Michael Thornton and Janeen Snyder

Michael Thornton and Janeen Snyder
Michael Thornton

Michael ForrestThornton (born 1955): was a business man who owned hair salons in Rialto, California. Thornton was accused of molesting a 6 year old girl. He has a son from a previous marriage. And a daughter with his second wife Pamela. Thornton was physically abusive towards Pamela often strangling her and even putting a gun to her head and threatening to kill her. He was also abusive to his son and his daughter.

Janeen Snyder

Janeen Marie Snyder (born: Sept 26th,1979):  Janeen Snyder was a run away prostitute meth addict. Her mother kicked her out of her house when she was 15 for sleeping with her boyfriend.
Crimes:  Thornton and Snyder met in 1996 when Thornton’s daughter (then 16) wanted a friend (Snyder) to move in with them as she had nowhere to go as she was a meth addicted prostitute. Which worked out perfect for Michael as he loved meth and sex with young girls.
 They targeted young girls as to Michael’s sick sexual fantasies. Janeen was used as bait to lure the girls in so they could both sexual exploit them, rape them, then kill them.
Murder of Jesse Kay Peters
  On March 26th, 1996 the first murder occurs. Jesse Peters is the daughter of Cheryl Peters, who worked for Michael Peters in a hair salon that he owned. One day in a heated argument with Michael Thornton Cheryl Peters quit her job on the spot taking other hair dresses along with her. Angered by the event Thornton scopes out the Peters house and gets Janeen to lure Jesse out of the house, into the car, and then over to his house.
  Once they got Jesse to the house Thornton handcuffed her to the bed and raped her as Janeen watched. He then took her to the bathtub and drowned her. Then hacked her up into containers and then hucked her body into the Pacific Ocean. Thornton’s wife even testified against him saying that he had heard him say he had killed a young girl and dumped her

remains in the Pacific Ocean.

  Thornton and Snyder have never been charged in the death of Jesse Peters. Jesse Peters Charly Project.
Murder of Michelle Curran

  In 2001 5 years after the murder of Jesse Peters the duo heads to Las Vegas, NV and finds Michelle Curran. Janeen talks to Michelle gains her trust and tells her to come into a vehicle where she can not leave as Thornton tells her he has a gun. They kept her for several weeks molesting her. After awhile they felt she had to go. They found a horse ranch in Ribidioux, California. They found a room with ropes and tied her up. Then Janeen shot and killed Michelle. Her nude body was discovered almost a week later with a bullet hole in the head.

Prison Information: Michael Forrest Thornton was admitted into San Quentin on 09/13/2006
Janeen Marie Snyder is in Chowchilla Woman’s Facility. They have both been sentenced to death.


Other Notes: This is just beyond me. This woman is on death row and they allow her to have a dating profile let alone use a computer? Beyond me. I found this profile while googling her name.http://www.cowtowninfo.com/personals/f078/f07-866.htm

Michael Thornton must be getting fed well on death row. Check out the pic below he is a fat fuck. Sadly is he probably eats better than most people I know. They should starve death row inmates so the look like little African stick negros.

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46 thoughts on “Michael Thornton and Janeen Snyder

  1. Learn the facts before you condemn Janeen. She was manipulated by men at a very young age and essentially Brian washed by Thornton. In a sense, she is a victim herself. He should be on death row, not her.

    1. Both juries made the right decision. Being victimized may be a partial explanation, but it’s not an excuse.

  2. I could have been their victim. I knew her briefly back in 1995 and she tried to get me into the vehicle with the tinted windows and I said no way! I'm so glad I didn't because I wouldn't be here today.

  3. Actually that is not a dating site and inmates are not allow to use the internet. You should really try not to let your emotions overrule your sensibilities… especially when you are writing an article. It is a website for pen pals. People can correspond with inmates via snail mail.

  4. That was a proven to be untrue in court. She knew exactly what she was doing. You are a psychopath yourself to even speak of word of good about these scum balls.

  5. I just saw the Wicked Attractions episode on Ci TV about this case, OMG this Michael Forrest Thornton is truly the devil himself

  6. I just saw the Wicked Attractions episode on Ci TV about this case, OMG this Michael Forrest Thornton is truly the devil himself

  7. I love it when the worst of the worst are properly punished. And just being on death row is the punishment to me, not the actual execution. And California keeps on piling them in and letting them languish – Good. The crime this duo was convicted of was BRUTAL – violent rape and torture over "several weeks" ending with the poor girl being shot in the head while strung up naked with ropes on some horse ranch. RIP

    And please, somebody said Janeen Snyder was also a victim in this. Okay, maybe at the time of the "first" murder in 1996 when she was 17 (meth addict, prostitute, dysfunctional upbringing, blah blah blah) that could be kinda true. But not at age 22, for the murder she's convicted of. Some people need to grow up and quit being so naive. God only knows what these 2 were doing during the 5 years in between.

  8. So he's guilty of being old or just being white? I imagine morons who adopt the casual racism of 'white trash' would be mortally offended by any reference to the black variety, an idiom which – purely coincidentally of course – doesn't appear to exist. Cretinous swill.

  9. They both should already be dead. Fucking death row, what a waste of our tax money?! What's the point if having it if they r still alive and obviously guilty

  10. They are both where they belong – on Death Row. I understand about being manipulated etc. but it was Janeen herself who fired the bullet into Michelle's head. She participated in two murders and numerous sexual assaults. It is pretty hard to feel sorry for her. I'll feel sorry for the victims and their families instead.

  11. She needed love then and got manipulated brainwashed abused used and and condemned.fuckallyouhaters.l love Jan been wish could have been around back then I would showed you there are good loving people who do dope .too few sadly ….I freaking dream about about you. Like .I know you. Her forgiveness is a beautiful tthing…Jan been needs love not execution.thorton let him get what a punk bitch gets in prison is he still walking green light his ass already..

  12. Um…I actually KNEW her personally. Here is what gets me..you are defending someone blindly. She was mean. Really mean. She enjoyed hurting people. She was proud of what she did and even confessed to it. She is not a good person and deserves to be where she is. Don't be fooled.

  13. For one thing you're wrong he has 2 sons from his first marriage not just one. If you did your homework you would have known that. Now don't get me wrong they should get death. But he tried to take the wrap for that crazy psycho. His sentence was pled down to life in prison. Now for whatever he did I believe in an eye for an eye especially with Family.. And I'll treat him as such.

  14. I am Jessie Peters aunt. Her abduction, torture and murder has altered my life. I grieve for her to this day. I cried for 10 years every day. Yes that was her story in Wicked Attraction and that was my sister who worked at his salon. She was a child of 14 and was still wearing braces on her teeth. They enjoyed hurting people. They just had their 32nd appeal for "time served". They deserve death immediately. He had a lot of money maybe that helps delay the sentance. My niece was brutalized and chopped up. How can someone who loved her get over that? Anyone who pities those killers is just stupid. Pity misplaced. If it was someone you loved try to pity them then! They had planned to get girls pregnant and sell the babies to other pedophiles. Thank God they were caught before that could happen.

  15. It's the victims who should be pitied, and NOT these two twisted murderers. I read "Beauty Killers", and I watched the "Wicked Attraction" episode about Snyder and Thorton – I was horrified
    by their sick crimes. They are truly evil and deserve to be on death row. Their endless appeals are a source of cruel torment for the families of Jessie Peters and Michelle Curran.

  16. Sorry for your loss. I have read this for the first time today, being in the u.k we are not always aware of what is going on in our sister country. Children no matter of their age need to be told to never ever get into a car unless it is one of their immediate family and they tell someone who they are with, if its anything like here all the kids have mobile phones. We ALL need to protect our future generations.

  17. Condemned-Let's say someone cut off your arm. You live with that loss every day as you try to reach for something with the hand that is no longer there. Will you ever forget who did that to you? No. We will never forget until we have justice. I am very active in helping in the community and have love towards others. But do not tell me to get over it. They still haven't found my niece's body, that these murderous monsters rape, tortured, chopped her head off and body in to pieces and dumped her off Dana point. They have just filed their 39th appeal. The notices come to me every time. Move on? No. BTW. WHO EVER Orton is. What is with the horrible racist rants?? It is part of what these killers were about. They were very racist, in to rage, violence, white power.

  18. Maybe everyone should stop worrying about what will happen in these monsters lives because if you spend too much time in the evil thoughts you can become the monsters yourselves. I know from experience let justice come to them without interference

  19. These two people committed several heinous acts towards young girls and had no shame in admitting they enjoyed it. Defending these two is inconceivable to me. Whatever excuses you muster up whether they grew up in horrible environments, were sexually assaulted, abused psychologically/physically, any terrible ordeal doesnt excuse their actions. There are many people who have been victims of the same and they don't commit such atrocities. As a rape and kidnap survivor it infuriates me that people like you exist. How could you defend these murderers (?) and what is worse to a family member of one of victims. Get the hell out of here with that bs.

  20. White People Are Evil Vile Wicked Dirty Race. Mexicans Salvadorians Cubans Puerto Ricans Peruvians Blacks Arubians Belizians And Native Indians Are God Choosen People.The World Will Be A Better Without White People White People Are A Cancer Virus And Parasites Of The Holy Earth That God Created.White People Are Subhuman And The Scumbags Of The Earth Along With Pedophile Faggot Tranies And Lesbians.

  21. Racism sucks- I only wish we could tell who is bad and who is good by their skin color or cultural heritage.
    That being said, I was very very abused growing up and I never hurt anyone- I smoke weed. Lots.
    AND- I want these motherfuckers suffering.. not on a dating website so they can hurt more people with scams. Janeen and that man should be tortured hourly.
    I volunteer to do it and I am in CA.
    DEATH ROW IS A PLAYGROUND google "Daniel Wozniak is my friend" and you will find his first hand account of death row. It's a day care. I have been writing the Governor of CA and every OTHER STATE so they can laugh at us here. Also wrote the warden of San Quentin. They have email. Protest their kindergarten-like conditions.

  22. I agree, she knew what she was doing and I don't care what anyone say's a sixteen year old knows right from wrong even if they're not considered a legal adult until the age of eighteen. I cannot imagine the horror these girls endured at these monster's hands.

  23. Wow, you really must be jealous of the white race, yes these crimes are horrible and we cannot deny that. You should however educate yourself on murder statistics committed by Mexicans, Cubans, Blacks, etc…I am so deeply emotionally wounded by these terrible things you called the wonderful God fearing white people of the world. You should know that not all of us are parasites and scumbags, at least the majority of us aren't, right? Furthermore, your comment screams of your illiteracy and you should probably worry more about that than your hate for the wonderful white race.

  24. She knew what she was fucking doing all right she had every opportunity to help every single one of those girls that they had kidnapped and she didn't there is no fucken excuse for what she did no drug excuse no manipulation from the other Psychopaths nothing just fucking kill these fucking scum already

  25. She shouldn't be on death row? You're fucking stupid man and you need mental help you seriously need fucking help if you think she shouldn't be on death row wow what a fucking stupid comment

  26. You are right anonymous. I am sorry about what happened to you. How anyone can defend them is beyond my understanding. They would kill your kid in a second. I know I will see my niece again in heaven, as I am sure the killers will go to hell, that is up to God. The man was rich but used his assests to abduct and kill young girls. There was also a girl that got away. I saw her in court. No one believed her at first, but thank God she was alive and there to testify. Poor girls and families.

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