Richardson Family Murders

Richardson Family Murders

This case is one of the most horrific and sick cases I have ever heard about. It is cases like this that really wants me to see the death penalty in Canada.
  Marc Richardson (42), Debra Richardson (48), and their 8 year old son Jacob were stabbed to death in their Medicine Hat, Alberta home. Jacob’s 6 year old best friend discovered the bodies. Marc and Debra in the basement and Jacob in his bedroom. When the bodies were found police noticed that their 12 year old daughter Jasmine was missing. At first it was suspected that she was abducted. But the next day she was arrested with her 23 year old boyfriend Jeremy Stienke in Leader, Saskatchewan. And NO that is a not a typo this sick fuck 23 year old was dating a 12 year old girl. Apparently the motive for them to murder Jasmine’s parents was for some reason her parents disapproved of their 12 year old daughter dating a 23 year old man.
  Before the murders Stienke was drinking beer, wine, and snorting cocaine.
  Stienke entered the Richardson home through a window in the basement. Debra Richardson hears a noise and goes down to check it out and turns on the light and sees Stienke there with a knife. Stienke grabs her then she yells and he stabs her repeatedly yelling ” Die, die, die, die.”  Then Marc came down.
  Marc Richardson fought for his life with a screwdriver, but was stabbed over 24 times including 9 times in the back. Marc’s last words to Stienke were “Why?” and he replied “Because your daughter wanted it this way”.
    Bloody handprints were smeared all over the basement walls. Jacob was found lying in his bed soaked in blood with his throat slashed wide open.
  Stienke apparently even tried to recruit friends to assist him with the murders. They declined. A man named Jordan Attfield even testified against Stienke in court saying Stienke asked him to help and when he refused to help him Stienke threatened him.
  After the murders Stienke was boasting to friends that “He gutted Jasmines parents like fish”
  After the murders also Stienke and Jasmine went to a friends house to have sex.

Jeremy Allen Stienke: Jeremy Stienke is a weird character. He has now changed his name to Jackson May. An unemployed high school drop out who apparently he told his friends he is a 300 year old werewolf who likes the taste of blood. (Sounds like a real winner) He even carried a fucking vial of the stuff around his neck. Rumors have it that he met his girlfriend on the website Vampire Freaks, others have said that the two met at a punk rock show.
  His mother Jaqueline May did not expect a first degree murder conviction and actually wept in court while holding a bible. (Really?)

Jasmine Richardson: Many believe that Jasmine was more an instigator in the crime than her boyfriend Jeremy. It is hard to believe that a 12 year old girl could have such influence over a 23 year old man. But then again it is pretty amazing that a 23 year old man would be so fucked in the head and desperate to date a 12 year old girl. But then again this is a man who thinks he is a werewolf and a vampire. Police even uncovered internet communications between the two of them with her posting ” I have a plan it begins with me killing them and ends with me living with you”. And it was Jasmine who plunged the knife in her 8 year old brothers stomach while he cried that he is too young to die. Then classy Jeremy went and slit his throat.
  Her heros on her myspace page were Jeffrey Dahmer and Marilyn Manson. On other sites that she frequented she claimed to ba a bi-sexual wiccan.
  She is now free and attending Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. Even has a part time job.

Kacy Lancaster: Accesory to murder as she was with Steinke and Richardson when they were arrested in Leader, Saskatchewan.

Legal outcome:  Jasmine Richardson as of this day is a free woman. And attended classes at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. She is believed to be the youngest person ever in Canadian history convicted of multiple murder.
Jeremy Stienke: Steinke admitted to the murders to an undercover officer while in custody. He even said to an undercover cop wearing a wire “You hear about that triple homicid? You’re looking at him…. Me and my lady have become legends”.
 On December 15th, 2008 Steinke was sentenced to 3 life sentances of first degree murder and will eligible for parole in 25 years.

Letters between the two in jail.

Stienke to Jasmine

“I love you more than life its self, I’ve added you to my visitors lists so once your released please visit often. Never forget how much I care or that I love you. We can keep writing each other till we can be together again. Without you this life isn’t worth living… U said you want to get engaged? Then here’s a Q…Will U marry me? If so then it is a verbal agreement!” [sic throughout].

Jasmine to Stienke

“Ahahaha! I never thought I’d find myself hystericaly laughing in a holding cell in these kinds of circumstances…or ever really. But still! ahaha you make me so happy! Yes! Yes! I will, I would love to… Interesting information I came across. Anything you can say to anyone, including a phycistrist, unless issued by a lawyer can be used against you! For fucks sake. Rawr. The world really is against us.” [sic throughout].

Lots of remorse shown there. They broke up in prison what a shocker.

Older Videos But I thought I would post them anyway.


Looks more female in that pic than she is. He will love getting butt raped in jail. I hope the scum dies there.
Marc and Debra Richardson
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104 thoughts on “Richardson Family Murders

  1. Poor girl? Just another idiot thinking with his penis in love with what a 12 year old USED to look like! sick!

  2. WTF!!!! They didn't pass away. She brutally murdered them…and her 8 year old brother. This little bitch should be tortured, not given a second chance.

  3. i do apologise if this has been said and im bumping this for no reason but it seems jasmine now lives in france and has logged in a few days ago…
    does anyone know what happened to her? do you think she has moved to france to start a 'new' life?

  4. This little girl needs to get her head checked often.

    So sad her parents and her brother had to die for her selfish wants and needs – may you rot in hell little girl, you should be in jail like your boyfriend is – YOU GOT AWAY WITH MURDER YOU PIECE OF SHIT – may you have the same fate as your parents and brother had.

    You are a nasty girl and you deserve a life of hell – you drity dirty BITCH!

  5. Murderess Jasmine Richardson attends Mount Royal University

    And it was Richardson, who, after hearing her eight year old brother plead, “I’m scared. I’m too young to die,” plunged a knife into his chest.

    This murdering bitch is free to attend Mount Royal University in Calgary whilst her parents and younger brother are still dead. The press gives this cunt a pass stating her identity is protected. BULL SHIT THAT IS A LIE!!!!
    She is now listed at REGISTER-HER.COM
    Read more about this sad stain on humanity HERE
    A shout out to my Canadian brothers to post a direct link from the registry to all comment forums possible naming this bitch in the Canadian media.

  6. Yeah, everything is excusable when you're 12 years old.
    Jasmine Richardson gets to live comfortably on taxpayers' money while her poor family rots in their graves. This little psycho bitch is smart since she knows how to use outside information to her advantage (ex: "Interesting information I came across. Anything you can say to anyone, including a phycistrist, unless issued by a lawyer can be used against you!")
    If anything, she shouldn't be out in here at all, but be punished severely. She never felt sorry for killing her family and she never will. She fooled those pathetic idiots in law.

  7. Then she shouldn't be out here in the first place. She should go back to prison and rot in there for the rest of her life. She never showed remorse. She's clearly a deranged psychopath who cleverly fooled those stupid "experts."

  8. She murdered her whole family. Quite a heavy decision, one that SHOULD alter the course of her life. For the worse.

  9. Now now now!!!! And throw your life away and have a stalking and harassment charge on your record for life? "Vengence is mine I will repay" You leave it to the big guy to show the little devil worshipper how the cow ate the cabbage.

  10. I agree, she was 12 for Christ's sake. She has paid her debt and deserves a chance to become a valuable member of society as an adult. I wish her luck.

  11. That would be a good idea. Unfortunately Canada no longer has capital punishment. I think its doubtful he will get paroled after 25 years.

  12. They both should be put to death. There's no hope for a born killer, it's in her genetics to do these things.

  13. Anyone else notice Steinke got 3 CONCURRENT life sentences? NOT CONSECUTIVE. Meaning he got 1 life sentence for murdering 3 people. And there's no certainty he'll be locked up for life anyway as he's eligible for PAROLE! WTF does it take to qualify for LWOP in Canada? Murdering more than 3 people obviously…And what about the time he should do for statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor (if that's what they call it)? I guess they let that slide.

    As for Jasmine, I really don't know how the legal system should punish 12 year old murderers. But I totally disagree with allowing anyone convicted of murder to change their identity and live amongst us ANONYMOUSLY. And the article says after 2016 she'll be free as a bird, "with no adult criminal record." OMG, seriously stupid and misguided. Canada should be ashamed of how they handled both of these criminals.


    Curfew lifted for teen killer

    A woman convicted of the triple first-degree murder of a Medicine Hat family when she was 12 years old took a further step to freedom Thursday prior to her full release from court-imposed restrictions in less than nine-months.

    “It’s another positive report,” stated Justice Scott Brooker Thursday during the now 21-year-old’s latest sentence review in which her Monday to Thursday nightly curfew was lifted.

    “In fact, all of the reports I have received since I imposed the sentence a number of years ago have been positive.”

    The woman was found guilty by a city jury of three counts of first-degree murder for the knife-point slaying of Marc and Debra Richardson as well as the couple’s eight-year-old son Jacob in April 2006.

    The woman — who can’t be identified due to her age at the time of the crime — was sentenced in 2007 to the maximum 10-year Intensive Rehabilitative Custody and Supervision sentence for a youth between the ages of 12 and 14.

    Crown prosecutor Ramona Robins told the court she has reviewed the latest report — which is not publicly available — on the woman’s progress and took no issue with the lifting of the curfew, adding, “I think it’s important to do that before the end of the sentence.”

    The Crown did however, ask for a full report looking at the goals the IRCS sentence originally sought to achieve and how they were met be presented at the woman’s next and final sentence review to be held sometime in April.

    Neither the woman’s social worker nor the Alberta Justice representative who accompanied the woman during her CCTV appearance from Calgary opposed the curfew being lifted.

    Brooker noted that according to the latest report, the previous relaxation of the woman’s curfew conditions has, “reduced her anxiety levels and increased her personal development, there are no concerns by her supervisor, the risk level … remains low.”

    The removing of the curfew prior to her release date in May will allow the court to monitor her progress toward her full freedom from court conditions, said Brooker.

    In by far the longest statement she has made to the court since her periodic sentence reviews began in earnest in 2009, the woman expressed thanks.

    “I’d like to express my gratitude towards the court and to my team for all the support that I received,” the 21-year-old told the court.

    Defence counsel Katherin Beyak told reporters outside the courthouse her client continues to work towards fully transitioning into the community.

    “Now she’ll be in a situation where she will be living as a normal individual in society so we’ll be able to tell and see that the sentence has done what it was supposed to do, which is reintegrate and prepare her to lead a real life in the real world,” said Beyak.

    The conditions the woman will continue to be subject to include: community supervision, court approved residency, submit herself for counselling, be employed or in school.

    After completion of her sentence on May 7, 2016, the woman will be discharged from all court-imposed restrictions and gain the same freedoms as any other person without an adult criminal record.

    A final sentence review is tentatively scheduled for April 2016.

    Her co-accused, 32-year-old Jeremy Steinke, was convicted and sentenced in 2008 to three concurrent 25-years-to-life sentences on three counts of first-degree murder.

    During Steinke’s 2008 trial, the man admitted to killing Debra Richardson by way of a single stab to the woman’s heart and her husband Marc following a life-and-death struggle in the basement of the family’s home in which the man received several dozen stab wounds.

    But both the woman and Steinke denied killing the eight-year-old Jacob Richardson, whose throat was slashed open in his bedroom where he was left to die on his bed.

    The woman and Steinke each blamed the other for the boy’s death.

  15. I find it unlikely she hasn't been spotted in calgary. I'm certain they relocated her she is infamous here

  16. Only 10 years and she's free as a bird?Planning a wedding,perhaps with her lover?That's the best Canadian law can do?Yeah,she was 12,but i think She really knew what she was doing,so i wouldn't want someone like her free.And,maybe it's only me,but the fact that she still keeps in touch with him it'll trigger an alarm for me.

  17. Killers aren't born, they are raise it to kill. The kids killers are the most interesting study în forensic psychology.
    Amazing how they emerge from inocent to hell behavior. What scarry thing are, some killer kids are raise with care and love by their familly but they choose to kill.

  18. Imagine how her parents and brother would feel… How would you feel? Someone very close to you killed you in cold blood and she barely had a slap on the wrist. She was rehabilitated in a very comfortable manner. How would you feel? I bet you would be turning in your grave! I know a would.
    Look at Karla Homolka for instance, she has been shamed into what she did and many people know who she is now. It doesn't cause any problems knowing. But it does bring some justice for that family. If you can even call it that. I'm disgusted on how all of this has turned out. Living comfortably on tax payers money who work hard and actually has a sence of "love" for the ones close to them. Getting a free education in Calgary?!? That's fucked. There are alot more deserving people… I can go on and on about this. I just hope someone in the system will have the morals to give information up to the public, even if it's Anonymous.

  19. Anyone figure out who she is yet? People need to know. She is an adult now, her identity doesn't need to be protected anymore. She needs to be shamed into what she did for the rest of her life. Shame on those covering it up because someone has to know by now.

  20. Both of them should be executed.
    As soon as possible.
    Her brother will never get a chance to eat an ice cream. For example.

  21. She should be found and punished over and over and over again, somehow. There's no need to redeem anybody, that's God's business if there is one. All that people ought to do is punish, punish, punish, and bring justice.

  22. It's really hard to understand some of the hate directed towards this girl. Don't get me wrong- what she did was terrible but she was only twelve yrs. old for Christ's sake! I think that the bulk of the blame should be placed on Steinke. It is obvious that she looked up to him and he was in a unique position to have a positive influence on her. But apparently he only took advantage of her angst and confusion. I applaud the Canadian legal system for trying to give her a second chance. I think that she is redeemable and maybe she can even help shed some light on this type of tragedy and help prevent more of them from happening in the future. It will be tough enough for her to live with herself, why in the world anyone want to make it even harder for her? I hope that she moves far away and is able to put this behind her and become a productive member of society. What is the alternative? To harass her for the rest of her life? That would only add one more name to the list of casualties. I find it hard to believe that her parents and brother would want her to suffer for the rest of her life. I wish her well.

  23. Although a lot of people try to compare JR to Karla Homolka, I think her story is eerily similar to that of Caril Ann Fugate, a 13 yr. old Nebraska girl that that went on a killing spree with Charles Starkwater in 1956. Seven people were murdered including three of fugate's family members. Starkwater was executed and Caril Ann was sentenced to life in prison although she has always denied active participation in any of the murders. She was eventually released from prison after serving 17 yrs. and has led a relatively normal and productive life. The movie "Badlands" (Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek) was loosely based on the crimes. Bruce Springsteen also recorded an album (Nebraska) about all of this.

  24. If anyone knows her new name get back at me. I met her 7 years ago in the Alberta hospital, and she was actually a nice girl. aleighashiimarie@gmail

  25. She deserves prison at that age you know murder is bad it's not like we have to hold her bloody hand through life. That's her parents good smh.

  26. You are an idiot! how exactly? if she was 12 in canada and unknown until she murdered her family? Why did you pull this out of your ass? now you are calling him a pedo too you have nothing intelligent to contribute here.

  27. they can be rehabbed just give these misunderstood kids a chance surely these are great kids at heart

  28. no. psychopaths are born. idiot. and they are murderers. what the fuck are u talking about.. look up child murderers. they are psychopaths. this girl was 12 years old, so what. at 12 years old, and im 25 now, i knew the difference between right and wrong. i knew what murder was. shit, at 12 i was smoking weed and hanging out on the streets. i was completely capable of realizing the gravity of crimes, like buying weed, selling weed, or MURDER. i was busted with some weed at 13 in school and was charged. i knew the crimes i was committing and i knew the consiquences. this bitch should have been sentenced to life in prison AT LEAST. all her letters to her accomplice and BF never showed remorse, and only showed was to use her young age and :"young mental state" as an atvantage. she stated that she found out "anything you say to a psychiatrist or anyone else can be used against u". meaning, "shit, i been opening my mouth too much, im an idiot" . this girl needs to be fucking stabbed like her brother. and all u who support her and say she needs to be left alone.. either u think shes cute, or ur a female, who is just as insane. ur all fucking idiots if u think she was too young to know what she was doing. she fucking knew her boyfriend was downstairs murdering her mom and dad so she was covering her brothers ears crying with him telling him not to worry. and then he begged her to not kill him.. right before she drove the knife into his chest "not too hard though" i her own words. she fucking should BURN

  29. 10 years is nothing, the sheer brutality of this surely warrants a more harsh sentence. She orchestrated the killing of her whole family. She doesnt deserve a life, happiness or in fact a future. She robbed the lives of her parents and 8 year old brother.

  30. I met her twice in a child care home years ago, hard to read her. It's hard to say if she'll ever fully recover from that.

  31. I was like JR, I developed far too young and looked much older. I changed outside but inside I was still just a little girl, but what really changed was how I was viewed — particularly by boys and more strikingly by MEN. Grown men, sometimes men with children and families, who's treatment and approach to me created a great deal of inner shame, that somehow I was responsible for evoking this reaction because I was taller, had breasts, was pretty with more mature facial features, but was still (and they knew this which makes it all the more creepier) very much a child. I understood that my lolita sexualized self could be a powerful and manipulative tool but being a child I also craved attention and affirmation from adults. I tried to be tough, I tried to be cool, I tried to be sexy but safe but I know now I was never safe. Basically all I was was the favoured wet dream of older men – a sexy baby doll. Jasmine had no older siblings to hold her accountable, to police her as it were, her parents were caught up in their 12 step answer to everything, and because of her early sexualization she probably felt adrift and out of place among her peers and even in her famil–I know I damnwell did! Steinke here IS the responsible one. I don't care if this girl took her clothes off and danced the dance of seven veils in front of him, HE WAS A MATURE AND ADULT MALE! Too bad someone didn't realize what a fuck up he was and castrate the moron before he was–"boo hoo"–'manipulated' by a 12 year old. What kind of "man" will actually take seriously the ruminations of a confused girl who because of the 'Sin' of her body's radical development found herself emotionally, psychologically and physically isolated? A girl of 12 does not and cannot imagine life in 10 or even five years. The "future" is the next day, or the next week, or at most the next summer. Hey girl, if you are out there, please understand that some of us remember the anxiety, confusion, and anger caused by a society that both invents and terrorizes the lolita that adult male patriarchy hates to love and loves to hate, and makes of them evil villainous characters who deserve the cruelest of fates for growing up and breaking their stupid little hearts. I hope you have in spite of it all grown up as well as can be expected, and that you understand that it was not and never will be your fault that your early development and sexualization led to such tragedy. Shame on those can not look past the boobs and bum of a 12 year old to SEE that you were A 12 YEAR OLD!!!

  32. This little girl needs to get her head checked often.

    So sad her parents and her brother had to die for her selfish wants and needs – may you rot in hell little girl, you should be in jail like your boyfriend is – YOU GOT AWAY WITH MURDER YOU PIECE OF SHIT – may you have the same fate as your parents and brother had.

    You are a nasty girl and you deserve a life of hell – you drity dirty BITCH!

  33. This kind of incidents clearly show the hypocrisy of the society. People still believe that women are innocent even they are worst and wicked. Today the word of humanity is totally corrupted.

  34. Sick and tired of all these commenters noting that she was "only 12 years old". So what? Worst thing I did when I was 12 was T.P. peoples' houses on Halloween. Bitch is evil! "Only 12" is a cop-out. Evil comes in all ages. I was not evil at 12, most people aren't evil at 12 or any age. Quit making excuses for the evil bitch.

  35. You know what I'm gonna be completely honest here…when I was about 12 to 13 years old…I hadon't a brief thought about if I could get away with killing my mom and step dad n Lil sister…it was a brief thought, one that bothers me to do this day that I would even have a thought of such…but within 2 minutes I shook it off and was scared from the thought…so the answer there is…I knew what was right and wrong…sure there are somethings a 12 year old should know 100 percent…and then there's things like I wanna try beer to be cool…I wanna smoke some weed to be accepted…I'm gonna shop lift as much munchies as I can to be cool and be a better thief…
    But those are things that when I was 12 years I thought to myself what's the big deal…but when someone kills there Lil brother…not just the thought but the action…cuz thoughts come and go…but when u r 12 yeara as jasmine richardson was…it's pretty hard to say that one of 2 things…she either has multi able personalities…and if she's smart and intelligent…she would know how to switch between…good girl vs bad girl…when she was 12 and living the life she was living…that's when we seen the bad girl…the rebellion of her…but once she took it too far and was in jail…boom…time to play the good girl…and if that's the case…if she turned it on and off like that…then she is a physcho path maybe even multiable personalities kind of psycho path, that knows how to switch from one to the other…and if that's the case…the fact that she was able to change her identity without the public knowing…one does that scare me…and 2…not 100% sure…depending on how she acts…will do it again…
    I like to give everybody the benefit of the doubt…but I think it's dangerous as he'll…Maybe it's just my mind fucking with me…or
    Maybe it's not…
    I don't think she's in calgary…I think she's in red deer…like I said I could be wrong…but better safe then being sorry…if u want details…message me at…….if u can find a past picture of her when she was 12…that might help with identification…also somebody please message me…because if it is by chance her…I've been hanging out with her…
    And I jus recently found out that there was another murder that I was in treatment with…she was from Texas…her bf apparently was found dead deceased decomposing rotting…the autopsy said it was an overdose from pills…this was after they did the 4 people murder…I think she probably oder him making it look as an OD…
    My guesses towards that are he was probably gonna come clean and she didn't want him too……please message me if u are interested in finding stuff out as well as me

  36. A psycologist has said that she should never be released, she cannot be cured. This kind of mind set that she has manipulates and can show the face she wants u to see.

  37. A psycologist has said that she should never be released, she cannot be cured. This kind of mind set that she has manipulates and can show the face she wants u to see.

  38. Whoa.. Wait a minute. She killed her family. She played her part and should atone for that. Getting a name change is UNFAIR to her victims– she shouldn't get a do over. Your rationalization of her hyper-sexualization is ridiculous. You didn't kill your parents… I didn't … SHE DID. I believe part of her punishment should have been to stay Jasmine Richardson– and live with what she did.

  39. I think you're bat shit crazy or at the very least uneducated and paranoid as fuck. First of all when you have dissociative identity disorder formly known as multiple personality disorder) you have no control over "switching". Most of the time you have no idea of the other identities that your mind posses. It's not a switch you can freely switch on and off. Secondly, how would this girl be in TX? She is under supervised release for 4 more years. It's not until that time that she will be truly free. If she gets so much as a parking ticket or found with ajoint she'll be forced to keep her record on the books for the rest of her life. I suggest you stop the witch hunt and leave whoever this poor girl you suspect as a murderer alone. Maybe give her some compassion for losing her boyfriend to an OD.

  40. If someone can tell me her new name i'd appreciate it, not to harass her but I got so many questions that I have for her, would be even cool to see how she looks like now, as I live in the same city

  41. She will NEVER pay her debt. This evil girl killed her parents and 8 year old brother. I hope she gets to be exposed and suffers throughout her life, and people around her don't give her a job and harrass her the whole time. She is a psychopath that should be locked up. She is a deranged killer, no matter how old. You know right from wrong when you are 12. I hope she rota in HELL.

  42. It's funny how the message in canada is that u can kill as a youngerster and get set free years later what's that about .remember Jasmines parents and brother r dead. She should be still in prison

  43. Willing to pay for her new identity. I think if she'ok with me, I'll marry her and make a family. In fact that's my dream, I read several times about the story and I am quite in love. My heart already forgives her. mail

  44. She is not the first to think or say "I want my parents dead". Saying it what is obviously a sick sick man who instead of saying your young this will all change encouraged and helped plot it out. Why did she have so much access to the internet? Why was she at a punk rock show? It's one thing to let your children learn new things it's another to let them run amuck. She never had a chance once a child sexual preditor got his hands on her. Am I saying she's not to blame? No. Am I saying she had help getting to where it all exploded? Yes. She isn't free she never will be.

  45. "statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor" are both american terms. This is a Canadian case.

  46. She shouldn't be protected, where was her families protection? Leave her to fend for herself just as her parents and brother was left to.


  48. Leave her alone she was only 12?! Youre a special kind of moron arent you? She STABBED HER BROTHER and wsnted her mkm and dad DEAD!!! YOU ARE not smart,sympathetic to these poor victims and a heatless moron

  49. Uhmm move on with her life?!?! Her family didnt get to move on with THEIR life! Are you joking? You must be kidfing nobody is this stupid and empathetic toward somonne who can stab their 8 yr old BROTHER

  50. Just so you are aware. Jewish law is those who are without the same sin cast the first stone. So basically when Christ said that he called them all out as adulterers which they were. I'm not a murderer so hand me a stone

  51. Everything you have said in your rant is disjointed, uneducated, and insulting to soo many people, including the parents of this girl. I cannot even begin to pick apart your post as I would have to set aside a few hours to pick apart EVERY sentence, so I'll just say, take the blinkers off people and actually see the world around your sheltered little space, come out from the rock you are living under, listen to people more educated than yourself, then make an opinion based on facts and greater knowledge, not just… ' oh.. when I was young this happened to me.. therefore my experience and behaviour should be reflected in all people. Get over yourself. An eye for an eye… makes the whole world blind. Just two more things.. english lit major you are not.. and where the hell were your parents when thier 13 year old son was smoking weed and hanging on the streets? Well? Where were they? They might as well have been your drug dealers. Can anyone say hillbilly family.. coz i know this guy couldn't even spell the word.

  52. To the people posting uneducated comments and abuse towards this girl. Who named you Judge, Jury, and executioner? Who are you to judge?, when you yourself walk imperfectly. But please, feel free to cast the first stone as you are standing by God without so much as a tiny black mark on your soul. Judge not, least ye be Judged yourself. How would your profile look if examined?

  53. I am not going to addresss the shocking tone of your post. I just want you to clarify something. You stated that 'the press has given this c.. a pass for identity protection', then in the next breath you state that this is a lie. Which one is it? Is it your two personalities at war with each other? If not, the statement should read, ' bull.., this is wrong, mabey, not right, or how about, unacceptable? Feel free to choose any other word you want for the end of that sentence, unless the shouting, illiterate side of your personality wins again.

  54. This girl was not excused because she was 12 years old. She was punished to the full extent of Canadian Law, if you don't agree with the Law, feel free to make amendments to it, then go to parliament and get the new Laws passed. I would like to ask you if you are a qualified behaviour analyst, and how many hours you spent with this girl before you were able to correctly label her a psycho bitch? (Lovely use of language). Also, she did not know how to use outside information, she learnt this fact while navigating the Justice system. If you actually read the statement, (mabey you should read it outloud), she is shocked by this fact). Who are you to state that she never felt sorry for what she did, and that she never will? You have thrown out that statement as fact. It's just like my statement that you are an an idiot, and always will be. Do I know you? Is this now a fact? And as for 'those pathetic idiots in Law', they are just UPHOLDING the Law. Do you even know how Laws are passed? If you don't agree with the Law, get off your ass and change it. In this instance, the 'pathetic idiots', that you have labeled fools, would be the populace of Canada, and yourself.

  55. In her genetics?? So you are saying that both her parents are born killers? Also you are saying that her younger brother had 4 more years before he too would have become a killer so really she did society a favor and saved future people from dying at his hands. Before you throw around statememts like natural born killers and genetics, study Criminology for a few years and get your facts right. Although, if you had studied Criminology and Psychology for 3 years like myself, you would have been educated enough not to even entertain the thought of "I'm not bad, I'm just born this way". It reads like you believe it is not thier fault, but the fault of their whole family line for breading killers through thier genes.

  56. I agree, very well put. They should expose what name she's going by. So that she can get harassed and possibly get her ass beat down. I'm not for death penalty but I this situation they both should die

  57. She is a born killer and that idiot who supposedly studied genitics and makes stupid remarks like her parents and brother must be killers,there is no answer to that convoluted thinking.
    It is a well known fact that psychopathy is a genetic disorder, and in nearly all cases the parents and the rest of the family have no to make a statement that if the child has a genetic problem, the rest of the family must have the same is very uneducated.i suggested that you are the one who should do some study on genitics. You might also find out that people with those genetic flores cannot be rehabilitated. We are just not advanced enough to modify genetics in a human, if we were, there would be no serial killers.

  58. we are all family, our love is great expressed in the evil we create. Your lives are worth nothing, that is why you can except being forgotten. We the willing and able offer sacrifices that make this world something more real in the danger it presents. We have bit one rule, you die first.

  59. wat up jas yhu shud try to get me on ur contact list kall mhe nd i hope hyu get out soon kas dat nt da place to be for no one if hyu get mhe nd who caught yhu nd y did yhu run dummy but i cnt rilly say shit ma self huh lol jk jk how hyu been doe

  60. I was told by somebody that knew her from the halfway house that she's actually really nice and friendly but mostly kept to herself and liked heavy metal music. I was also told that she's very attractive now, "model material" as my friend said.

    My friend didn't know exactly who she was until she watched a video on Youtube about "Child Murderers" and saw a picture of her and recognized her immediately.

  61. Yet another article on white murderers that doesn't contain the vile insults and anger that your racist articles on black and brown people have.

  62. OMG…..I haven't seen one post about how the hell a 12 year old child got involved with a grown man. If I missed it I'm sorry, I did scroll down after reading over and over how the child should die. Come on people, really, your questions should be how did this child have a relationship with a grown man to start with. At her age she should not be anywhere unaccompanied by an adult. So how did this happen to start with. At 12 yrs old, she knows right from wrong, but she doesn't have an adult brain, she has a child brain and was manipulated by a grown man and was somehow allowed to, and I would like to know how. How did they meet, and how they got to spend time together, how did he get to manipulate a child, YES, she was a child. When my grown children were 12 years old I knew who they spoke to on the phone, who they played in the yard with, and if they went anywhere beside school, I knew who they were in contact with because I was with them. I don't understand how this grown man got his hooks into this child, so if someone knows, please explain

  63. Why are you biattchs in every one of these blogs hung up on others grammatical and punctual errors? Are you guys all English teachers? No . You are not .So shut the fuck up and stick to context of the blog..

  64. You are out of your mind, and just as sorry an excuse of a human being as she is. Please find the bitch, marry her, and may both of you fall on a sword together.

  65. Exactly. After all, she is the one who said, " I have a plan that starts with killing my family, and ends with me moving in with you." Evil bitch, no matter what the age.

  66. Thank you, Lois Lane! It is a clear indicator that something is horribly wrong with someone that is more concerned with grammatical errors, than the heartless murder of an 8 year old child by their own sibling.

  67. Why do Lefties always immediately go to the defence of murderers? No better evidence of it, nowadays, than the Left's advocacy of allowing their friends, ISIS murderers, back into civilised society- instead of hanging them as they deserve..

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