Miami 2

This Nigger Crack Ho needs so much attention: I was chilling at some crib with some homies from Cell Block six. Then this brillo headed stinky bitch broke in our pad with a gat in each hand a chicken drum stick as a strap on dildo. She yelled “Ooook eeeek bannana power niggers” Then she spread her ass cheeks and it shot bananas at us that were drugged. We passed out from the yellow poison shit rockets and she jacked our drugs, our beer, some change, and our ps2. This Nappy Headed Hos name is Rayne and she is an upity ugly jungle nigger bitch. Call the pound. It be getting real when dis straight up gangster ho be rolling the streets of Hialeah. Respect! Keeping it real! Repping Popeyes Chicken 2020 Mofos.

When my husband went to work in Miami last month, to make extra money for our family I didnt know our marriage would be destroyed too! Daphne was a front desk worker at a dirty hooker hotel and he stated that every day he came back with her on her knees and her ugly shit smeared ass pointing in the air and he couldn’t contain himself with her spic bean chunky scented shit poo fart aromas. He liked the little bean nuggets of poo hanging off her ass hairs he flossed with them and chewed the bean poo chunks like bubble gum. Daphne was the one to always leave her used needles and maxi pads in public bathrooms. This crack head heroin brown stain junky has the nerve to call me singing about how much she loves getting ass fucked by my husband and father it hurts me so bad. I drink alone in the dark at night now with a razor listening to backstreetboys.

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Fort Lauderdale

Tampa Bay

This Home Wrecker Cynthia is a stripper in Tampa and is chalking up a growing list of “d’s” without a care about the wake of destruction she leaves. Her hair matches her crotch that is ridden with flaming herpes She drinks cum till blackout drunk and will do the filthiest things imaginable, beg for it in fact, from married men and strangers alike without shame. She loves sticking her tongue in mens assholes after they liquid shit. She will sleep with you without a rubber and do the same to all your friends and co-workers. She seems to get off being used like a rag that collects dudes cum loads and has no self pride or self control. Once obnoxiouly drunk she told me she is married but her husband left her, prob for screwing around on him, which is maybe why she acts like she has a will to ruin peoples lives with the insatiable thing between her legs. Her BO is foul. It is like a mixture of cat urine, sweat, and burger king deepfried but with a tinge of staleness. Her muff is even worse. Wear a fucking gas mask.

Plastic Bitch Born With A Dick Which She Forces Male Lovers To Suck The Shit Off Of After Ass Fuck Time

I thought this Katie was a friend. She sat with me when my husband were separated and encouraged me that it was for the best and that lesbianism is gods pure way. She saw my pure pain and heartbreak and even called him out for his crap. Turns out the whole time she was going behind my back and sleeping with him because she wasn’t getting attention from other guys. At the same time, we would hang out and I trusted her. When her yeast infection was exposed, she got mad at another of our friends for sharing information with me and blamed jews for all the wars in the world. I had to agree with her on the Jew part but I went to go kick the bitch in the box. Then she fell down. She did not get kicked in the box. She had balls. She had a dick the whole time. And fucked m husband in the asshole nightly with it and he licked her balls. He would go as far as to lick his own liquid crap after she fucked him off her or his dick. All I received in return was pure betrayal.And genital that burn and itch so bad they are redder than they are now warts. You are a bad man Katie. Beware he tucks the sausage and duct tapes it and hides it well.

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Florida 2

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Florida 4

Ass Leaks Brown/Yellowy/Greeny Shit With a trace of blood and jizz in it.

Lorrainne has purple herpes scab warts and wrecked my 16 year relationship and 7 year marriage with my cross dressing faggot husband. She met my husband at work at the Department of Veteran Affairs where Lorrainne often fucks old men in wheel chairs to give them hear attacks with her stinky snatch to get their benefit checks. Their “friendship” started when she was transferred from Puerto Rico to Palm, City Florida because she was suicidal when she found out Barrack Obama was president and a manic depressive, and her imbred family had moved here. My husband, who is 13 years my senior(REALLY REALLY OLD SAGGY WRINKLY BALL SACK) and 15 years her senior, took pity on her having himself attempted suicide and being diagnosed as Bipolar. He introduced Lorrainne to his Viagra and Ass Fuck love life now Lorrainne takes so many objects up her rectal orface that she wears a diaper to prevent the shit leakage. It leaks out oozing like a slow dripping tap. But with yellow brownish with a hint of cum in it and blood. Looks hot. Did I mention my husband has REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD SAGGY BALLS. These fucking things are SO OLD AND SAGGY I WANT TO DIP THEM IN WATER IN THE WINTER IN ALASKA AND STICK HIS BALLS TO A LAMP POST.

Rebecca Huenneken

This is Rebecca the fucking bitch stole my McDonalds meal right out of my truck. It was a double quarter pounder with cheese. The only reason my girlfriend didn’t upsmack her across the fucking head is she though she was pregnant with whale eggs. Rebecca cracks the road everywhere she goes its brutal and a driving hazard. Her boyfriend puts her in his tow trailer to take her to the car wash to hose her down each month thats her shower. Rebecca has fucked alot of dudes too which is surprising and not all niggers or blind people. After this party Rebecca goes on to have sex 3 times and another bj with a married man who blasted her fat food box mouth with jizz. Then she went home and spit the jizz on ice cream for her boyfriend. She steals ice cream from walmart. She just walks in and puts a shit load of tubs in a fat scooter and drives home. The front yard of her and her bfs trailer is full of fat carts that say “property of Walmart” and “Petworld” on them all over the place. Just a fucking mess. Hit the gym you pig.

Sucked Ronald Off For Crack And Love

Silvia is a married woman with two sons who are fathered by unknown. She and her husband were best friends with another couple, which included Ronald who is also as useful as a huge jizz rag and a fucking liar. Silvia is a nasty, crusty, stink like dog shit in the sun, bitch of a whore,rude, trouble maker who is still having this affair with Ronald under the nose of her prior best friend. Silvia’s husband found out and has since started smoking crack in the projects with niggers, but Silva is cold-hearted and a terrible mother bringing her boys into the new world of drag queens and faggot love due to the influence of the Obama Administration.. Ronald has herpes and HIV! Silvia is a nasty bitch! Who looks like a hologram on a used maxi pad with the sun glistening on it.

CEO of the home based business DUMP YOUR LOAD IN MY MOUTH

This is Summer and this woman has been cheating on her husband Gaylord Girlie Greg with a man named Big Buff Burly Bill for over a year now. They met each other through a group of people trying to quit heroin addiction. Bill is married to some dude and has been cheating on him for years. His butt buddy was trying to work on their marriage when this cum guzzling wench home wrecker showed up on the scene. She runs around saying she’s a Christian and pretends to be a goody two shoes. Funny thing is, Bill is a KKK Grand Wizard. Two marriages have been ruined by this woman and Bill. She has 2 children that she’s dragged through all of this. He also has 2 kids. She also runs a company called Dump Your Big Load In My Mouth out of her house in Sanford, FL and pretends to be a good person then she has Bill sneaking over to stay the night. They’ve both hurt people and kids and they don’t care! 

Florida 3

Florida 2

Florida 1

Florida 3

This hoe Deanna runs around Highland Park, Florida blowing dudes and spreading her legs for crack to smoke. She has been after my sons father for 5 years often snorting blow off his balls and he claims that they are just friends. He knows what a good lay she is so uses her for an ego boost every time I’m “too mean”. Deanna apparently has absolutely no morals or self esteem she steals shit from womens purses at the doctors when she gets her herpes cream. Her herpes are so bad I have heard they are airborn like SARS. She takes pictures of her moldy stained diapers and sends taken men the photos with the hash tag #ratemyshitstain. She’s a disgusting excuse for a female. She works at Molly’s which is a pub that caters to gay up scale faggots and she steals from them too.

Erika was aware we are married and aggressively pursued my fat loser husband anyway. She saw my husband as a guy to smoke crack with. My husband started fucking the piss out of this spic bitch on our daughters blow up pool in the backyard so the old elderly neighbors we had could watch from their rooftops and check if their viagra worked. She used her vibrator and situated herself on top of a fire hydrant so most people could see the sun sparkle of her beaner ass. The damage she did to our toy pool is irreparable it cost us 10 bucks at fucking walmart. My youngest is especially hurt, he wants to fuck a chick like Erika too when he grows up and he is only 13.

Pakis and niggers spy on her in the woods with binoculars and whack off when she sleeps.

This manipulative whore Stephanie has called me a stinky paki for the last time. Since I started working at 7-11 and move to America she be so mean to me. Can’t hold her tongue for 2 seconds…laughing at my turban calling me a terrorist and say I stink like shit and rape goats with my small paki dick. Glad all American people like you make me feel so welcome here.. And what a great role model for her young daughter who also comes in the store and yells “thank you come again” and calls me “Apu the smelly bum paki” She is only 4 gosh. How you gonna explain to your daughter when she ask why daddy left you? Are you going to tell her the truth that some savage wild nigger killed him who should of been deported?. Beware brown fellas and Obamas sons we are the future of America. Look at how well we all build Africa. America is our next beautiful home we will replace this bitch. I would love to have a woman that looked like her but being a stinky shit skin there is no hope. Ahmed Bin-dur-Sheeploo 7-11 Sales Associate Proffesional

I Lube My Dick With Shoe Polish When I Have Anal Sex With Sara

I had this bitch Sara bent over her husbands desk in their Ocala mansion. Lubing my dick with her faggot husbands shoe polish and then he walked in with a butcher knife and chased me around the office. I threw a fucking lamp at his faggot head as I ran out the back and he was still chasing me with the knife. He tripped and I pushed him into the pool. He got up I pissed on Sara’s face took a quick shit on the staircase and ran out the door with a garbage bag around my waist. I left my clothes there I only had 5 bucks on me and a stolen wallet. Oh its always a blast for me and Sara’s mouth when I go to the Ocala area. I just have to double check her faggot husbands schedule next time. Lol.

The kid has to be a niglet as no sane white man would fuck this whale pig below. All I can say is MOO

Florida 2

Rachel Wade


This Home Wrecker bitch is Jennifer she works the night shift at Walmart. Where she literally does nothing but smoke crack and steal cosmetics. And this bitch right here knew my husband was married and still screwed him… on top of that when I tried to confront her she blocked me like a punk a$$ b*tch… She is literally addicted to abortions she gets at least one a week. She never wears condoms either she can’t afford them, figure out what they are, or they fall of the faggots that she fucks. She lives in a Trailer with her drunk step dad out in the industrial park and he molests her still at 27. She sucks his cock when she needs to borrow the car or wants change so she doesn’t have to dig through public ash trays for cigarette butts.

This is Kevin. This cool cat works at Disney World. He is a chronic masterbator and while he is working pulls his dick out and jerks off on the character statues and on the seats in rides. And he fucking laughs and boasts about it to all his friends at the bar. He has a small penis very small actually. And when he blows his load its like a limp rice grain. That is why Kevin grabs tweezers to maneuver his member to properly expel jizz freely throughout the amusement park. This guy has a fat tub of lard black as the stain in his underwear girlfriend that he cheats on constantly. People have tried to warn her but she takes his doritos. He has lots of friends that are registered sex offenders”. Those are all his internet friends. Grossest thing I seen him do when I worked with him was on a statue of Goofy he got a drill and drilled a hole in the part where the asshole would be. And he fucked it while giving a tour to blind children and Kevin was smiling with every thrust and Disney world he said. You are sick Kevin.

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Jacksonville, Florida is the sex change and trannie capital of the world. These chicks use to be dudes. But its mainly niggers gawking them and as long as its white the nigger doesn’t care what the sex is.


Shawnee AKA Hamster Girl

Shawnee is cool I met her at a club. We drank some booze then went to her house she asked me if I wanted to play a game. I said yes so she grabbed the hose for her dryer. She grabbed one end and rammed it up her asshole. Then she got her nephews hamster and put it in the dryer hose. She grabbed the other end of the hose and rammed it up her muff. She turned the music to AC/DC and rolled on convulsions on the floor as the hamster clawed and chewed at her ass and vag lips. After she orgasimed that time she grabbed a huge jar of pickles I thought she was going to frig herself with the individual pickles. Fuck no. The bitch grabbed the huge jar which is about the size of a big watermelon and sat on the thing. Bouncing looking in awe like a mental retard high on crack. She was dipping tampons in grapefruit juice and sucking on them as she was bouncing up and down on this extra large pickle jar. I had to go. But if you are in Miami this bitch will do anything. And I mean anything. Except niggers she doesn’t want AIDS or any other diseases. She has a continuous affair with a married man after spending years trying to break up his marriage. She slept with my friend’s husband after they had a child together. She tends to move between alleyways downtown on welfare night. Not to mention this slut got pregnant from her affair with a married man.

Celebrate the King of all Niggers Martin Luther King Jr. (Who ripped niggers off so bad as they are too stupid to know and realize it). By doing nigger things and acting like stupid fucking niggers. Niggerific.

Two niggers attacked and robbed a white guy. Now if the roles were reversed. WOW. The jew white hating media would have a fucking hay day with this. But this is diversity and we must be willing to adapt to their culture.

Jesseny has been dating her boyfriend for about. Year now. His name is Raymond and he has little man syndrome. He has a very tiny dick and hires other men to fuck Jesseny as he watches. The problem is he gets mad during it. Jesseny screams and says how good it is and then he freaks out. Its just very gay. He is a drunked up steroid monkey that use to play with the Miami Dolphins. Jesseny does have a real job as a bank teller but as you can tell by how she looks she isnt very smart. Which makes her shitty at her job. But that is nothing her lips and ass can’t fix. She fucks all her co workers while poor Raymond sits in the gym with his other juiced up steroid faggots. Jesseny whipe your ass next time your shit crust stinks on my couch. Bitch.

Virginia Escobarizzo is the Parkway Slut. She walks up and down the parkway in rush hour with a sign that reads “Will suck lots of cock for tacos”. This homeless chick will convince dudes to let her move in Give them rectual herpe warts, Take money and toilet paper, She is here illegally and the only thing she is good at for America is cleaning the loads of jizz up off the streets. She Lies about public From Dominican Republic, Many forms of STDs some many scientists haven’t even heard of, money and cock-sucker, scammer Plays the victim from disabled leg and worn out pussy lips. Fake awards for swallowing cum. Takes horse steroids to be able to rape men better. And is extremely mentally ill, claiming all exes are abusing and stalking her and that she is best friends with Brittenay Spears, fabricates stories of abuse Watch out. Bitch once told me she got a cattle prod rammed up her pussy for bringing home the wrong type of beer. Bitch deserved it. The chick names her Genital Warts too. Beware of the one she calls Simon.

Trisha Tionsong Soup Bicek is your typical Miami hardcore cock sucking soy sauce rice hustler, coming from the phillipines or Indonesia or one of those fucking zipper head chink loser countries. Speaking broken spanish some how and finding multiple Sugar Daddies with really old saggy balls. She is a top fortune cookie supplier for sugar daddy websites with yellow fever, traveling to numerous of places just to get another penis that isn’t little chink dink. She cannot even find a normal man since her self conscience are filled with guilt. Shes now only dating 50+, so you older men out there= @trishabicek. I know Old WIllie the dude that mops up vomit at the Dolphins game fucks her all the time. He complains about her useless slant goose snatch that reeks of fried chicken in honey sauce after he pisses on it.

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That fucking hag looks a lot older than 35 ouch.

Florida 2

Not a single mention of a father around in the article. You know things like this is why the US has no free health care and education for white people who deserve it. You pay to raise the criminals in the US. Whitey’s taxes just went up.

I went to the landfill to go throw out some stuff and I seen this bitch here sleeping passed out in the trash. Fucking seagulls pecking at her head and eating moldy old kraft dinner off her face. I was happier than a pig in shit in the Florida Panhandle. So I did some research on this wench ho bitch and found this out. this is Rebecca and she is Pensacola’s number one homewreckin’ wh*re and ALL women need to watch their man around this h*e! She has tried many times to get with my husband and FAILED! She needs to get a life and stay out of mine! All she is after is a man’s money and jizz and someone to take care of her herpes so she can sit on her nasty crap stained ass all day and pop her lil pills and smoke crack and eat bathsalts. I didn’t pay her and I hosed her off before I let her in the barn.

Kara  or Kara Mize or Kara Legault or who knows what her next last name will be. Gave me the worst fucking ball rash. It still burns to this day and is yellow and green and smells like a dying do in the forrest. She sleeps with older men for Arby’s Cupons but here’s the kicker…. she gives them the gift that keeps giving ass herpes. She’s been passing around Dickwarts and stays up for 2 days at a time on methl which she obtains illegally from me once I blow my load down her throat. She is a horrible mother who verbally abuses her children and stalks her soon to be ex-husband who works at Home Depot and masterbates in the power drill section. She owns the Body Bar Spa in Tampa which is a front for a heroin operation, but bought it with the money that she makes from sucking off niggers on welfare day. She flys out of town to meet men while leaving her kids with Barbra Striesand. For a good time, go to the Body Bar.

The guy in the wheel chair has faggot cheese flesh eating disease in his asshole.

This is Nicole . Dirty dirty old ugly lady. I wanted to hook her up with my dog which to my understanding would be an exclusive relationship for my pet dog, only to find out she was sleeping with everyone Under the Sun and sent me videos and pictures of her getting 3 dicks in her gapping asshole at once and in gangbangs with midgets after we split up. She uses men for money and lies and tries to make them think they are in an exclusive relationship when shes sleeping with everyone from Panama City all the way down to Tampa where she has moved now because shes ruined her name and Panama City and Tallahassee. She works for a dermatologist at University of South Florida and sleeps with everyone that comes through the door from drug reps all the way down to patients. The funny thing is she is probably the one that should see a doctor as she has unprotected sex with them all. Just a heads up guys. Stay away from this nasty mamaw. You can find her all over the internet if you do your research. I wish I would have ahead of time. What a pig who would fuck that really? Give your head a shake thats a man dude.

Have A Nigger Easter Mother Fucker

If a pink bunny or anything in dressed up attacks you, odds are there is a fucking nigger under the costume (probably stolen).

This Jigaboo here is Antoine. He claims he was the man in the bunny suit that came to help a woman getting robbed. He beez all over da intanet.

But like all negro bucks Antoine had arrest warrants. He was wanted out of New Jersey for stealing cars. He has also robbed people at gun point and has been wanted in several states.

This boot lipped bunny also once spit on a 7-11 employee. He also has been known to harass people on social media.

Fort Lauderdale Problems

Look how fast that big buck nigger cop comes to help the female officer. That is probably his home boy attacking her. He is getting back at whitey for slavery. That or for trying to give him a job or an education.

This guy is 84, old as fuck, and shits in a bag. What the fuck is this Peruvian guy going to do to anyone?

Viktor above killed the paki Muslim whacking off outside his house. He was fucking his girlfriend at the time. How hot she is and what postion he was nailing her was not told.
Assad likes to masterbate in peoples yards. In America people don’t like when you do that on their property. He seen a white women have sex and he knew that was the closest he could ever get to a real life white vagina. He was getting sick of the moldy curry islamic pussy that is similar to a goats rectum hole with herpes.

Tallahassee Problems

 Jodeci aka Jodi aka never wipes her ass hair there are dangly hardened crusted shit nuggets hanging in it all the time is a lying two faced bitch, who steals your maxi pads, money, and any other property she can get her hands on. She used to go by Yvone Yeast Infection in Porno and now her latest videos are on both men and women and funded by government assistance. She uses her son as a camera man, money, and burger king cupons. She is constantly hanging out with her mother who also uses men and women and the government for assistance to fund their double headed dildo business. The ship tons of double headed dildos world wide. They hide that money from the government as they fear Jews will take over the dildo business. I want the Jews to take over the dildo business so the fuck themselves to death. But that is just a theory I got from Theo Huxtable back when I was auditioning for the role of Bill on the Fresh Prince in the 70’s.

Sounds almost like more of an incident that would occur at KFC. It could of been a Chicken Taco?

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Florida 4

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