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Beware of Luciana she has herpes. I know I gave them to her. Back in 2004 I went on a singles site to get a hot brazilian bitch. Instead I got Luciana. I fucked her a couple times then ditched her back off at the bus depot I picked her up at. I did promise her I would pay for her and marry her and all that shit. But I fuked her and she wasn’t as hot as the picture she sent so I tried to return the bitch for a refund. She can’t cook, read, clean, speak barely any fucking english except for fuck me and blast it in my mouth. Just a dirty skank. Just beware you will itch and burn I have a really scabby case of those bastards and did the best American way and shared them with Luciana and the rest of Brazil. Fuck You Luciana And Fuck your faggot homo soccer loving country of losers.

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Colombia 3

Viviana lives in Bogota. She snorts mad rock star like pure rails of blow off of gold plates. She hangs out with all these degenerates in the slums that often do meth and other crazy shit. Viviana started taking horse tranquilizer like steroids and grew a dick. Now she bounces around with a Colombia Wiener. The last part about the dick could of been made up but seriously this chick is a great shag in Bogota for your buck. They are so stupid here and fuck anything. The Price for Hookers in Colombia is measured like Beauty in Real Life. The lighter the skin the more they cost. Just like in real life women with skin that is the color of poo are fucking ugly ones that look like human beings are pretty.

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Sao Paulo

Claims That Black People Should be Recycled To Tar a Bridge from New York City To London to Sao Paulo. United Nig-Tar-Mac.

Claudia from Sao Paulo does granny porn. She grabs her knitting needles and hooks them up to her electric toothbrush. She then masterbates with the needles in the electric toothbrush. She puts the setting on to high and cums out loud while watching the Price is Right. This one made it pretty simple. Didn’t have her own husband because hers is in jail for raping pigs so she stole mine with her sob story of being lonely. My husband in return took advantage since spending much of his business life selling drugs in Brazil and started a long term relationship with this ruthless foureyed period juice blood smelling woman, who couldn’t care less about our 3 children or the damage that would be done. My son Pedro is still fucked up and looks like that 4 eyed faggot Milhouse from the Simpsons. From what I heard, she is doing the very same thing to other married men from the same company on their business trips. She thinks she is better than most Brazilians too because she is white. Well ok thats one good thing about her. But the rest of her fucking sucks.

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Maria sucking as much cock as she can until someone buys her some real tits.

My loser husband and I had been together for 13 years. Last year 2019 it was a very nice starting year for us. We had a vacation just the 2 of us and so many plans for our family. Then he left for work abroad in Chui, Brazil for 6 months. During 5 months we are really ok, we are planning our house but I had no idea that he is having an affair to an 19 year old Brazillian nurse named MARIA with 1 son from some smart guy who ditched her brace face ass. . Then December came, which his contract ends. 2 days before Christmas, I discover him in the garage sniffing her maxi pads. I ask him to choose between me and Maxi Maria. He chooses me of course because I have more money. We try to fix our marriage by bringing in hookers into the bedroom with crack and meth, and promise that he will let me fuck his grandfather with a strap on dildo. He was just tempted to let me do him right there. Watch out For Maxi Pad Maria in Chui Brazil.

Brazilian Nanny by Day, Country Side Yeast Infection Spewer By Night.

Livia has massive spewing yeast infections all over the Brazilian country side. She has no morals and no regard for the Brazilian Yeast Infection Standards Code. She started sexting my boyfriend of 6 yrs on his work phone with pictures of her yellow mucus crusted Mickey Mouse underwears. He hired her as a nanny for our young daughter and he kept Livia in a barn and fucked her as much as he fucked the cows and horses. We came to Brazil from the UK to help these shitskin spics not fuck them. I only fucked the pool boy on weekends for fuck sakes. This bitch pretends she doesn’t speak English and is so innocent but is just trash trying to get pregnant to move out of her drug dealing dads house and stop sucking little spick pricks! Nothing happened cause I found out about her but she still tries to contact him and it’s been 3 months! Watch out if you’re looking for a nanny, she’ll sleep with your husband in a min and bring strange men into your home! Dirty skank with legendary Yeasting Skills. She puts the Yeast in Yeast Infection Whore.

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Located on the northern coast of South America, Venezuela has been known as one of world’s major oil exporters but also as a country with pervasive and unusually high occurrence of homicides. Last year, only 19% of local residents felt safe when walking alone at night and they had a good reason for that – every year, more than 50 people out of 100,000 are killed in Venezuela and the number has been constantly growing over the last decades. As of 2020 Venezuela has the 3rd highest murder rate in the world.

Brazil 8

With a population of over 200 million fucking losers, Brazil is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world. But the huge number of mentally ill inhabitants brings about a dramatic amount of murders – just in 2012 alone, almost 65,000 people were killed in the country. It is believed that drug trade and raging alcoholism are among the major causes of the high homicide occurrence. But then again it is Brazil and most people that live there do not want to live anyway as life sucks there as is. I thought Brazil would of been higher on the Murder List. But it is the 12th most likely country in the world to get murdered in.

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