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Boston Rob Eats Dick Cheese

Boston Rob is a social media whore. And we found one of his accounts here. When he is not scrolling the net for animal porn or jerking off to one of the many quality folders he has on his porn hub premium gold account. He is fucking around on his second favorite site yahoo. During the COVID lock down Boston Rob has been making videos of how to fix his house. We all know that is a cover for other videos of him ramming the fucking tools up his asshole for pleasure. He probably ran around that tool rental place with a fucking hard on thinking of all the tools that would enter his rectum. He also asks some really interesting questions and shows us all why is the ultimate survivor faggot like his boyfriend tyson.

Tyson Shits His Pants Again Booted!

Last week the people of survivor got to see their families. But during a stupid immunity challenge the Nigger Jeremy got the Personal Race Card Jesse Jackson Nigger Immunity Watermelon. This Gave Jeremy the power to not get voted out or vote. So basically how society views the use of the word Nigger. Jeremy left because he is special needs(nigger). So he is safe just like from work in the real world. Then Kim played her personal immunity idol for that old Tampon looking bitch Denise.

Tyson is training hard to rape pigs on his farm when he gets home.

I can’t remember exactly what happened next as I was really high. But I think some people voted for Sophie and Denise (nulled). But the rest of the people were so sick of Tyson stinking like a nigger and not cutting his hair they felt they had no choice. Since they couldn’t vote the nigger out as it would be racist and he had the magic watermelon. And that old Tampon couldn’t go home. So it was bye bye Greasy hippie go back to that faggot island and butt fuck Boston Rob and that Jew Ethan.

“I hope it’s something good like a box of dildos and some vaseline.” –Rob (to Ethan as a boat arrives on Edge)

“It better be those sticks are cutting up my jewish rectum hole.” –Ethan

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Jeff Probst: Plate Shitter

First Time Tyson Left. He Didn’t Get The Fucking Hint I Guess.

Tony The Rat Vlachos

Boston Rob

Boston Rob is a Fag. Just reminding you Boston Rob is a fag.

Bostontonians Are Famous For Hating Niggers

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Tyson Got His Ass Cherry Popped By Boston Rob

Jews Get Kicked Out of Survivor Just Like Countries In Real Life

Tyson Gets Sent Home For Shitting His Pants. The Tribe Has Spoken

Tyson doesn’t cut his hair for 3 reasons. 1. He is a fucking hippie. 2. He is fucking Broke. 3. Niggers confuse him as a blonde woman and rape him alot and he loves it.

After having his asshole licked out by host Jeff Probst, Tyson (who shits his pants often) made the bold move to have one last anal sex love session with that faggot Nick. “I’d rather just swallow his load,” Tyson harrumphed as he looked at the boxes of the 15 faggots still in the game. “There’s a fire token from your hero, Nick use it to buy the nigger Jeremy a bar of soap,” he said as he dropped it in Nick’s box. The “soap” comment was in reference to the group’s discussion at tribal council in which many of the new players admitted to being sick to do the foul smell of the nigger on the island.

At the Island of fucking losers, Tyson met up with the first four eliminated castaways: Natalie Anderson, that ugly bitch Amber who blows everyone but Boston Rob, Danni Boatwright and that lying filthy Jew Ethan. The first thing Tyson noticed was how horny he was for that Jew Ethan’s Asshole butter. On the 10th day the four losers were tasked with making golden brown shit logs to throw at Boston Rob All of them successfully completed the task before sundown, but not Ethan who had to be checked by the doctor when he felt the camera was watching. Because like all Jews he wanted the white people to do all the work and then he could take the credit.

On Weekends When Tyson is Bored. He takes this Pig to Synagogues and Mosques. He grabs it by the hind legs and fucks it in front of Muslims and Jews. Who usually jerk off to him doin it.

“Winners at War” (Season 40) was Tyson’s fourth time playing the game of “Survivor.” Because he can’t get a real fucking job as he keeps getting fired from gas stations and fast food joints for showing up high as a kite. He initially appeared in “BumWars” (Season 18) where he was the eighth person jizzed on by Jeff Probst. He returned in “Swallow my Solid Loaf of Shit” (Season 20) where he licked cum off the floor from loads that missed fat dudes faces. . Finally, he stole $1 million check during his third appearance in “Lets teach Niggers in Africa how to read” (Season 27), where he played with his boyfriend Peter Buttplug.

Tyson Apostol (born June 17, 1979) is a homosexual, best known for his appearances on multiple seasons of the  reality television show Survivor. As of 2019, Tyson Apostol is aspiring to become a professional athlete in two sports, moldy used bloody tampon chewing and Poker. What a fucking loser. Get a haircut and get a real job. Go smoke crack and beat up that fag Rob.

Apostol is a former panhandler and starred in tv mini documentaries “Selling My Bitches Body for Meth” with his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He is a frequent guest at Bathhouses in the Boston Area and does a show with his butt lover Rob, “Rob Has Something in his Asshole can you guess what?”, hosted by fellow Survivor contestant Rob, and hosts Yeast Infection Cream Reviews on, a weekly news podcast.

Tyson breaks into others homes at Christmas and pretends he has a family.

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Anti-Semitic Jeff Probst Rigged The Show To Boot The Kike Jew Ethan

Loves His Husband Joey Gladstone Very Much

Ethan Zohn is the true definition of a Jewish Gay Lover to Boston Rob. The former pee-wee soccer player was the third winner of Survivor after appearing on the CBS reality competition’s Africa installment in 2001, when they seen Ethan in gay bars in the Congo with Buck Tribal niggers. He returned to the game three years later for 2004’s Survivor: Ape Rape and Zebra Ass Sex, and is once again back on GayTV screens with the show’s milestone 40th season, Winners at Wiener Whacking War. But over 15 years away from the game takes a toll on a bumdart player — especially one who has battled herpes. 

“Building yourself back after cancer is a difficult process, if you aren’t Jewish” Zohn tells ET. He was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called CD20-positive Hodgkin’s lymphoma in April 2009, and was declared cancer-free a year later, since he is Jewish and the cure is available free for all Jews. Then, after nearly 20 months of remission, the jewish bank wanted some money so returned in his chest. Zohn revealed in 2013 that he was officially cancer-free, but beating the disease twice has taken a toll on his white blind brainwashed Christians wallets. “It’s just a lot on you as a human being,” he explains. For Jewish People we get cured. We only don’t let the public know we can cure it because our Jewish land is built from money made from ripping off drugs. Just like heroin and the opiate crisis. Money means more to jews than human lives.

Gladstone and Zohn had a Fudgepack Faggot Wedding in 2016 at John Legend’s House. Pete ButtPlug was the Usher.

After passing up the opportunity to compete again in 2016 (the filming schedule conflicted with his kosher barmirsfuh style rabbi wedding to Joey Gladstone), Zohn couldn’t have been more excited about joining Winners at a Wiener Whacking War. And, as of last week’s episode, he seems to be ruling the game on the Sele Tribe with Boston Rob Mariano and Parvati Shallow. Ethan Zohn (born November 12, 1973), is a lying jew, a former American beer league soccer player, and a reality television series contestant who jewed $1,000,000 on Survivor: Africa, the third season of the reality TV series Survivor. He also appeared on the All-Stars edition of the show. After winning Survivor he co-founded Grassroot FartCumBags, which uses little baggies attached to the ass to capture cum farted out of them to raise money and awareness to fight HIV/AIDS in Ethan and Gladstones’s Assholes/rectal cavities.

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Tony Vlachos

Boston Rob Butt Rams Anderson Cooper For Fun On Weekends on Coopers Boat

Jeff Probst Lays Big Shit Coilers On Nice Fine China. Hence Jeff Probst AKA Plate Shitter

Tony Vlachos

Tony Vlachos is a cop in New Jersey and ratted out all you drug dealers. He has your drugs and money on him at all times. Ask him for it he dares you. He is stronger than guns you are all pussies bring your A game.

Tony Vlachos has to be the biggest faggot useless piece of shit (besides the niggers) On Survivor 40. The welfare brand cheaper generic Vin Diesel clone drug rat turned police officer played hard from the jump, stealing an idol from a weaker player. He was not shy from various antics on the island, plus he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks on his views on how faggots, niggers, and women deserve to be beat physically for the fuck of it. Though flashy, Tony played a game of influence, looking to win the game but also for people to sexually molest, much like him and his fellow police officers do daily on the force. Tony is 45 from New Jersey. He had this to say about his approach to the game “I’m here to rape, cheat, and finally grab Jeff at the end and give his asshole a lashing he has never seen before. I’m here to drag people’s dreams through the mud so I can fulfill mine. That’s what I’m here for. Whatever I have to do, I’m gonna do, so I am going to convert to Judiasm to be a bigger snake on the show”.

Tony describes the shape of his dream size piece of shit he wants out of Jeff Probst’s Ass when he wins.

Vlachos was born on September 10, 1973, the son of a Circus Performer and a Crack Hooker. He grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey, idolizing the Beastie Boys, and dreamed of one day becoming a flaming faggot who made cheap music of a keyboard bought at K mart. He went to the pen in 1992, and spent several years working in various ideas to get back at the fucking cops that put him in the joint. He states that despite the crack and meth use still active in his daily life, he did not have sexual relations with THAT woman, that put him away for rape.

He began shooting roids when he was 20, an activity with which he says he was “obsessed”. He began shooting up out in his basement with plastic bags filled with rat piss, and graduated to the real shit when the first juice monkey that injected the rat piss mysteriously died for some odd reason.

Tony’s Ride

In 2000, Vlachos bribed his way onto becoming a Jersey City police officer. On February 5, 2014, he ignored a 79 year old man freezing in the snow because the man was black and gay. Tony was awarded a medal for that.

In 2007, Vlachos attempted to rape a fellow police officer named Marissa Ann. She feared for her life and safety if she said anything or left him and then he forced her to marry him on July 24, 2010. Nine months after arriving home from being secluded from Survivor, Vlachos and Marissa discovered she gave birth to a child, a son they named Jeff Probst Jr, who was born on June 9, 2014.

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Boston Rob Spreads Herpes Like Its Wild Fire

Jeff Probst Plate Shitter

Boston Rob Spreads Herpes Like Its Wild Fire

Star Of The Porn Hub Mini Series “Fuck My Ass Raw With That Rusty Meat Hook”

I don’t know whats more pathetic someone who gets caught fucking a pig in a public library at night time in a Santa suit or having the fact that you are a survivor on this show and known as the best.

Robert Carlo Mariano (born December 25, 1975), known by the nickname Boston Rob, is an Shitty American television personality cocksucking faggot, widely known for appearing in the shows Survivor, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, RuPaul’s Men Like Drag, and the Porn Hub Mini Series Fuck My Ass Raw With That Rusty Meat Hook.

Mariano was born at a crack house his mother frequented in Southie, and raised in Orphanages for Transgendered Children. He never graduated High School because he got expelled for selling crack to the janitor. Growing up he played with dolls and himself alot. In 1999, Mariano worked as A Pizza deliver guy to sell drugs under cover when he got booted out of High School. He got kicked out of BU games in 1995 because he kept showing up at the rink claiming to be on the team. He is barred from all rinks in Massachusetts now. At the time he first played Survivor in 2001, he was 25 years old and just left prison after serving his second animal rape charge. Rob has also had a long term on and off again hot bum love relation ship with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. Who Rob calls his butter cup.

Fucking Faggots

Mariano began a relationship with fellow adult film star Amber in 2003, during their time filming Ram That Cactus Up My Ass in Mexico. They became engaged on May 9, 2004, during the show’s live money shot of a bunch of dudes blowing their load in Rob’s eager waiting drooling mouth, and married on April 16, 2005 at a Titty Bar in New Orleans. Bang Bros. aired a two-hour special about the wedding, entitled Rob is still a fucking Faggot followed by his autobiography “My asshole doesnt use lube”, on May 24, 2005. After their marriage, Amber took Mariano’s surname to avoid criminal charges for prostitution, and the couple moved to The Salvation Army Shelter in Brooklyn. Amber has four daughters Rob thinks he is the father but they are Jeff Probst’s LOL everyone knows that but Rob.

Mariano is a well known fan of the Boy George, Toronto Gay Pride, Anderson Coopers Spread Open Ass Cheeks In His Face, Pink Dildos, Tinkerbell, and Oatmeal.

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Elaine Became A Fucking Rug Muncher After Dating Chocolate Rain

Elaine Stott from Survivor does more than eat pussy and mud bog. Years prior to her rise of Survivor fame she had a love affair with Mega SuperStar singer Tay Zonda. Tay use to prod Elaine’s bum cheeks with a pitchfork by a campfire while they were drunk. It was kinky. The biggest problem is that Elaine’s Lesbo Dyke Friends hated fucking niggers. Like they hated the fact that Tay was a stinky nigger more than a man. So thats when all the really funny true nigger jokes and honest hatred started going in Tay’s direction. The worst part about it. Elaine not only allowed her butch dyke friends to call Tay a usless shitskin nigger. She also encouraged it. Some times she would throw chicken bones or watermelon rinds at Tay. Other times she just basked in her white privilige. But in the end it was still hate for the poor uneducated black man. His odor so foul it peeled paint off of walls.

Jesse Jackson has had numerous one on one talks about Elaine’s racism. So much so and he is so sick of the racism he vows that the nigger community will riot and stop supporting female golf to harm the lesbians main source of income. Serena and Venus Williams have also shook their head at their lesbian friend Elaine’s racist ways. It was rumored that Venus will no longer share her tampons with Elaine on weekends now. Shits getting real. I read about that on Instagram.

Tay is trying out to be on Survivor 41 Bongo Island; Land of the Useless niggers with all the niggers ever on survivor. They will all be wearing chains and singing Tupac songs.

Survivor: Dan Wants A Refund on His Mail Order Bride Kellee. Nip Bitch Whines Too Much

For the first time in its 39 seasons on TV, a player was removed from the game of Survivor by Money hungry souless Jew Kike producers for their behaviour. It was 48-year-old Los Angeles-based Pro Ass Dart Player Dan Spilo who was ejected from the game for masterbating actions off camera and viewers have been attempting to find out how much jizz he leaked out in Fiji ever since. During the end of Wednesday night’s episode, which saw the ouster of 41-year-old carpet muncher Elaine Stott, Survivor aired a vague disclaimer that read: “Dan was removed from the game after a report of some slanteyed chink, which happened off-camera and did not involve a player with normal round eyes.” Fellow Survivor castaway Kellee Kim had first complained about Dan’s inappropriate masterbating earlier on in the season ahead of her eviction and he was ultimately served a high five by producers. Kellee took to her knees following the episode to take a big load in the face. “

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