motel that had sexual material written on it. There was also on a piece of paper a plan of how to murder and where to select a location. Also on the paper was reference to assume a new identity.
  Ethel’s son inlaw entered the house which he found unusual as the door was unlocked and Ethel would always lock the door. Everything in the house looked normal and nothing seemed to be missing. Almost immediately a search party was formed to look for Ethel in the acres of fields and forrest where near her home.  Nobody found any sign of Ethel.
  Then 8 days later a man was hunting about 3 miles from her home and he came across one of the grossest sights I have ever heard of. Ethel Kidd’s body was tied to a tree which was facing a logging road only 50 feet away. She had been raped, strangled, and dead for over a week. She had also been sodomised. Due to the lack of decomposition of the body it is believed that the killer held her in a freezer for some time before tying her to the tree. This was also an area heavily searched the week before.
  Police believed at the time the killer asked Ethel for directions due to the atlas found on the lawn.
Facts about the case:
  • The cord used to tie Ethel to the tree was only used in hospitals and hotels it was not available to the public.
  • It was rumoured that before the murders the culprit had a note and was driving by woman and on the note he flashed at them in their cars it read “Pull over lets fuck”.

Culprit: This case was solved due to being aired on Unsolved Mysteries. The murderer’s name was Edward Wayne Beverly. Beverly’s own sister Marsha Williams recognised his handwriting on the letters that were aired on the Unsolved mysteries. Beverly had lived in Burr Hill at the time of the murder but shortly left the area after it occurred. He was in prison in Tennessee when he was accused. But fingerprints and DNA evidence linked him to the crime. He was only a few months away from being released from prison until he was convicted and charged with 3 life sentences for kidnapping, sodomy, and murder. We are all very happy and glad to say that that piece of shit died in prison in 2008.

Beverly’s Appeal: Attorney Roy D Bradley submitted a 31 page brief to the Virginia court of appeals claiming Beverly was wrongfully convicted because the judge excluded key evidence and experts. It was concluded with DNA evidence that there was only a 1 in 1.7 million chance that Beverly did not rape Ethel Kidd. Yet Bradley argued that the blood type found at the scene was type A where as Beverly’s blood type was O.!topic/alt.true-crime/qn6F6UI_Ipo

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7 thoughts on “Ethel Kidd

  1. Sick POS this guy is. How they can manage to live as long as they do being as perverted as they are blows my mind. This is why all women who are approached by a sick, twisted freak like this should make a report because it just MIGHT get him locked up thereby possibly preventing another more serious attack on another person. When I was about 12 or 13, walking home from school, a man traveling the opposite direction, pulled alongside the curb, leaned over to speak to me, I leaned down to see what he was saying, and you can guess where his right hand was and what he was doing with it. I was directly across from my house, all I had to do was cross the street and I was in my front yard, so even though somehow I had the presence of mind to laugh out loud at him, it upset me. But, I didn't tell a SOUL! Not my Mother, who was a stay-at-home Mom, and who I saw not 2 minutes after it happened, not my best friend, NO ONE! I often wondered had I told my Mother, could the police have found him? I pray that my reluctance to tell, I was embarrassed by the incident more than scared, didn't permit this creep to escalate in his aggression against females. Here it is 50 years later and I remember it as if it was yesterday. And he didn't lay a hand on me. What does THAT tell you about the harm that is done by these sick, twisted freaks of nature? They are unable to be treated and should never be allowed parole because this is a compulsion they can not contain, not that they try.

  2. The media didn't tell you the sheriff was on vaction in Hawaii when Ethel was abucted and the deputies botched the immediate scene and investigation. They also didn't tell you Ethel was tied NAKED TO THE TREE. They didn't tell you the sheriff was trying to convict Thomas Kidd, her son in law based on the drapery cord alone but he died before Beverly's sister called the new sheriff and had him arrested in Tennessee for the murder. They also didn't tell you the cops was trying to blame Ethel's son Wayne and his soon to be wife based on one of the papers the notes was written on coming from a hotel/motel in Ohio, which her son and soon to be daughter in law was truck drivers. The whole thing was screwed up beginning with the dork sheriff and his staff but my husband the truck driver died in peace only a few months later and knowing his mothers killer was convicted. I hope Beverly and every other twisted demon imbodying a human will die according to the measure they have given others on earth and in the eternal. It is written whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loose in heaven, by the measure you judge you will be judged by, thus say's Jesus the Christ the word of God in flesh.

  3. Could a human being be more depraved? What was the point of tying her to the tree, other than complete domination and degradation, even after her death. What horror she experienced before her death, and humiliation afterward. The only consolation, if it can be termed so, is that she never knew the conditions under which she would be found. But, God is in control. Hopefully, this monster of a human being repented, as God desires from us all. If not, his fate is far worse than anything he could experience in life, his judjement more severe than anything mortal man could hand down.

  4. Don't know where you got your information but it's wrong. Sheriff Faulconer was on a week long fishing trip at Lake Anna and cut it short when the abduction was reported. I was there when her body was recovered and she was fully clothed. That said, I'm glad Beverly was caught and he deserved to die in prison.

  5. I got the information sitting in the house with Thomas, Joann & Wayne for 7 days waiting for them to find her and from the actual pictures that Thomas & Gilbert had to look at, why would they lie about something so horrible. Dont you think its ironic that Beverly died from cancer in prison Sept 17 & Ethels son birthday was the 16th & he died from cancer the very month Beverly was convicted. Ummm from the grave message.

  6. Ethel is my grandmother. I have never heard of some of these comments being made. I know it was a horrible week searching for her and going live on the radio begging for people to look for her. She was a wonderful woman who held this family together. The correct man was convicted. He had only God to answer to when he died. My heart hurts daily for what she may have gone thru and having to have a closed casket at her funeral and not being able to see her one last time was a nightmare. She was my world. I miss her so much.

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