Texas 5

Quiffs on Arbys Roast Beef Sandwiches Before Customers Get them At The Drive Thru she works at.

Ladies if you are married or looking into being engaged watch you men around Houston, Galena Park, Jacinto City , Pasaenda , Deer Park, La Porte and area. If he has a ring on his finger and a wife that loves him he is in danger. Lily  is cock gobbling attention needing slore who will whisper sweet lies of perfect sex in your mans ear and then meet him all over town to preform said acts which include her shitting on a glass see through coffee table while your man jerks off below to the poo plopping out of her asshole. She has given my fiance Trichomoniasis and recorded videos of her when she had been on her period rubbing his face all over her cum filled bloody taco muffin. She asks men for money through the Cashapp and goes by $amaraqueens.Then she will use his inbox to cry on his shoulder about how everyone is so mean to her and her life sucks in hopes he will create feelings for her because he feels sorry for her? Once she is in she will never go away just like the herpes she has. She is forever. Until she gets deported again fucking spic bitch.

Biance Loves Three way anal on a beach in the rain

She is Bianca from Rio Grande City, Texas and she has sex with married men to get a job at Subway. She will pretend to be your friend, then have sex with your husband on your bed, on your sons bed, and spend the night. Smoking crack rock with your husband while she pinches a big shit loaf in your toilet and doesn’t flush it. She will lie, and manipulate situations to purposely hurt children by telling them Santa Claus is a fucking faggot. She can not be trusted around married men or in a professional setting, just ask the fucking border guards. Please beware of this thirsty girl. She will sleep with your husband for a job. The only reason she hasn’t been fucking deported is that she blows everyone in contact and she rats out the Mexican drug cartels to the cops all the time. Fuck you Bianca shit stain yeast infection with period juice eating spic gopher molester. I would smack that smirk off your face with a big purple rubber dildo dipped in ranch dressing from safeway.

A textbook definition of a whore lovely Austin’s Very Own Crusty Muff Crystal she will suck you off under the breakfast table while you have your Cheerios. Knowingly goes after taken men with no remorse. She is selfish, she has no morals, absolutely no self respect, she steals everyones blow and cuts it with her tried out yeast infection crust dust. She usually sells it to street niggers for stolen goods. She runs through so many men and gets in the middle of so many relationships, it’s incredible how she can live with herself. But she does; doesn’t get a wink of sleep as she is always fucking or whacked out on what ever illicit substance she can get her greasy slut paws on. She is proud of the fact that she is a dirty nasty slut, an ugly Ghetto hood rat whore. Straight trash and she will show you her account on Anal Slut Love Girls any day of the week.. 

Ramos The Illegal Immigrant Buck Tooth Hedgehog from Amarillo, Texas

This husband chaser is RAMOS THE BUCKTOOTH HEDGEHOG she sleeps around in her hometown of Amarillo (although she jumped the fucking border bitch) and had a full on affair with a married man an american real man who is white and can read. She knew he was married when she started an affair of sneaking around and being the last one to leave the buildings when the rest of the maids went home. Being an embarrassment to her mother Jenifer Lopez… this man was so embarrassed of this rounchy dog he only met up with her in a roach infested storage unit which he rented from David Koresh when he fled from Waco back in 47′. He desperately tried to get rid of this trash and that’s when she started threatening him with the Mexican Flu!! In desperate attempts to try to keep someone that was obviously sick from the re-re-re fried beans she finished using her tampons to soak up puke from her yeast infection drink malt shake. She was used like trash ready to get tossed out. Buuut… she didn’t get the point. Until it was exposed.  She’s SCUM! A Total mental case! Ramos it is time to Vamos you fucking hedgehog take a sand grinder to those fucking wolly mammoth teeth tusks.

Crystal in Eagle Lake Texas bites the scabs off of her fathers warty cock and chews on them like bubble gum for hours. Fucking skank bitch. We were so close, talked at least 10 times EVERYDAY about our yeast infections and periods and what guys poo smelt better! She offered to help my husband pick out my mother’s day present, I said yeah call him! We went on a vacation (both families) in july, I knew then there was something going on when my son told me that her breath smelt like his dads cock. Finally in October, 5 days before my 14 wedding anniversary, I found a homebased herpes test from this slore to my husband with a heart around it and chocolates. In The note she is talking about her shitting on a glass coffee table and him sitting below the glass jerking off to the log coming out of her ass slowly. thinking about finally seeing him again the next Friday to go shit on a coffee table in IKEA. B1tch is shady af She lives in Eagle Lake and works at Walgreens where she shits in bags of potato chips so niggers buy them on welfare day. 

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Texas 4

Jennifer has a Veiny Pulsing Gash Pussy

So i go through my husbands phone in hopes of feeling like a stupid ass for not finding anything. Well. I wish i could say i looked like a dumass bc i didnt but nope there i found this girl texting my husband. She knew damn well he is married but continued to send pictures of her vein filled pulsing gash wide open while she is fiddling it with a pen and dirty text messages and she doesn’t give a flip who she hurts. Her name is Jennifer stinky box and she sucks dick down at Taco Bell. This bitch is the town rank skank and has been known to shoot meth in the alleyways behind City Hall with the mayor.

Ashley Can Not Be Trusted. She Smears Her Poo Everywhere She Goes. She is a Poo Smearer.

Let me just tell you about Ashley…she is a fucking poo smearer. She whines and goes on and on about how men will not be good to her…guess why? She leaves big shit logs in toilets everywhere and never flushes them. Then she stinks like she rolled around in her filthy liquid poo splatter for a month. And Because you spread your legs and entertain men who are in committed relationships-that’s why. Men who are sick enough to even look at you with out the shit splatter on your wrinly ass cheeks is mindboggling enought. This one acted like she was my friend and behind my back she went into my linen closet and smeared her poo everywhere. All she does is smear smear smear smear her poo all day long. No Work, No Eat, No Sleep Just Poo Smearing all the way. Lots of poo smearing.

Sara and her beaner friends were blowing my husband while I was at work. Deportation back to the lettuce fields of Nicaragua for this spic bitch and her senorita sisters.

So back in August Sara this young girl from San Angelo who use to work for us reached out to me and told me she had been sleeping with my husband for a year and a half. Not just fucking him like hard core letting him pound her along with her friends at the same time. Often in the bed in my house that I paid for when my husband is suppose to be out looking for work. He is in my bed fucking her and her friends smoking crack and getting drunk as fuck when I am working. I had already suspected something was going on. I should of clued it when her and a whack load of other 18-23 year old Mexican women were working in our house and doing fuck all and laughing at me all the time. The reason she had come clean was because my husband stopped lying on their papers to let them stay in the US. Which he showed me texts to prove. So of course to hurt him, she ran to tell me in hopes that I would leave him and she’d be there to pick up the pieces. Isn’t funny how these immigrants especially women think money is magical and we actually need and want them in the country. They always search for the white people anywhere they move to on the planet? She tried adding my best friend on fb and added my 17 year old sister in law to snap chat, just so she could learn english better and find a place to hide. My husband did show me videos of him with 5 little beaners all bend over with their asses spread begging to stay in the country and for burritos. They all praised their love of Trump. I called ICE immediately and am currently going to a voodoo doctor to place a curse on my soon to be ex husbands cock an balls.

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This one has tried to portray herself as a golden child but she got caught having sex with her boss. The fact is, she was supposedly a “bookkeeper” for this married guy’s business and ended up keeping more than just the books. She serviced his nutsack orally every day and all day. She lured him into her home and made him watch her shit on a plate so her dog would eat it while he jerked off to her doing it. In her warped world poo if food. She is Ashely and got fired from her first job at Bang Bros for not blowing the boss. In all fairness the boss was an AA nigger and she didnt want AIDS. She got a new boob job, hair extensions, tan, and she managed to pay for this by ripping off senior citizens in magazine scams. Fact is, she’s horny. Last time I seen Ashley last night she was fucking a fire hydrant downtown in front of a church.

Stephanie has a moldy taco crotch This person is nothing but a cheating, lying, sorry excuse of a woman. She has NO problem sleeping with a man that is married or taken when they are drunk or high. I found her tampons in my room with my husbands jizz on them. . Sending him dirty pictures of her shit filled spic fat ass all the time and telling him that her ass is wet for his tongue to lick her crap. she wasn’t happy in her marriage to Pedro and was going to file for a divorce. Call ICE if you see this illegal walking around. Spitting fucking beaners out of her crotch for money like a fucking pinata exploded. Take a shower bitch.

A Texas man has been arrested for killing a puppy.
Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office arrested Claudio Gomez on Wednesday after a video surfaced on Facebook where he filmed himself hanging a small puppy from a tree resulting in the canine’s death


Brooms go in Chickens Assholes

This young lady is Abbi and she lives in America Illegally because she hates laws and Americans. She works at Cargil with her other sombrero folklore and she shits in the beef and rams broom sticks up chickens assholes before they get butchered. Abbi loves taken men, once she has your number the text literally poor in 2-3 by the minute depending on how many pesos she has left for pay and go minutes. She was successful in getting my husband to spend 30 minutes at her place after work and fuck her stinky sewage taco the American way, thank God I had a plunger at home to ram in my asshole when I was waiting. Alrighty folks in Bovia Texas that work at Cargil watch out for this thirsty little tramp. 

Ector Sucks A Lot Of Old Man Cock To Avoid Deportation

 This guys name is Ector he lives in a fucking trailer. He works at the bowling alley and shits in the shoes. This guy loves the Dicks slapping him in his beaner face, but has been afraid to come out of the closet because he has shitty fake illegal immigration papers. So he trolls craigslist for men who want him and play dick swords in shady latin motels. He has two kids by two different women, both of who are fat whales, who he beat up for eating his McDonald’s. His mother is Fat fucking blob who shits out beaner kids like a pinata exploded, and she works for Taco Bell. She has a lot of burritos, mostly for lawn mowing men, men she slept with for free guacamole, in the government shack she lives in. His child molesting father works at a paper mill and runs illegal immigrants across the border and hence has a lot of dirty money. But back to him. This guy likes to get his kicks from praying on the weak and pretending to be a big time drug dealer. Of course, he doesn’t pay child support, has no job, and is a dead beat dad. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but come out of the closet and stop hurting women because you are ashamed of yourself Ector.

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Diane Tilly

Dean Corll

Faggot pedo Serial Killer Dean Corll

Dean Arnold Corll (December 24, 1939 – August 8, 1973) How people never found it odd that he was fucked in the head even back then is beyond me. He lived alone, had no friends, no woman, and only hung out with teenaged boys. Plus too boot he drove a rape like van, handed out candy due to the fact his mom owned a candy store, and gave it to young boys all the time.

He was one of the worst ever American serial killer who abducted, ass raped, tortured, and murdered at least 28 teenage boys and young men between 1970 and 1973 in HoustonTexas. Corll was aided by two teenaged accomplices, David Owen Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley. The crimes, which became known as the Houston Mass Murders, came to light after Henley shot Corll in the head. Upon discovery, they were considered the worst example of serial murder in U.S. history. Brooks helped lure the boys to Corll for almost 2 years and then he introduced him to his friend Wayne Henley.

Elmer Wayne Henley Dean Corll Murders

In the winter of 1971, Brooks introduced Elmer Wayne Henley to Dean Corll. Henley likely was lured to Corll’s place as an intended victim of hard core ass rape and death.But ,Corll evidently decided the youth would make a good partner and offered him the same amount of money, $200—for any boy he could lure to his apartment, informing Henley that he was involved in a “white slavery ring” operating from Dallas. Henley participated in several of the killings. Unlike Brooks.

Henley and Corll in 1972.

Henley one night while he brought friends Tim Kerley and Rhonda Williams. Kerley was a suspected gift to rape for Corll. Corll was mad that Henley had a girl with him. Corll ended up getting killed when Henley shot him in the head.

In custody at the Pasadena Police Department, Henley initially was questioned in relation to the killing of Dean Corll. He recounted the events of the previous evening and that morning; explaining that he had shot Corll in self-defense. The statements given by Kerley and Williams corroborated Henley’s account, and the detective questioning Henley believed he had indeed acted in self-defense.

When questioned regarding his claim that as Corll had threatened him that morning he had shouted that he had killed several boys, Henley explained that for almost three years, he and David Brooks had helped procure teenage boys, some of whom had been their own friends, for Corll, who had raped and murdered them. Henley gave a verbal statement; stating he initially had believed the boys he had abducted were to be sold into a Dallas-based organization for “homosexual acts, sodomy, maybe later killing,” but soon learned Corll was himself killing the victims procured. Henley admitted he had assisted Corll in several abductions and murders, and that he had actively participated in the torture and mutilation of “six or eight” victims prior to their murder. Most victims had been buried in a Southwest Houston boat shed; with others buried at Lake Sam Rayburn and High Island Beach. Corll had paid up to $200 for each victim he or Brooks were able to lure to his apartment.

Corll Odds and Ends

  • Corll’s favorite subject in school was Band and he played the Trombone
  • Corll was drafted in the army in 1964 and honorably discharged
  • Corll also realized he was a faggot after being in the army
  • Corll use to pay David Brooks to give him head when Brooks was a pre teen
  • Forty-two boys had vanished within the Houston area since 1970






Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. (born May 9, 1956) is a convicted American serial killer, incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) system. Henley was convicted in 1974[ for his role as a participant in a series of murders known colloquially as the Houston Mass Murders in which a minimum of 28 teenage boys and young men were abducted, tortured, raped and murdered by Dean Corll between 1970 and 1973. Henley and David Owen Brooks (Corll’s other teenage accomplice), together and individually, lured many of the victims to Corll’s home. Henley, then 17 years old, shot Corll to death on August 8, 1973.

Henley is serving six consecutive terms of 99 years for his involvement in the Houston Mass Murders, which at the time were characterized as “the deadliest case of serial murders in American history

Elmer Wayne Henley in Jail today.

Dean Corll above would of been a great spokesman for the LGBTQ community today. He was paved the way for the greatness of other famous fruit cake faggots like Dahmer and Gacy.

San Augustine County Sheriff deputies, Robert McCroskey, left and Charles Martin, display torture
implements found inside and under a cabin on Aug.15, 1973, Broaddus, Texas. The cabin was
owned by the parents of Dean Corll, allegedly the central figure in the nations worst mass
slaying case. The items included three pairs of plastic gloves, shovels, sacks of lime, rope
and a torture board. Owners of cabins nearby say Elmer Wayne Henley, 17, and David Owen
Brooks, 18, also alleged connected with the slayings were frequent visitors at the cabin.

Victims profile: Jeffrey Konen, 18 / Danny Yates, 14, and James Glass, 14 / Jerry Waldrop, 13, and his brother Donald Waldrop, 15 / Randell Harvey, 15 / David Hilligiest, 13, and Gregory Malley Winkle, 16 / Ruben Watson, 17 / Willard ‘Rusty’ Branch, Jr. 17 / Frank Aguirre, 18 / Mark Scott, 17 / Johnny Delone, 16, and Billy Baulch, 17 / Steven Sickman, 17 / Wally Jay Simoneaux, 14, and Richard Hembree, 13 / Richard Kepner, 19 / Joseph Lyles, 17 / Billy Ray Lawrence, 15 / Ray Blackburn, 20 / Homer Garcia, 15 / John Sellars, 17 / Michael ‘Tony’ Baulch, 15 / Marty Jones, 18, and Charles Cary Cobble, 17 / James Dreymala, 13

Workers at a boat stall dig throughout searching for more bodies in the Houston Mass Murders case, in this Thursday, Aug. 9, 1973 file photo taken in Houston, Texas. The object lying in the wheelbarrow was identified as the skull of the tenth victim. For more than three decades, ever since his body was pulled from a makeshift grave in a boat stall, a 15-year-old has been in a refrigerated storage unit at the county morgue — unclaimed and nameless. Wednesday Oct. 22, 2008, the teenager was identified as Randell Lee Harvey, who seemed to vanish from the streets of Houston on March 11, 1971. Harvey was the victim of serial killer Dean Corll.

High Island, Texas: Elmer Henley, 17, left, and David Brooks, 18, take a break during the search for
bodies, August 10. The two teenagers led police to burial sites in a pine forest and this sandy beach
as officers dug up more bodies of young boys killed during a three-year sex and sadism spree.

Brooks looks like a fucking hard core serial killer in that picture.

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Michelle was someone I considered to be a very close friend. I even referred to her as my little sister. She constantly spoke about running into someones yard while wearing a strap on dildo, grab their dog by the hind legs, and then fuck the living shit out of it so it howls under the moonlight. I sat with her many days giving encouragement and telling her about how nice of an asshole my little puppy Fido had. Even left work when she stated she wanted to kill her self by overdosing on birth control pills that she smokes. She fell on hard times and I helped her out. I fed her and paid her part of the rent for months as she had lock jaw and couldn’t suck cock in the alley for extra income. I even came to her rescue when she claim that her boyfriend fucked a dog first. Instead of being a loyal friend to me she gave oral to my spouse in the home we shared and attempted to have sex with him. Watch out for Michelle. She doesn’t want to just fuck dogs.

Bitch didn’t recognize foo. Word dog.
Crazy nigger went back and then started attacking the niggers probably trying to rob the nigger.

So there’s this greasy spick cock teasing whore (Denice Garcia) that works around the Houston area as a timekeeper. She loves married men she will blow their phone up from 5am- til whenever she smokes her last crack rock!! Not only call his phone but will call their wife too and flaunt how she can get his penis hard and the wife can’t !! When blocked she will get a google number to call him while she is fiddling her vagina with a stapler !! Y’all plz return this lost dog fucking bitch back to the pound where she belongs !!! I can’t stand a f*cking home wrecking wh*re !!! I seen her downtown Houston at a flea motel one night selling her ass for crack rock. Some big nigger raped her and left her with HIV and this foul nigger stench that radiates of her pours. She also never changes her tampons she is always pregnant as half the metro area populations cum is in her and keeps the tampon their for her fetus to eat.

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Bonnie once dated Howie Mendell.

One of the niggers that pick cotton in my field met Bonnie at a Watermelon Convention..he’s a crack dealer also from Africa who resides in San Antonio. He told me. She would charge him For blow jobs the same rate that white women would charge.. he also told me that he was helping her to pay her rent and car exchange for sex favors . few months later he say she told him that she was pregnant with a welfare ticket. And she need it money to pay some G to pop one of her homies for taking her KFC coupons..my homie find out later that she was never pregnant and she was trying to bust a scam with KFC and Popeye Coupon Counterfit ring out of Nigeria. And he also findout she was cheating on him. With a guy from Facebook. Whore alert, he also told me that she gave him 3 stds instead of the 5 most nigger bitches have..so please avoid this shegorilla and con artist..at Any cost Bonnie cries herself to sleep everynight wishing she was white so she wouldn’t smell and people would take her seriously.

Only wipes her asshole after solid shit logs

This is your used up tore up from the floor up used cum rag named mary moore of San Antonio. Claims to be clean and at home with her kids when in fact she has betrayed a girl she claimed was her friend and now hips between her ex’s house and other homes …this is the one person who ain’t happy unless she has s fuckin someone’s man and I had to be sure she didn’t have a page already cause the girl she is fuckin over is a fan of this page and has added a few others to this page . I think she just have not thought of it yet but her and I usto be really good friends we would spend long talks on the phone and she betrayed me with my guy and wanted to expose her for all she is so here she is and I just got a pic from my other home girl who just got this pic that she sent her ex …he dint want her no more so here maybe one of y’all can enjoy her for a good time hit her up on Facebook under mary moore, roth mary mary Elizabeth Roth moore.

Yeah Take that Mary you bitch

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Despite him being married Ms Lacey still attempts to contact him via FB, and/or app phone number. If blocked she will make a new profile. She works at the Sheridan Auto Sales and Car Wash and still has a picture of my husband on her desk. Carlos the mechanic who works in the garage and sells me meth told me she masterbates to the picture. He said that she grabs the pens out of her drawers in her desk and attacks her vagina violently with them. Sometimes for hours on end. No wonder that place is getting ready to go out of business. Lacey also fucks all the greasy poor Mexican drug mules that come in their. They have their hands all over her more than they do with the lettuce those beaners picks. Fuck you Lacey stay away from my husband you period juice drinking skank bitch.

Safety and a better future for REAL AMERICANS. I like it a lot better. Remember these shit hole countries send the worst to America. Not the best. The US basically gets the losers from the loser countries. They can’t make it in their shit land so white man pays for them to live free somewhere else and continue their trend and expand it down their lineage.


This girl right here Connie Garza of Amarillo, Texas is such a fucking slut. She knew my husband was married and still decided go ahead and but his hairy warty testicles in her mouth and talk him into leaving his loser family and she gloats about how she got him to leave his wife for her blow job skills. Anyways a few months later she’s now engaged to a woman and knocked up by the arab turban guy that works at 7-11 while she still sleeps with my ex-husband and his dad. Happy our daughter wants to become a man. She or he won’t grow up to be a cheap piece of ass  that everyone has had… Oh yeah, did I mention that she’s now 13 months pregnant and there’s a good chance it’s my great uncle Earl’s. Yeah, the divorce isn’t finalized yet. He’s just a guilty as this Home Wrecker but she GLOATED about the fact and now I feel bad for her soon be wife. Hopefully she sees this and knows his fiance is still banging my ex and that baby may not be his. Hope your karma comes back Connie. Connie Pisses in Ice cube trays

This crazy beotch here is the Ladonia local escort Ashley Johnston, Ashley Mitchell, Ashley McDaniel all the same woman. Convicted felon with numerous other charges including fraud and forgery. Looks for men she can build a relationship with, married or not and milks everything she can from them(sucking it dry like her fathers asshole when she sticks a straw up his ass to suck her grandfathers jizz out of there). There was one time she rammed a cactus up her moldy vagina so she could split a bowl of oatmeal with her cross dressing grandmother Dorthy DeLorenzo. Often times claiming to be an interior designer and a graduate from Houston Art Institute of which none are true, she has never attended a college in Houston, she actually can’t even read. Very vindictive, extremely deceitful and sadly she uses her kids as a tool and sob story. Her kids hate her and once they are old enough will probably make an example of her like they did to the neighbors dog fido last summer.

I’m Drunk and High On Coke Going to my Ex White Girlfriends Trailer With a Butcher Knife

Leopoldo Narvaiz is a famous explorer…. No just shitting you he is some spic that got all drunk and high and coke. Then he went to his Ex girlfriends. Trailer and stabbed to death her and her siblings.

It doesn’t really say exactly but I am guessing that Shannon dumped the spic or else was banging another individual. Shannon was dating someone else later on named Ricky Moore Good old Leopoldo had a chat with him with a pipe. https://murderpedia.org/male.N/n1/narvaiz-leopoldo.htm



Texas is a loving state located in the Southern United States. Texans are known for their loving and open liberal ways. Did you know that since 1973 every single Mexican that came over to Texas either legally or illegally is part of the LGTB community. Texans love Homosexuals, pedophiles, transexuals, and all that other shitty stuff especially if it is in brown Mexican form. It turns them on.

Some Mexicans have crafted a way to have children with some Mexican women that come over. Besides Selena Gomez all Mexican women are fucking ugly and there for should only be touched by other Mexicans or Donald Trump. The Mexicans love Trump and often times wish he ran Mexico. It is rumored that Selena Gomez got leftby Beiber because he got mad at her for playing with her taco between her legs to the Donald.

The religion of peace and child molestation Islam. Is also popular among white gun loving Texans and Illegal beaners alike. It unites them as whole on Cinquo de Mayo where they eat Halal Burritos.

 Should of known by those trees. It wasn’t Michigan.

Niggers built it.
Quit hanging out with Mexicans bitch and you won’t have that problem.

Camp Tonkawa Springs is famous for being known as the place where famous actor Adam Sandler had his first homosexual encounter. He was young it was in the mid 80’s it was with a Belgian clothing designer named Jaques Von decklair. That was when he as happy and funny. When he stopped practicing Judiasm the homosexual stuff had to go.

Attention all travelers turn around and go back. This area of Texas is full of fucking pigs read this blurt on a so called stripper. This is Danya Pieper aka Danya Villa, aka Danya Cuttler, aka Danya Penn…. She is supposedly one of San Antonio’s newest strippers, and I’m wondering who would actually give this hoe money…. She’s really from kerrville Texas, and thinks she is hot shit. Really, she’s just a little girl that likes to home wreck, get her ass whooped, and in her spare time have sex for methamphetamines…… You need a large Texas shit percent beer to even…..Fuck it find a mexican and drink tequilla. That looks like she isn’t worth the cauliflower scabs you will get on your dick head to fuck her. She probably never changes her tampon.

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