Texas 5

Quiffs on Arbys Roast Beef Sandwiches Before Customers Get them At The Drive Thru she works at.

Ladies if you are married or looking into being engaged watch you men around Houston, Galena Park, Jacinto City , Pasaenda , Deer Park, La Porte and area. If he has a ring on his finger and a wife that loves him he is in danger. Lily  is cock gobbling attention needing slore who will whisper sweet lies of perfect sex in your mans ear and then meet him all over town to preform said acts which include her shitting on a glass see through coffee table while your man jerks off below to the poo plopping out of her asshole. She has given my fiance Trichomoniasis and recorded videos of her when she had been on her period rubbing his face all over her cum filled bloody taco muffin. She asks men for money through the Cashapp and goes by $amaraqueens.Then she will use his inbox to cry on his shoulder about how everyone is so mean to her and her life sucks in hopes he will create feelings for her because he feels sorry for her? Once she is in she will never go away just like the herpes she has. She is forever. Until she gets deported again fucking spic bitch.

Biance Loves Three way anal on a beach in the rain

She is Bianca from Rio Grande City, Texas and she has sex with married men to get a job at Subway. She will pretend to be your friend, then have sex with your husband on your bed, on your sons bed, and spend the night. Smoking crack rock with your husband while she pinches a big shit loaf in your toilet and doesn’t flush it. She will lie, and manipulate situations to purposely hurt children by telling them Santa Claus is a fucking faggot. She can not be trusted around married men or in a professional setting, just ask the fucking border guards. Please beware of this thirsty girl. She will sleep with your husband for a job. The only reason she hasn’t been fucking deported is that she blows everyone in contact and she rats out the Mexican drug cartels to the cops all the time. Fuck you Bianca shit stain yeast infection with period juice eating spic gopher molester. I would smack that smirk off your face with a big purple rubber dildo dipped in ranch dressing from safeway.

A textbook definition of a whore lovely Austin’s Very Own Crusty Muff Crystal she will suck you off under the breakfast table while you have your Cheerios. Knowingly goes after taken men with no remorse. She is selfish, she has no morals, absolutely no self respect, she steals everyones blow and cuts it with her tried out yeast infection crust dust. She usually sells it to street niggers for stolen goods. She runs through so many men and gets in the middle of so many relationships, it’s incredible how she can live with herself. But she does; doesn’t get a wink of sleep as she is always fucking or whacked out on what ever illicit substance she can get her greasy slut paws on. She is proud of the fact that she is a dirty nasty slut, an ugly Ghetto hood rat whore. Straight trash and she will show you her account on Anal Slut Love Girls any day of the week.. 

Ramos The Illegal Immigrant Buck Tooth Hedgehog from Amarillo, Texas

This husband chaser is RAMOS THE BUCKTOOTH HEDGEHOG she sleeps around in her hometown of Amarillo (although she jumped the fucking border bitch) and had a full on affair with a married man an american real man who is white and can read. She knew he was married when she started an affair of sneaking around and being the last one to leave the buildings when the rest of the maids went home. Being an embarrassment to her mother Jenifer Lopez… this man was so embarrassed of this rounchy dog he only met up with her in a roach infested storage unit which he rented from David Koresh when he fled from Waco back in 47′. He desperately tried to get rid of this trash and that’s when she started threatening him with the Mexican Flu!! In desperate attempts to try to keep someone that was obviously sick from the re-re-re fried beans she finished using her tampons to soak up puke from her yeast infection drink malt shake. She was used like trash ready to get tossed out. Buuut… she didn’t get the point. Until it was exposed.  She’s SCUM! A Total mental case! Ramos it is time to Vamos you fucking hedgehog take a sand grinder to those fucking wolly mammoth teeth tusks.

Crystal in Eagle Lake Texas bites the scabs off of her fathers warty cock and chews on them like bubble gum for hours. Fucking skank bitch. We were so close, talked at least 10 times EVERYDAY about our yeast infections and periods and what guys poo smelt better! She offered to help my husband pick out my mother’s day present, I said yeah call him! We went on a vacation (both families) in july, I knew then there was something going on when my son told me that her breath smelt like his dads cock. Finally in October, 5 days before my 14 wedding anniversary, I found a homebased herpes test from this slore to my husband with a heart around it and chocolates. In The note she is talking about her shitting on a glass coffee table and him sitting below the glass jerking off to the log coming out of her ass slowly. thinking about finally seeing him again the next Friday to go shit on a coffee table in IKEA. B1tch is shady af She lives in Eagle Lake and works at Walgreens where she shits in bags of potato chips so niggers buy them on welfare day. 

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Texas 4

San Antonio

North Carolina 2

Cheri of Fayetteville Scoops Up Old Peoples Liquid Shit Out of Their Diapers And Eats it With A Big Spoon Like Its Soup

This one Cheri she pretended to be my best friend, came to my house for dinner every night and was sleeping with my husband in my bed while I was at work. Went and got tattoos like mine and tried to pretend my daughter was her kid. Lowest of the low. She leaves her junkie needles all over Fayetteville she is often found at soup kitchends licking homeless junkies cum off the cement floor for more soup. She is disgusting I went to High School with Cheri too and she use to blow everyone the chick is so full of jizz I am amazed her fucking oompa head doesn’t blow up. Cheri rams big fucking glass ketchup bottles up her asshole in cafes with homeless old people too and then steals there social security money to spend on crack for her and my faggot ginger balding horse shoe faggot husband. I have heard too she grabs a spoon and scoops liquid shit out of old peoples diapers and eat it too.

This woman Karyn the cream of wheat bitch crack smoker doesn’t know how to stay out family business and will sleep with your husband. She fucked my husband on a demo model toilet in home depot in front of senior citizens. Watch out for this cheap hooker. She works at fitness center called Lifetime athletic in Raleigh, NC she use to work at a rub and tug joint that these zipperheads owned. Karyn is one of the few white chicks who can shoot the coronavirus out of her pussy like spiderman shoots his web out of his wrist. Karyn was a stripper and she got fired. For what? Stealing. Fucking bitch Karyn really you fucking bitch.

Brown Bag Panty Brandy Makes Crunchy Poop Nuggets in her ginch.

So this slore Brown Bag Panty Brandy, who had a boyfriend decided she needed double dibs and was screwing my husband at lunch. This bitch shits her pants. This is no fucking joke she walks around with crusted shit nuggets that crunch around in her thrift store oversized panties. No doubt my husband was wrong but seriously with the bag lady girl? You needed 2 c0cks a day for your wiener fix. Your stupid fat fucking four eyed husband won’t do? Maybe it is why you look so broke down…have you had that skin condition looked at? Apparently Brandy was know for her BJ’s and her drunkenness at work she takes her dentures out and soaks them in piss and glasses the left over jizz that misses her mouth goes. I’m not mad, he can have that broken down slore. Her panties are literally like crusty cum hardened stench. Sick bitch Brandy. Go back to your step dads trailer dyke.

There is no snow in Raeigh the white shit is one of numerous loads that Joyce gets sprayed with on a daily basis. What a cock whore. This person ruined my marriage. She worked with my husband and while she was engaged, they decided to have an affair which got my new sofa set drenched in her liquid shit and moldy pussy juice crust. I warned her multiple times to stay away, that she was ruining my furniture, to think about my daughter who was 13 at the time and needed a place to fuck her step dad for cigarette money – she didn’t care about any of that. She decided instead to end her engagement with her fiance, continue to go after my husband, and treat me as if I was the crazy one. She had no remorse for what she did. I kept trying to make things work for months with my husband, unaware that they were still having their little fling. She is a disgusting person with no morals or values.

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Mississippi 3

Actually Louisiana Oh Well Lol.
Bitch Needs To Check Her White Privilege It is her FAULT That niggers are ugly and stink Due to her whiteness.

Claire likes to work at male dominated jobs so she can get fucked in the ass hard on her lunch breaks. She’s a total hoe bag full of old men spunk and flirts with and texts married men from her jobs. She’s been terminated from several jobs for this reason, stealing, and one termination is on camera of her snorting a rail off her bosses cock. She broke up 2 marriages and one long term relationship. Once she wrecks their relationship and sleeps with him, she’s on to the next. She also got 2 of these men hooked on drugs she was using. Bitch came over to my house last week and stole an 8 ball from T Dogg and Mikey. Bitch needs to recognize Bitch Ass Rat Ho Claire. Your pussy does more talking than yo meth mouth check your white ho privilege bitch.

Known for Spitting Vinegar On Cut Up Cocks.

This chick Ashley from Jackson right here likes to date married men an send pictures of herself in her bra an panties to men before she even goes out..so ladies you might wanna watch your husbands… I heard that she begs men to fuck her from behind and as they pound her she spreads her ass cheeks, nays like a horse, and sprays shit chunks of macarnoi and cheese all over them and then licks it up her for her Porn Hub channel. This four eyed bitch will suck the fucking brine off a pickle scratch a mans cock with a rusty nail, then spit the vinegar all over the cut and bloody cock of the loser. She loves watching them in pain and as they cry and moan she rifles through their pants pockets, steals their wallets and cash and goes to buy crack from spics. Dirty meth mouth bitch also stole my yeast infection cream to hand out to kids at Halloween.

Niggers on the cotton field plantation pay nickles to get Debs picture to jerk off to.

This piece of walrus lard has been after my husband for years. She trolls around town with an ice cream scoop she stole from the dollar general, tackles men, scoops the shit out of their ass with the ice cream scooper, then sits in the middle of the street eating it looking all proud of herself. Fucking shit and drool just dripping out of her fat mouth hitting her multiple chins like a brown waterfall. Hangs out at horse shows and eats out of the fucking troff. It has been rumored by farmers they caught her eating the fresh horse shit off the ground. She is such a fucking hippo walrus her farts measure on the ricter scale. Last year I seen her at a baseball game and she had a big shit stain in her white spandex. A fuking smear right up the middle of the crack. All the niggers in Yazzo city Mississippi jerk off to Deb. Fuck you Deb you blue whale. Moo.

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Kansas 3

This is Danea who lives Luray ks. Her and my soon to be ex husband slept together and her blood and shit stained the white comforter my grandma made me. I found out and went to go beat the bitch with a hammer but the bitch called the pigs on me. She told me that my soon to be ex told her that I was fucking my boss Jeff at Wendy’s. What womens sleeps with a still married man who has kids at home and on top of that is telling him to leave me…b1tch he isnt just leaving me he is leaving his kids also. My soon to be ex husband will be 43 in july…she just turned 21 in December 2019. His daughter (my step daughter) is almost 12 and guess that her father was cheating and has asked her mother if she can live with her because she cant stsnd HER OWN FATHER as he rapes her sister more.

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Tampa Bay

This Home Wrecker Cynthia is a stripper in Tampa and is chalking up a growing list of “d’s” without a care about the wake of destruction she leaves. Her hair matches her crotch that is ridden with flaming herpes She drinks cum till blackout drunk and will do the filthiest things imaginable, beg for it in fact, from married men and strangers alike without shame. She loves sticking her tongue in mens assholes after they liquid shit. She will sleep with you without a rubber and do the same to all your friends and co-workers. She seems to get off being used like a rag that collects dudes cum loads and has no self pride or self control. Once obnoxiouly drunk she told me she is married but her husband left her, prob for screwing around on him, which is maybe why she acts like she has a will to ruin peoples lives with the insatiable thing between her legs. Her BO is foul. It is like a mixture of cat urine, sweat, and burger king deepfried but with a tinge of staleness. Her muff is even worse. Wear a fucking gas mask.

Plastic Bitch Born With A Dick Which She Forces Male Lovers To Suck The Shit Off Of After Ass Fuck Time

I thought this Katie was a friend. She sat with me when my husband were separated and encouraged me that it was for the best and that lesbianism is gods pure way. She saw my pure pain and heartbreak and even called him out for his crap. Turns out the whole time she was going behind my back and sleeping with him because she wasn’t getting attention from other guys. At the same time, we would hang out and I trusted her. When her yeast infection was exposed, she got mad at another of our friends for sharing information with me and blamed jews for all the wars in the world. I had to agree with her on the Jew part but I went to go kick the bitch in the box. Then she fell down. She did not get kicked in the box. She had balls. She had a dick the whole time. And fucked m husband in the asshole nightly with it and he licked her balls. He would go as far as to lick his own liquid crap after she fucked him off her or his dick. All I received in return was pure betrayal.And genital that burn and itch so bad they are redder than they are now warts. You are a bad man Katie. Beware he tucks the sausage and duct tapes it and hides it well.

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Arizona 3

Fucks the Garbage Man Cliff At The Dump

Marcia from Nogales cheats while her husband (a fireman) is at work.. She rams the whole fucking beer bottle up her snatch. If you show up at her with a house with a 6 pack when her husband goes to work, that is 6 bottles she fuks her self with. Bring 12 same thing. Bring a keg…. God you will be there for a week watching her maneuver that keg up her orfices while dudes hoot and holler. Throw money at her, jerk off, and video tape it for teenage boys to watch for jerk off to. She Loves married men, goes as far as denying affairs to wives and befriending affair partners family… Has no respect for herself! Do Not Trust Her! She is so sleezy she goes to the garbage dump and fucks Cliff the dump truck driver in the garbage and lets the fucking sea gulls peck her as he fends of rats from his dick and her muff as he tries to score. Garbage Crotch Marcia is a fucking bitch Flat out that simple.

Their Brothers Mow Lawns In the USA But These Bitches Don’t Shave Their Bushes.

Hello these moldy bitches are The Dirty Sanchez Twins of Yuma, Arizona. They tell everyone they are Christian Mexican virgins but the whores are fucking my Husband and I found out about it in 2016 started when they were claiming to be 18 and my husband was thirty-eight. To make matters worse my Husband just lost his job as a gay male film star after contracting HIV from a nigger who thought he was a blow up doll. You can find these sluts roaming Yuma looking for their next pole to fight over and eat the sour cream out of. Dirty Whores. Plus they are here illegally so hopefully ICE gets them. These Mexicans dont want their own stinky men so come here for ours, sick beaner hoes.

Best lay in Arizona but smokes way too much crack with homeless people in the park

I found out the man I’ve been with for 4 years, who I thought was absolutely perfect and that I could build a future with has been cheating with 2 coworkers for at least a year one is a fucking dude. They both knew about me and fucking laughed at me. Must be easier to remember?). From what I read, Shawn (my panhandling crackhead child porn watching boyfriend) insinuates that he loves this one. He would tell me he’d be home at 5 or 6 but message her that he was off early and they’d go meet, fuck in my car or at my house I got from the settlement from Bill Cosby. Shawn and I had broken up a million times, any one of those he could’ve said, “I’m seeing someone else and I’m done.” I told him when we first started dating to be open and honest if he wanted to sleep with someone else. I kept trying to make it work when we would get back together. It hurt that he would always be meeting with his “work buddies” and never invite me. Now I know why. Good luck to them, I hope their future together is garbage like they are. And the mold from her vagina causes asbestos to their new cardboard box home.

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Idaho 2

Stole My Husband And Smokes Crack With Him At Her Homeless Camp

I didnt have a perfect marriage, we had our problems. Mostly his drug problem especially when he would free base mad rock and beat my ass senseless for fucking his friends while he was at rehab. I tried to be a supportive wife. It ended in divorce despite my best efforts to make it work. I tried moving on with my life and his jealously got the best of him. He begged me to come back, at one point he kicked in my door resulting in a protection order. I know it sounds horrible but it gets worse. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson and you think I would be smarter. We ended up back together and trying to make our little family work. We have a three year old son. I was conned once things seemed to be going smoothly. We were talking about getting remarried and having a second baby. He ended up back in jail for what else? Drugs and sucking off dudes at truck stops to aquire money for drugs. I was even going to stick with him through it, until I found out this homewrecker Summer was visiting him in jail.Now they live under a fucking bridge and smoke crack all day long and yell at Mexicans picking lettuce in the fields.

Spits Strange Mens Loads In Jack In The Box Toys At Toys R US.

Megan has slept with other men despite being married for many years. She ticks her fucking pig snout up their assholes and barks like a dog and the men are hooked One partner maye but likely multiple. Does what ever she wants as long as it betters her motives for drugs. Her loser fucking husband doesn’t know but probably should considering she’s supposedly divorcing him. Save some time and avoid this woman. She loves to get railed and always whines about her little dick husband never doing shit for her. She will store men’s loads in her cheeks of her face and asshole. Then go into the local Walmart and empty the cum out in the bulk bins. Just fucking sick Megan kids buy jelly beans there. Every time I see this bitch she has a gooey load in her mouth. Last time I seen her spit some dudes load on the key pad of an ATM machine at the mall. That is fucking sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine going to press in your pin number to get some cash and there is dried up jizz on the buttons. FUCKING SICK MEGAN IT NEEDS TO STOP> SPIT THE LOADS IN THE GARBAGE

Kaity Loves to Chew Pussy Mud Flaps. Rug Curtains

Kaity  is one of the biggest B1tch Face people I’ve ever met in my life she smokes meth in Idaho …she’s gained like 30 pounds since college as she couldn’t afford meth then and she lived with her gay step uncle …we were close lesbian carpet munching friends than she became a two face lieing whore smoking and shooting up all my drugs and sucking my boyfriends rod nightly …she lied about her mom having a yeast infection to cover up the smell of her breath from all the old lady snatch she eats at her part time job at a nursing home , she’s cheated her way through life eating pussy …from what the guys tell me she has a stinky vagina with crusted jizz chunks in her pubic hair as she can’t afford a proper razor to shave her box properly …and seriously all of them talk behind her back …I wonder how many cocks hook up with her ….Oh and her ass looks like it’s be shot by a shotgun after she went on a weekend camping trip with the Mormon church boys from the mean streets of Boise.

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The idiots above are the ones that want shit skin minorities to move their as Jew Media tells them they are good. Then they wonder why there is so much crime and taxes go up?
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