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San Francisco 2

San Francisco is a city famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, its long history of supporting faggot culture, and for being the epicenter of California’s homosexual escapades. Its expensive, full of yuppies, tech geeks, fags, dykes, Zipperheads (mostly Chinese and Filipinos), goths, crackheads, street performers, and worst of all, “artists” who consider themselves to be a second Picasso due to their sup3r 3p1c spray paint skills. Also, Burning Man started here, as if that were anything to be proud of. San Francisco has also supplied the entire world with LSD since 1966. It has been scientifically proven that every single resident of San Francisco is an unreliable flake who will eventually end up as ugly as Nancy Pelosi. San Francisco is home to the Golden Gate Bridge, the world’s favorite place to become an hero. It is red; it’s not fucking gold. To cross it in a car you must pay a $5 toll. However, it has been shown repeatedly that two persons driving with a large dog sitting upright in the back seat can cross for free by saying “carpool” to the toll booth attendant. San Franciscans get pissed off when they hear anyone call it “Frisco”. Do with that what you will.

This is Krista. She had an affair in workplace at Safeway transportation dept with a married man one of her bosses. She sucked his cock dry and spit his load in the cards that were sent out by the company for christmas. People were wondering why the fuck the cards they got were hard to open or were completly stuck together. She thought no one knew about it and when found out moved across street to human resorces dept with daddy’s help he worked In Safeway also when daddy given heads up on what whore doing. She blows every cock that her hands come in contact with. She is like every single resident of San Francisco when it comes to loving cock with one exception. She is a female with tits. Fucking whore just disgusting. I hope her yeast infections burn her insides so bad she rots away. Bitch!

This homewrecker Rocio brags that she has been a mistress for eight years and the scars of the porcupines she has rammed up her fucking asshole prove her story right. She delights in the fact her asshole gaps to items she rams in it and she is not good enough to be a man’s priority other than to be a cum dumpster that is kicked to the curb after a load is expelled. She uses the sympathy card to keep dudes around with her in the middle of the circle jerk on her knees with her mouth open and her begging for goo. Because they feels sorry for her they huck pickles and beer cans at her after their cocks go limp. She srounges for scrapes her lover drops off the floor and licks his cum off the floor. She is a needy b1tch who can’t find a man who will leave his wife for her. Rocio is nothing but a load dump. Plain and simple.

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Los Angeles 3

I recently busted my husband hooking up with this woman Erin. It all started by her getting in contact with him via facebook, then txting, and progressing the conversation to where any man would obviously go. She was even sending naked selfies to him!!! She knew full and well that my husband had a wife and kid, its all over his facebook! She is so insecure she has to steal men from other women cause she cant find her own. When I confronted him about it, he told me that it was a huge mistake and that she was “nothing” . Little did I know, they kept talking, so I left his ass (I kept the kids and the mansion with our cabins) the second time I found out. This woman needs to keep her f*cking dirty lips shut, all two sets of them. Keep this chick out of your life, if she can do it to a woman she doesn’t know, what saying she wont do it to someone she does know? Fortunately for her, if they do date, He’ll probably cheat on her ass too.

Adrianna claims to be happily married with 3 kids. She starts working for my husband in marketing. A month later she sends him photos of her tits. Then pursues him over text. Saying how her marriage isn’t real and how unhappy she is. Then she starts Sending him photos and videos of her vagina, masterbating, etc. They have sex in the office. And the texts keep coming. All of this goes on for about two months then I find out about it. I told her husband and sent him some of the messages. He is in denial. She also has been sleeping with random ass guys off tinder. She gets away with it because her so called husband doesn’t even live with her! Btw, she lives in Riverside, CA. Good luck to all three of them! Sick bitch has herself with 4 cocks around her mouth as a phone screen saver. What kind of a whore does that?

This bitch Freshta is part paki and she has became Orange from the fucking Sun.!!! She is a real wicked ass creation of Lucifer Apu style. This bitch is a real life creation of the devil and should KARMA smack her in the face with a chair. On the prowl to find a sucker to pay her rent and for her blow. Maybe If she wasn’t so high she would make better decisions and stop breaking up peoples family’s. Shes was a friend of mine and I’m telling you to RUN RUN RUNN RUN The amount of curry infested flies that probably come out of this bitches legs when she opens them is SWARMING!!!!!

Crystal was sleeping with a married father who worked with her at a healthcare facility for a Jewish Guy inventing the COVID to blame the chinks. She is also an ex felon heroin addict. Quite the catch. Currently living alone on the streets of skid row, ill from withdrawls waiting to pounce on the next married man who might be able to rescue her from the hell hole life she has created for herself. She got into working for some Jews when she did porno. But the Jews never paid her and hucked her out once she turned 24. She refused to sleep with niggers and was branded a racist although a spic bitch. She is only hispanic if she is a victim when she does bad society calls her white. I knew Crystal back in 2003 when she was clean and a straight shooter. She got into watching too much TV and her group of friends had 1 nigger hang out with them and the fumes made them all as retarded as the nigger. Sad.

Estephanie is an illegal border jumper from one of them taco countries who works at a daycare for children in Corona, She smokes mad meth and is often high as work. She also uses the daycare to distribute meth, human smuggling, fire arms trading, and producing porno graphic films. It was all funded by the Obama Administration so anything to do to try to shut it down is called racist. She has also been rumored to be the one behind the Latino Gay Community who owns the streets of LA and some wild nigger crew that dresses like clowns in over sized clothes. Remember this is the future and your childrens future if that wall is not built. You care about children especially yours don’t you? Murders and child killers vote for liberals like Obama and Hillary because they support and encourage their right. Do you like to vote like Child killers?

Melissa works at Disney Land and fucked my husband and gave him crabs. Its sick and his dick is like ready to fall off. You are so slimey. This bitch was actually a SERVER at my twin boys birthday party at the Disney Land. I heard a rumor that she actually blew my husband and swallowed his load in the broom closet. Then got out and served the birthday cake to kids(you fucking tramp). I did some research on her and have found that she goes for older fatter balder men. Usually ones with body odor too. It just sickens me that this woman is allowed to work around children. You are a bitch and I hope the Jews that have ruined disney (your jew puppet masters that have destroyed classical normal kids stories into smut) anal fuck you with a rusty dildo for this BITCH!

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San Jose

Rebecca is an adulteress who broke up with her fiancee (The Big Bad Dog) in order to pursue me instead. She had an erotic dream about me the night before she revealed her intentions, but she later claimed that I was the one who was pursuing her. Rebecca raped me with a huge iron rusty strap on dildo when I was recovering from a surgery (she is a martial artist). Later when I reported her behavior to other people, she began to make false accusations to cover up her ugly behavior. For example, she claimed that I sent her intimidating pictures even though she sent me pictures of herself posing with a knife. She also perjured herself in cold blood during a civil lawsuit, i.e. lied under oath. Rebecca is a dangerous, dishonest, and vicious woman. Proceed with caution at all times. Avoid her, if you can. She has no sense of morality. I now shit in a bag and she laughs about it. 

Sabrina has daddy issues and loves to hook up with older men and has a special place in her skanky cr@*ch for married men. She also loves to meet their kids and play all sweet as the friend. But, the truth is, that she sends cr@*ch shots and more from work. Yes. If you’ve been with her, you might want to get to the clinic. That burn is there FOREVER. She loves to parade around like her shit dont stink and hits on old fat bald men all with money. She doesn’t care what they look like as long as she gets money for drugs. She got into a fight with some lesbians at a midget bar in San Jose over crack one night and was sent to jail. She probably was some lesbos tuna salad in there. Which I doubt she minds she will play the dyke role as much as needed for her to get her crack.

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San Francisco AKA FAGLAND

California 2

California 5

This female Kaycee had the audacity to flirt with my boyfriend. I confronted her about it and she told me she was going to fuck him better than I could and proceeded to flirt and hit on him! So I shrugged it off..until I found proof they have continued to talk..on Facebook and I confronted her again and she laughs at me calling me a skank! I tell her I have proof they still talk and she blocks me on Facebook..well I had blocked her from my boyfriends Instagram and conveniently they are friends again and still talking! Be careful girls she will try to get at both of you!! So when I got them fucking for the millionth or so time. I hit the bitch in the face with an iron. Then grabbed my now ex by the cock and balls and rammed his dick in the fucking toaster oven. Fuck them both they ruined my life.

Melissa doesn’t care that she’s married to a pathetic faggot, that her husband is locked up for raping old women, that she has four kids, or that her mom is a drunken pastor. All she cares about is herself. She thinks its ok to mess around & act like she’s the innocent one. She goes to the bars and gets shit pounded in alley ways. I talked to some guy while we were smoking crack and he told me that her underwear is stuck to her crotch like glue. Probably due to all the cum in there and the fact the bitch never showers. Melissa is cheap too she will steal all your drugs and booze. Which is not only bad for you but it is bad as you need that shit in your system to even consider fucking this bitch. Her pussy is dirty as mud. Everytime my buddy blasts his load in her he steals her glasses and places them on his fire place mantle. His fucking living room looks like Lens Crafters.! #WINNING!

So I been married for 3 years have known my husband for 4 years we have a two year old girl. He confessed he cheated when I was 29 weeks pregnant he had told me that he had met Mikaela while working at Walmart that she was better in bed than me that he had lasted longer with her that she looked better than me. I was fucking angry so I found out where this bitch lived. I went to her shitty trailer all high on crack with a baseball bat, gasoline, and my piece. As I was pouring gasoline on her fine rusty trailer shack. Her fat fucking brother cousin came home in his shitty truck. I chased his beaner illegal ass through a lettuce field with a bat. Then lit the field on fire. I seen Mikael run out crying then she got into a black lexus and her fat fucking spic friend Carlos “Little Dick” Gonzales fired shots at me for some reason as they fled off almost hitting a bunch of niglets stealing hub caps. Its on now bitch. I live at 346 Hilltop Ave, Strathmore, CA. Bring IT Bitch I am waiting!

This chick Kimee will have sex with literally any guy that has a dick, doesn’t matter if the guy is 60+ years. She is having secret sex with an older guy Tony Vlachos that is a cop in a different city ((he’s married and has children)) and then screwing her boyfriends which change all the time… then she screwed my fiancé Colt in my bed, and she was supposedly my “best friend”. She is a race track HOMEWRECKER… she has slept with so many peoples husbands it’s disgusting I could go on and on but y’all got the point! She is known to find humor in going into gas station bathrooms. Making a mess with her shit in the can, on the floor, smears it on mirrors. Taking pictures of it for her website. And then laughing. She also fucks with the toilet plumbing so it takes longer to fix. Just gross.

This chick Sarah has been messaging my husband and won’t stop. I finally found a message from her to my husband and called her out on it, she lied and he told the whole truth. So I went over to her house, grabbed the rake on her front lawn, rang her doorbell, and when she answered whacked her over the face with the rake. Then when she hit the ground like the sack of shit she is, I rammed the rake handle up her fucking ass and broke it off to give her slivers. She’s married with kids and her husband doesn’t even know. He says they never met but I call BS on that part. She is disgusting and a home wrecker. Sarah get help you skank and go buy a new fucking rake!!!!

This girl has always been a loose person, ever since we were preteens and Ashton tried to sleep with everyone’s daddy but time sure has not improved her. I have three friends who’s husbands have had her drunk ass come on to them the past year and she tried to ask my husband for a threesome. What I want to know is where does her husband think she is all the time? One time also a few years ago people made her go into hiding after a huge secret came out. She made a movie where she brushed her teeth with toilet water with shit and piss in it. She likes to smoke crack in the bush with her aunt ruth too. Watch out for Ashton she eats her shit crusties that she pulls from her ass hairs once they are hard. Like gum.


Fresno Grizzlies Simpsons
Likes 2 Dicks In Her Pussy At The Same Time

So this so called “lady” Michelle, had a boyfriend while deciding to sleep with my sisters husband at the same time, they were co workers. They tagged teamed the living shit out of Michelle. They had both their dicks in that little fucking slut AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!! My sister found out by going through his texts when he was acting very suspicious of everything going on and decided to confront him about it. Of course he denied it at first, but finally came clean. What really pisses me off though is that she knew they were married and had kids together and were planning to buy a house soon. Although she is not the only one to blame, I can assure you that she did indeed wreck this happy family. Smhhhh

My soon to be ex-piece of sh*t-husband confessed to me that a few years ago he was having an affair that lasted months with this busted bitch Nancy. But, she was also married at the time. I found a phone that contained pictures of her sucking a bunch of cocks in a grocery store and messages which talked about perverted things she wanted to do to animals. This phone is very old so I would say it does consist with the time he says this affair happened. Why would he keep something that would incriminate him laying around? So I dug around more and found an old computer and it was disgusting. She was getting fucked by a shovel and a rake. While dudes were jerking off in masks behind her. Fucking sick. Beware of her in Fresno. She is usually found hanging out with homeless smoking meth and getting the shit fucked out of her at tents city.

Investigators say former theft victims Corey Curnutt and Savannah Grillot lured thieves to their home, with an unattended bike, to take matters into their own hands.

“They’re running down the street, yelling, getting into a fight in the middle of the night, which would obviously wake the neighbors up,” Epp said.

Epp says the department was first alerted to the bait bike videos in July.

This is Graciela aka “Gracie wants a Gooey Facie” of Fresno she is a single mother and a homewreckering pornographic actress. She is having a affair with a married man who produces her porno videos and she has no shame that everyone knows. Her own brother locks himself in the basement for weeks jerking off to her porno and her own mother is heavily abusing meth due to it. She pursued a relationship with this producing man knowing he was married and could boost her career in cock handling. She friend him on set after she finished her huge gang bang scene for the movie “Gracie Takes on 100 Stiff Shafts” and begin an emotional affair of talking about the gross sexual things she liked with wildlife with him. The emotional affair lead to physical affair which included alot of torturing animals and from there on Grace has been very active in the World Wildlife Foundatin in the couple’s life. She plays the silent partner and plays the skank who goes out in the woods and fondles the bodies of dead wildlife for sexual gratification.

San Diego 2

 Monica is extremely unstable emotionally and physically due to years of constant meth abuse and life on the streets. Graduating in 2012 she moved all over to run away from being an adult and taking responsibility like using the toilet and paying bills. Currently she still hasn’t found an employer capable of hiring her she got fired from Arby’s for stealing. I reacquainted with her to smoke a crack rock in the park awhile ago. She lied about her intentions with me and her career so I could invest in her “projects.” Openly made it known she is sexual only to have guys pay up front to “invest.” How wrong is that to solicit herself – for cash. She needs to see a load blasted in her face real quick here. There is no way in hell something is not wrong with her. It is an understatement to say she is unstable, selfish, and beyond irrational. Don’t use people for money! SERIOUSLY, BECOME AN ADULT AND GET A REAL JOB! You had it made at Arby’s! You were almost trusted enough to use the mop and bucket. Silly bitch.

Jennifer knowingly went out with a married man despite me reaching out to her telling the bitch she better watch the fuck out. Falsely claimed to have filed a harrasment report against me I just wanted to talk to the fucking bitch! I found her number on his cell phone. This is the worst type of person you can encounter, stay away far away from this Home Wrecker. To get back at Jennifer since she works in public retailer (she owns a kids toy and clothes store) I am going to get drunk and high and crack go into her store when it is busy with families. Pull my pants down right by the check out till. And take a shit and piss all over the place. Just spewing her store with my pussy sweat and juice in front of everyone. I hope all the dads there gang fuck me in front of their wives as I am bringing my dad to film it all for America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Denise Gets Bathed In a Married
Mans Wiener Cream And Laughs About It.

This Home Wrecker Denise has been with a married man (of 16 years) for 10 years and had kids with him trying to keep him. She knew he was married and still continued to have a relationship with him. Watch your husbands cause this scum has NO Morals! Is a so called MUA. If only her clients knew what a disgusting H-Bag she really is. Has 4 kids and has to look them in the face and know what she is! Let’s hope she doesn’t pass her morals down to her daughter. She rides that dudes shaft millions of times better than his useless wife ever did. She fucks him so good he unleashes wiener cream all over the place. Denise gobbles some of it up and spits the rest in the bitches medication pills for the loser illness she has. You rule Denise,

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California 4

Cassie has multiple online dating profiles so she can get cornholed every night. She seeks married men to try to ruin their lives and the lives of their children, so she can get a quick laugh as the cable company cut off her tv. She loves to post half naked pics of herself with an assortment of vegetables and fruits she rams up her fucking slut twat online and will send nasty pics to your man without thinking twice… She is a hair stylist and she likes to prey on married men to take her out to dinner at McDonald’s and then she invites them to her house for unprotected sex… be careful… She’s in her late 40’s with red hair amd a crotch with burning herpes warts to match!!!! On the weekends she goes to the store and buys bird seed. Then she takes her pants off puts peanut butter on her muff with the bird seed. Then lays in the grass and lets the birds and the field mice peck at her crotch until she orgasms. Then she goes over to the old folks home and gets her dad’s friends to lick her vagina clean. Bitch.

This is Raven and She doesn’t care if they are married, in a relationship, older or what the consequences are. Her mission is to put on a big metal strap on, roam the Yosemite Park, and rape wild animals. No matter what! She gets men to pay for the outings by sucking them off all while pretending to be an understanding soul and artist who only has eyes and music for them. Classic younger girl using her semi-good looks, self perceived talent of sucking shafts and persistent ways to break up relationships and families – have fun while it lasts, because she will be on to the next poor sucker when she gets bored. Raven also has never shaved her muff hair or legs. It is like a sasquatch down there. I pulled her pants off the first time and I fucking thought Buckwheat from the little rascals beat me to her pussy! Fucking Gross who would find that hot. I still banged her though I have no standards as long as its not a nigger.

Alexandra “Alex” loves to have unprotected intercourse with as many men as possible. She has a loser pathetic boyfriend and cheats on him all the time on the low. Her ex-boyfriend from Santa Barbara beat her up for cheating (she came home with cum dripping from her asshole) and she moved to Westwood, CA. Alex will let anyone ejaculate inside her first time meeting, Infact she fucking begs for it!!! Even the goo you splash on her face or ass, she will scoop up and ram in her twat.. She likes married men especially, and men who have families. Whoever has had intercourse with this nasty freak advise get video footage it is good jerk off shit!

Beaner Bitch Takes It
Doggy Over The

This snake Yeni will befriend you, and then sneak her way to your man. She not only took me to lunches and nails but got to know my man really well. No shame in her game! She was such a snake that one time, while I went to the bathroom, she blew him, kept his load in her mouth, then she spit it in my purse. And laughed with my man when I came back from making a big shit log in the can. Cameras at the office showed her bent over the photocopy machine with him plowing behind her wearing a sombrero yelling “Arrrriba Viva La Mexico Beaner Spic Bitch”, and then claims it was simply business….funny thing is those cameras also caught him treating all the other Latina women there like the cock hawks that they are. Be careful ladies, snakes come in slowly and in for a kill. I wouldn’t trust her ever. I doubt my man fuked her I believe him the cameras were altered.

Sucks cock for free rent

Look out Oroville, Folsom & Sacramento for Abella she’s a married woman who is currently separated from her husband for reasons not 0 certain…But I’m sure it’s related to her crack and sexual habits, and selfish self-centered Behavior showing no concern for anybody else but herself. A meth addict and alcoholic she like to visit local bars and pick up on men who are looking for a fast orgasm in exchange for money; drugs; anything of value she will except. She has children which have all been taken by CPS because she is neglectful mother and cannot provide any stability for her kids. Finding normal employment she can’t seem to hold down very long due to her methamphetamine use, and inability to get anywhere on her own. Her main mission at the local bars in and around Oroville and Folsom is finding a consistent place to stay since she has No vehicle. No house of her own. No family. She’s looking for any guy who who has a few dollars and a place to have sex. After that she will play her role and weasel her way into this person’s life and soon their home, at least she hopes!

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Los Angeles 2

Flat chested crack head hooker Mia

Its been a while but I thought I would get it off my chest!!!! I was with my boyfriend for 7 years (while he wasn’t in jail) and have 4 kids with him. Well this girl I knew Mia started to come around alot more and even asked me to watch her 10 kids!!!!!!!!… well we eventually became best friends… or so I thought. Turns out the entire time I was baby sitting it was so her and my then boyfriend could go do stuff together at his mother’s who we lived with. Went off on her one day when she came over calling her all kinds of names and telling her get the f**k out of her house and she saw her pick up her sons a couple houses away I eventully left for a couple months I couldn’t believe she would do that to me. It was kinda expected of him but I welcomed this chick in my home. I called her everytime me and my man go in to a fight I confided in her, she was my go to person and to stab me in the back was so painful I told her I was going to leave him and she just agreed and said yes girl its time you leave and move on he’s no good for you (which was true) but still all so they could be together. 

Vanessa can fit 47 baseballs up her asshole

In search of someone who facetimes at 2 .a.m? Who doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants without caring if you’re taken? Have a family? Or are married? Vanessa Hit her up she’ll wreck in your life in a matter of days! Bitch is high on meth and bath salts all night long and will roam all over the Metro Los Angeles area. Due to the fact many 24 establishments in her area have banned her or stink to bad to go to due to all the niggers that go. She has nothing to do. I use to see her selling her ass at the McDonalds up on main but that is T Doggs territory now and he don’t like that hoe Vanessa as Vanessa is racist as she hates fucking niggers. For fun Vanessa goes to the batting cage and rams bats up her vagina. After she is satisfied with that she stands a few feet away from the thing that spews the baseballs. She spreads her ass cheeks wide open and tries to fit as many baseballs up her ass as possible. Her record is 47.

Huge Anaheim Mighty Ducks Fan

Kassandra made the choice to engage with a married man she blew him, took his load in her mouth in the luxury box at an Anaheim Mighty ducks game, and spit his load over the rail onto some dudes shiny fucking bald head in the crowd… One who had a loving wife and son but now had a satisfied drained ball sack. She ruined a happy family with her need for jizz and selfish desires. You can keep him, my son and I are better off without a financially unstable liar who smokes crack and buys cheap Mexican Hookers in Bel Air. I hope the jizz he put in your mouth gives your fucking teeth cavities and you go to the fucking dentist and he rams a tooth screwdriver up your fucking stinky bitch Ass WHORE

Rubs His Balls On Rich Jews Ice Cream in The Hollywood Hills.

Joey breaks into homes in the Los Angeles Metro Area. When he goes in he goes to the fridge more or less the freezer. He grabs the tub of ice cream whips out his little prickly nut sack and rubs it all over your chocolate ice cream. The oreo kind. He rubs his ball sweat all over all of your food. i know this because he comes to the Jew Temple and boasts about it all while peddling kosher burritos to find jews to ass fuck as jews are sick pervs and love his beaner man meat. One time Joey and I broke into a house in hollywood hills while snorting coke and shooting up liquid Draino and took turns shitting into packages in the dudes deep freeze. I made some big poo logs but nothing compared to Joey’s.

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Nigger Tupac and His Watermelon Beats

California 3


Sacramento Breana

After finding out her Prince Charming is still married and has a new baby she still humps him. The little dick faggots name is Brian he is a four eyed faggot nerd who pays women to fuck him including his sister. Breana on the other LOVES 1 IN THE PINKER AND 1 IN THE STINKER. Most women go for the 2 fingers in the vagina, but Breana is use to Brian’s cock so a small thin finger is more than enough. Thats why Breana is known around Sacramento as ONE IN THE PINKER AND 1 IN THE STINKER. You can ask anyone in Sacramento about her. ANYONE. They will all say the same thing 1 IN THE PINKER AND 1 IN THE STINKER. It has caught on so much homeless people in tent cities around fires drunk of household cleaners sing songs about Breana. 1 IN THE PINKER AND 1 IN THE STINKER. She is so full of herself due to it she makes her own gang like sign of it. Almost all photos of her have it. Like the one here. If you yelled “Hey Breana” she would do that to you If you yelled “1 IN THE PINKER AND 1 IN THE STINKER” Odds are she will show you she has no morals or soul. Fucking skank. 

Sacramento HomeWrecking Cum Drinking slut. I have been with my husband for 9 years and this woman Natasha (paki)slept with him and has continually kept herself and her paki pussy in his pathetic model car life even though she knows he is with me and we have the mailmans kids together. She has had 7-11 bank accounts and cars with him and even is on the phone line for when he wants pussy that is rank as shit. She used my number to make accounts to make me and my husband fight. She is engaged and yet her turban topped fiancé doesn’t even know about my fucking husband. She will stop at nothing to ruin my life and anyone else if she really wants that guy. She is the biggest curry dot HOMEWRECKER I’ve ever met in my life. She will stop at nothing to destroy my marriage and taxi business and she even threatened me on the phone with a rubber dildo with a thumtack in it and texts about drinking my husbands jizz in her milkshakes. She’s a sex nurse at Woodland Memorial Hospital and I hope her fiancé finds out what kind of person she is to keep seeing a white married man and thinking she will just get married and be a white person. She ruined my life so she deserves the same in return make her a shit skin again Trump PLEASE.

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California 3

Cruising For A Bruising With A Monkey Wrench

This is Jessica from Lake Elsinore, California. Jessica was obviously raised by an animal because she has no human class. Jessica went to high school with my husband and decided since her own marriage was going to shit due to her heroin use. She would message my husband with her problems about her man’s broke impotent ass. I found out and messaged the bitch and said I would knock that stupid fucking grin off her face with a monkey wrench. Since she acts like a whore who wants her teeth knocked out of course she still sent him pictures of her muff. My husband and I went through a separation and she jumped his pole in his truck behind a liquor store. I sat back and laughed because the minute he slept with her she was already begging for $60 because she already got an advance from her “baby daddy” on her child support and wanted some H. I was out sucking my husbands best friends and brothers dicks at the same time for revenge. Fuck you Jessica.

Argie deserves free everything from Americans. It is our white privilege that makes her poor. Nothing to do with her being stupid and lazy its all racism

I’ve been married to this woman for almost a decade on the internet dating site and once in real life her name is Argie. I’ve loved her and she turned out to be someone that I don’t recognize once I got her her American Citizenship. We have 2 beautiful kids together(They probably aren’t mine but I love them anyway even if they steal from me and call me a stupid gringo fuck). When she was first pregnant with Pablo the gardner’s son, she took off and smoked crack with other Mexicans on my dime. She didn’t even let our son have my last name she gave it to the Lettuce guy Hernandez. I begged for her to come back and she did when she was broke. She was a wonderful mother until she met someone knew that had money. She decided to kick me out of my home that we shared. I moved to live with my mom. She often leaves me with kids while she goes and fucks around on me but I still love her. She is currently “dating” someone who doesn’t live in the same state. From what I’ve heard, her new beau lives at my house and is using my truck. Argie and this man deserve each other for they are good hard working immigrants and not giving them what they want makes me racist and Intolerant. They don’t care who they hurt in the process. Argie has threatened to take full custody of my kids if she can get double alamony and child support. I wished that there was more I can do to help these poor Mexicans. She also has been spreading Mexican Diversity like HIV and herpes.. We need more like Argie Dont be racist support Argie.

This is Samantha she lives in Yuba City, California with her 2 kids and second baby daddy T-Bagg. This little girl is a liar and a thief who sucks everybody off and T-Bagg is cool with watching her lay other dudes. I’ve watched her on numerous occasions stealing from her job at Verizon wireless and meeting with random guys to fuck them in the parking lot on her brakes She lies and controls her kids dad and plays like she’s miss perfect while she lives her double life and destroying others. She is so disgusting, she leaves her children and man at home all the time just so she can go get high and suck who’s ever d!ck she wants then goes home and kisses her man and her kids like nothing happen Someone needs to expose this nasty whore for what she is a HORRIBLE MOTHER and a HORRIBLE PERSON. I blast my load in her almost every second day and I watch her work behind the Verizon counter with a grin on her face. She scratches her box and sniffs and licks her fingers its awesome. Then she handles phones and gives them to dudes. Nasty Sam. I could imagine how crusty your puss gets by noon.

Angela The Racist Lesbian Midget Hater With a Girlfriend From The Philippines.

Central California’s finest Angela, Before she stole my boyfriend, she ruined a marriage in her last relationship with one of her friends husbands. Known slut from the bay to the dumpsters in San Diego all the way over to Faggot Fresno. She only likes men that belong to other woman and share her political views of white domination, Which is so fucking Ironic considering she muff dives with a Fillipino chick all the time. Since this is the second time she has ruined a relationship, she deserves this. When she’s not stealing boyfriends, she likes to spend her time fat and slut shaming other woman, shit talking and making racial slurs. Her apartment has a confederate flag hanging from the balcony and constant strippers and rallies in the whole fucking building. Avoid Angela like the plague rumor has it she is so mean she goes on the set when they are filming that show “Little People Big World”. When there she makes fun of the midgets in the show and tries to put them in sacks. Just plain cruel and insensitive.

This girl has no shame for sure. She is known for sleeping with our Supervisors & co-workers at the UNFI in Gilroy even though she just has a 1 year old & is engaged to some unfortunate faggot fudge cakes here in Salinas. The first supervisor she would hook up with at work got caught by his wife by their texts and the cauliflower like warts he got from her all over his wiener and ball sack. She left him & of course, & Salina has moved on to the new supervisor. She is so fucking skanky her tattoo says “Shoot Your Fucking Load On Me And Leave”. Just dirty and skanky and caked with makeup that is dried up cum dust. Fucking skank.

This is Valerie she smokes mad meth and roams around Redding tweeked out of her fucking mind fucking anyone she sees and taking manly shits in peoples parked cars for her YouTube Channel CarShitGurl9000. Beware she has no remorse when it comes to sleeping with married men I seen her service 6 dudes from the army at once and they all pissed and shit on her when they were done. She fucking loved it. She tried to end my marriage by cutting my husbands wiener off with a sawsall, and still is pathetic enough to try and stay in our sex life. Karma is a bi**h… and she deserves everything bad in three folds.

Fucked The USA Special Olympics Team

Valeria gets all high on bathsalts and cracked up on PCP. She runs in to town with no shirt on too bad she didn’t have big tits. She runs around 7-11 throwing cheese at drunk niggers and calling them all monkeys. She runs up to the gas pumps and fucks them, then Mexicans in the alley jerk off to it. Valeri claimed to be an old friend suffering from vaginal yeast infection, only for it to be too gross to bear the smell. She fully pursued my live in fat faggot boyfriend who I have been with for 5 years knowing we have been together and live together. She has no shame and could care less about other women so watch out if you know this pathetic person… I seen here once put her grandfathers old used stinky leaking diapers with shit on her head and run into walmart and piss on the vegetables. One time last summer at the lake I seen Valeri sucking off all the retards who were in the park training for the special olympics. I laughed so hard when I heard the retards grunt when she licked their nuts.

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