Idaho 3

Here Poo Butter has Battered Most Pasteries In Southern Idaho

Megan of Twin Falls Cheated on her husband with a cop to get off on a speeding ticket and because she wanted a gooey load. No guarantee that she has been with anyone else. Wrecked her own home and may of put her business in jeopardy. She sells feminine cream out of her house. You know that stuff that you use when you don’t feel so fucking fresh down there like a elephant took a shit on your fucking vagina. Yeah Megan you won’t get off lightly on this bitch I want all of Idaho to know what you did. Bitch use to fuck my husband in my house and stick my kitchen utensils up her asshole. She would do this the day I would do bake sales for local charities. So most of anyone who has ever bought a cake, cookie, or cupcake at a fair in the Twin Falls area has more than likely tasted Megans Poo. Pretty fucking cool hey. I hope you are proud Megan. People can never look at cakes the same way. What will future brides think of at their weddings? Your ass cheese and poo. Also doughnuts. You are evil Megan Evil.

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West Virginia 2

Kim gets bum fucked by old men by a campfire on weekends and has slept with most of the guys she works with at the prison (State of West Virginia Pre-release Center and MCTC). And the inmates. But she particularly enjoys going after married men. She’s ruined several marriages and the stupid men keep falling for her sob stories about how she’s a victim. Please. She’s nothing but a skank slore who gets off on attention and drama. Once she gets her hooks in a married man she does everything she can to convince him to leave his wife and kids for her. She also thinks it hilarious to send the wives friend requests in social media while she poses as a friendly coworker. She also finds humor in posing as other women and telling the wives their husbands fuck other men. She thrives on the drama and chaos she creates while pretending she hates drama. She manipulates these idiot men until they’re wrapped around her chubby fingers. Her ass is a filthy sewage bin just like her mouth.

Sherry Fucks Everyone In Charleston But Her Husband

This is Sherry and she’s married and still has live in boyfriends that she tells her husband they are just roomates and once she sucks there c0cks and money bone dry she puts them out and moves on to the next. I blast a load in her at least once a week when I walk to or from the bar in Charleston. It just depends on how long of a wait the line up is. Being anything after the 10th dude that day sometimes gets raw on the cock and causes a rash and the skin on your cock to turn yellowish-white and peel. Her husband still sends her money which is alright as it pays for beer. Sherry refuses to wear condoms and assures you she is pregnant when you fuck her, or she will blame it on her loser husband like she does all the other times. If you go by the Rite-Aid pharmacy on Bridge Road she is usually there stealing hemroid cream or looking for old dudes outside to blow for crack money.

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Alabama 3

Blueberry Jam Brooke And Her Fucking Stupid Dog Nibbles

Let me introduce you to this trifling heifer named Brooke from Rainbow City. She puts blueberry jam on her pussy and gets her dog Nibbles to lick it off. What ever Nibbles doesn’t eat up Brooke grabs a hamburger bun and wipes her vagina and shares it with Nibbles. Brooke loves Nibbles and will often stick her thumb in Nibbles bum as she thinks he likes it. This woman will take your man right out from under you and has no care in the world if he is married or not married. Has kids or no kids. Has a dog is a must though. She will go to the ends of the earth to ruin a marriage especially when she already knows they married and play the victim when shit gets found out. Ladies watch out for this ratch. She loves Blueberry Jam.

This so called friend Katylnn from Athens Alabama is a fucking whore. Sticks her used tampons up her cats ass while she eats her cereal. She decided to start a relationship with my husband. They had a six month long affair all the while she pretended to be my friend. The affair started with her contacting my husband shortly after her husband had to file for bankruptcy after she had drained him financially due to her crack use. I guess since she was broke it was time to move on to the next man. Well mine and my husbands home burned in March when I got high on meth and lit the fucking thing on fire in a jealous rage. And of course we got money from our insurance to replace our belongings and to find a new home. I blamed the fucking blaze on Katylynn and the whole town thinks she is a pyro. When this happened she turned it up and was pressuring him into moving her into our new home instead of me. Of course that didn’t happen. When my husband and I finally did moved into our new home he tried to break things off and she would threaten to expose everything if he did. Finally I ended up finding out because her husband messaged me with his suspicions. So I am going to go and fuck her cat to get revenge.

Her name is Lacy and she is the BIBLE BELT BITCH

Lacy is known as the Bible Belt Bitch. She gets that name as she rips your belt off, pulls out your dick, and makes you come on the bible for Jesus. She likes to hop around town and frequent all the local dive bars looking to score crack or pills! She promotes a positive, successful, & exuberant day to day life but when the sun sets, so do her morals and Jesus’s pants! Lacy walks up to Jason, (who was already living a secret double life with a wife of 18 years & a girlfriend of 3 years- which in the end came out to include multiple casual encounters as well) she fiercely asks him “Can I stick my thumb up your asshole right here in the bar” and he replied YES, which technically was honest. They exchange flirtatious comments throughout the night and danced to MC Hammer “You can’t touch this”. Lacy is a slut and broke the 24th commandment. “Though shall not insert carrots up yeh bum while on a yeast infection”. 

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Alabama 2

Alabama 1

Nevada 2

Meet Sarah of West Wendover This luxurious 24 year old one of a kind gem hoe bag who will screw anything for a quick dope sack. Bitch stole my crack under the bridge last night while she was tweeking mad. She will manipulate in order to get where she’s going that day, fuck any man or anyone’s man that’s willing to tolerate and participate in her very sleazy, scandalous,childish,ghetto, hood rat games. She sucked my cock under a filthy bridge that stuck like sewage and had rats roaming around in it. And don’t let that sweet little attitude fool you she will rob you blind f*** your brother and possibly wake your sister if given the opportunity .. But you have to watch because she’s quick to flip the script and play victim and get you locked away real quick ever heard of loose lips sink ships??? This bitch has ratted on EVERY DRUG DEALER, GANG MEMBER, IMMIGRANT, when she gets bored she calls social service on parents to stir the pot. That’s all pun intended. I had the pleasure of having a go around with this one until I thought she was on the verge of giving me a DRD then I had to throw her to the curb where her and more than half her family belong anyway watch out for this one because she’ll take whatever she can get.

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Illinois 2


This tramp Heather is notorious for smoking crack. Gets cracked up and roams the streets breaking up marriages and peoples fucking mail boxes! I’m fully aware that the men are never responsible. The women are always at fault when it comes to cheating ALWAYS. But this woman is the type of woman that us women should learn from when she is handling cock. She befriends the wives and gfs then begs them to join in! The first marriage she ruined was of a couple with 2 kids. She played him for a fool for a couple years before cheating on him with Mike and stealing all his drugs. Both guys were too high on crack to see what was going on. I watched her lead this guy on and break up with him just to start dating other guys at work. The second marriage she ruined was of a newlywed couple. Heather is on the run from the cops of taking a big bloody hairy stinky shit in a sandwich at Subway where she worked and giving it to old jews.

Laura is the best lay in Peoria everybody knows. She use to date this big fucking loser who thinks he fathered her child. The truth is the kid could be mine, Joeys, Jacks, Ralphs Steves, Jacobs, Pauls, Lukes, Tylers, James, The other Pauls, Ahkmeds, My uncle Gary’s. The list goes on. All this old boyfriend does is cry its sad. And the whole time Laura is enjoying a thick cock in her laughing at her loser ex. She did all that while she was with him too she had to get us money for beer before we fucked her. She paid for everything on that losers time for us. I kind of don’t blame him for being mad.

This is Cassie Everly of Lyndon, Illinois. Shes a big fucking stank bitch times a quadrillion. She has two kids as ugly as she is and she never takes care of them. She makes her stinky diaper wearing crackhead hooker grandmother take care of them all the time just so she can sit home and watch her cats fuck. Now shes knocked up again by her dad, don’t have nothing, and never pays bills because they blew all their money on heroin. She leaches off the grandmother cause she is cracked up high and cant say no to anyone. She drives the grandmothers el camino shit car with her faggot mullet sporting boyfriend and they don’t have licenses. They both have felonies for having raw anal sex using a pitchfork as a dildo at a safe injection site. they are crooks I heard she stole dirty shit and period stained granny panties out of a hamper at the old folks home. They steal dirtbikes and quads out of white peoples yards and blame it on niggers. They got caught by the cops doing it before but they dont care Cassie and her Boyfriend just got on their knees and sucked the cops off while they rammed their flashlights up the pigs assholes. On the weekends Cassie goes to the park crawls around on all fours and chases dogs and eats their poo off the grass. And talks about it on facebook.

Dan Devries will lie to old and young men to get them to sleep with him. Once he gets what he wants (Usually a rim job or some sort of asshole licking game), he will disappear out of your life – not respond to texts or calls and blow off already made plans at the last second usually to fuck his blind and deaf dog Sparky. He’s already divorced from some trans gendered nigger. Don’t waste your time and/or your Viagra fueled pulsing raging erections on him. You’ll only get flaming bum warts if you fuck him. He also goes after short fat aging bald men in drug and alcohol treatment centers and does this.

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Texas 6


Danielle is a known serial dater, in the sense that she will date multiple men at the same time without telling them. I have seen her suck one dude off, take his load in her mouth, swish it around like scope and walk up to her other boyfriend and french kiss him for a selfie. She’ll lie and manipulate them in order to keep them at bay. She was once married for a few years and is now recently divorced with TWO KIDS. She’s insane and incredibly manipulative. If you see her on any dating APP, do yourself a favor and run. She will smoke all your meth and never share with you. She has robbed people on the street for money for crack. I seen her rob the purses from little old nigger ladies on welfare day so she can get a hit. Then she says its her money anyway. Which is sort of true that blacks owe her but still no need to be a fucking bitch about it.

This sorry excuse of a woman sleeps with married men and breaks up homes and families. She is a liar and a fake. Over weight and short and wears way to much makeup. Because without it she looks like a man. Her name is Ranielle she is an Odessa whore. She goes into church and masterbates to re runs of Mickey Mouse. I know she was sucking off my husband in our car in my drive way. You see Ranielle I have a real job which gets me money which I can buy a security camera. Your illegal Mexican ass works at Taco bell and spends her money on crack. Ranielle is known for showing up at peoples houses drunk and smelling of her piss (she gets drunk and high passes out and shits and pisses herself) she has done it since high school in Mexico. Her and her fucking lawnmowing lettuce picking family make me want to become a brick maker so I can speed up that wall to keep your leaching ass off. People say Mexicans are hard working? What does that trait magically go away once you cross the fucking border and get free welfare?

Hasina is from Austin and she fucks the whole city for fun. Her family moved over from Syria and wanted her to get a diaper head camel fucking husband. But once she showered and had none muslim men she now spits and shits on the Koran. She is a self hating Muslim. She still keeps up her great spirit of knowing the jew problem though. She is usually found at Outlaws Biker and stripper bar sucking cock for her school funding. She has also went To Dallas the odd Time To Get the Big D. She hangs out outside the ball park of the Texas Rangers and gets their game used baseball bats, rams them up her ass and pussy, takes pictures of them in their, sends them to dudes in Iraq to jerk off to and then uses the money to buy crack on the streets of Austin. Hasina you silly bitch next time you fuck my brother clean your muff mold. There is a liquid trail of your muff crust juice on the way to the shitter on our white carpet. And I found your shit stained panties along with your herioin needles under my step dads fucking couch you skank.

This HIV positive negro cotton picker had a house model negro wench companion while he ended up sleeping with 6 animals in the barn(cow, goat, pig, didn’t matter they are all more attractive than female black women). He has 4 niglets who are bred to pick cotton and then a daughter with Oprah Winfrey he cheated on his wife with Theo Huxtable who he never takes care of Bill Cosby anymore. Lives with a girl who had slept with while still married to some fat nigger sow, he also is so broke he jacks other niggers after they rob liquor stores on the street. He is known around Killeen, Texas for “stinking like all niggers SHIT” but he has a very small wiener. From a Facebook post from a female the only time you can feel it is when your own top but he only weighs 99lbs you have to take it easy so you don’t snap him in half(literally). He isn’t even loyal to his currently bofriend Tupac of the dead nigger storage unit. Facebook messages stated he’s even questioning his loyalty and their just dating. While having 4 niglets at the age of 24 he’s about to have another one he is for sure behind the other niggers his age at collecting legit niglet welfare checks from white people money.

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Cruising For A Bruising With A Monkey Wrench

This is Jessica from Lake Elsinore, California. Jessica was obviously raised by an animal because she has no human class. Jessica went to high school with my husband and decided since her own marriage was going to shit due to her heroin use. She would message my husband with her problems about her man’s broke impotent ass. I found out and messaged the bitch and said I would knock that stupid fucking grin off her face with a monkey wrench. Since she acts like a whore who wants her teeth knocked out of course she still sent him pictures of her muff. My husband and I went through a separation and she jumped his pole in his truck behind a liquor store. I sat back and laughed because the minute he slept with her she was already begging for $60 because she already got an advance from her “baby daddy” on her child support and wanted some H. I was out sucking my husbands best friends and brothers dicks at the same time for revenge. Fuck you Jessica.

Argie deserves free everything from Americans. It is our white privilege that makes her poor. Nothing to do with her being stupid and lazy its all racism

I’ve been married to this woman for almost a decade on the internet dating site and once in real life her name is Argie. I’ve loved her and she turned out to be someone that I don’t recognize once I got her her American Citizenship. We have 2 beautiful kids together(They probably aren’t mine but I love them anyway even if they steal from me and call me a stupid gringo fuck). When she was first pregnant with Pablo the gardner’s son, she took off and smoked crack with other Mexicans on my dime. She didn’t even let our son have my last name she gave it to the Lettuce guy Hernandez. I begged for her to come back and she did when she was broke. She was a wonderful mother until she met someone knew that had money. She decided to kick me out of my home that we shared. I moved to live with my mom. She often leaves me with kids while she goes and fucks around on me but I still love her. She is currently “dating” someone who doesn’t live in the same state. From what I’ve heard, her new beau lives at my house and is using my truck. Argie and this man deserve each other for they are good hard working immigrants and not giving them what they want makes me racist and Intolerant. They don’t care who they hurt in the process. Argie has threatened to take full custody of my kids if she can get double alamony and child support. I wished that there was more I can do to help these poor Mexicans. She also has been spreading Mexican Diversity like HIV and herpes.. We need more like Argie Dont be racist support Argie.

This is Samantha she lives in Yuba City, California with her 2 kids and second baby daddy T-Bagg. This little girl is a liar and a thief who sucks everybody off and T-Bagg is cool with watching her lay other dudes. I’ve watched her on numerous occasions stealing from her job at Verizon wireless and meeting with random guys to fuck them in the parking lot on her brakes She lies and controls her kids dad and plays like she’s miss perfect while she lives her double life and destroying others. She is so disgusting, she leaves her children and man at home all the time just so she can go get high and suck who’s ever d!ck she wants then goes home and kisses her man and her kids like nothing happen Someone needs to expose this nasty whore for what she is a HORRIBLE MOTHER and a HORRIBLE PERSON. I blast my load in her almost every second day and I watch her work behind the Verizon counter with a grin on her face. She scratches her box and sniffs and licks her fingers its awesome. Then she handles phones and gives them to dudes. Nasty Sam. I could imagine how crusty your puss gets by noon.

Angela The Racist Lesbian Midget Hater With a Girlfriend From The Philippines.

Central California’s finest Angela, Before she stole my boyfriend, she ruined a marriage in her last relationship with one of her friends husbands. Known slut from the bay to the dumpsters in San Diego all the way over to Faggot Fresno. She only likes men that belong to other woman and share her political views of white domination, Which is so fucking Ironic considering she muff dives with a Fillipino chick all the time. Since this is the second time she has ruined a relationship, she deserves this. When she’s not stealing boyfriends, she likes to spend her time fat and slut shaming other woman, shit talking and making racial slurs. Her apartment has a confederate flag hanging from the balcony and constant strippers and rallies in the whole fucking building. Avoid Angela like the plague rumor has it she is so mean she goes on the set when they are filming that show “Little People Big World”. When there she makes fun of the midgets in the show and tries to put them in sacks. Just plain cruel and insensitive.

This girl has no shame for sure. She is known for sleeping with our Supervisors & co-workers at the UNFI in Gilroy even though she just has a 1 year old & is engaged to some unfortunate faggot fudge cakes here in Salinas. The first supervisor she would hook up with at work got caught by his wife by their texts and the cauliflower like warts he got from her all over his wiener and ball sack. She left him & of course, & Salina has moved on to the new supervisor. She is so fucking skanky her tattoo says “Shoot Your Fucking Load On Me And Leave”. Just dirty and skanky and caked with makeup that is dried up cum dust. Fucking skank.

This is Valerie she smokes mad meth and roams around Redding tweeked out of her fucking mind fucking anyone she sees and taking manly shits in peoples parked cars for her YouTube Channel CarShitGurl9000. Beware she has no remorse when it comes to sleeping with married men I seen her service 6 dudes from the army at once and they all pissed and shit on her when they were done. She fucking loved it. She tried to end my marriage by cutting my husbands wiener off with a sawsall, and still is pathetic enough to try and stay in our sex life. Karma is a bi**h… and she deserves everything bad in three folds.

Fucked The USA Special Olympics Team

Valeria gets all high on bathsalts and cracked up on PCP. She runs in to town with no shirt on too bad she didn’t have big tits. She runs around 7-11 throwing cheese at drunk niggers and calling them all monkeys. She runs up to the gas pumps and fucks them, then Mexicans in the alley jerk off to it. Valeri claimed to be an old friend suffering from vaginal yeast infection, only for it to be too gross to bear the smell. She fully pursued my live in fat faggot boyfriend who I have been with for 5 years knowing we have been together and live together. She has no shame and could care less about other women so watch out if you know this pathetic person… I seen here once put her grandfathers old used stinky leaking diapers with shit on her head and run into walmart and piss on the vegetables. One time last summer at the lake I seen Valeri sucking off all the retards who were in the park training for the special olympics. I laughed so hard when I heard the retards grunt when she licked their nuts.

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Indiana 3

Where do i start? Haha only. I write facts and only facts. Call me Peter Parker. Got any Perks? Maybe a Xan? Well this b1tch here will literally let you nut in her for half of one and a corndog. Now, the corndog is essential. Because without food, she does, wail around the house and swing her arms about like a ghost on a pull string. My mother taught me not to hit a lady. Well this makes Ashley fare game. Shes anything but. Her game is a good one. She plays the victim card skillfully. And when she has her talons in you, its over. You will fall in love with this girl. Because i mean people are drawn to broken people. Once you do that she will steal from you to get her fix and she will absolutely lie to you. She will make you feel like she is so helpless and shes stealing your wallet at the same time. I cant say that a relationship would be smart for anyone with her. She literally has 9 guys on stand by at all times. To the point where i eventually started calling them all Dustin. All 9 of them. And no, they knew nothing of eachother. But i mean how could you not, ive seen her stuff and it shouldn’t hang the way it does. But i mean 2 kids does that right? I mean you wouldnt know she has kids. She doesnt see them, she gives oral pleasures for her rent, she doesn’t buy her food ( thanks to Dustin?) Where does her money go? Weed or pain pills, and if she has no money, shes selling your stuff or stealing your pills and selling them to get weed. Shes all around trife. She claims to be a friend. I hope she sees this. She belongs on here. If backpage still was up id put her on there too. Moral of the story. If you see her run. Unlesssss you have a Perk

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New York 3

Jamie Uses TransGendered People for drugs and money because they are scum she says

On Wednesday August 16, 2020 Jamie sent NINE text to Chazz Bono saying the words “Wheres my crack you fat fucking dyke” she physically said the words another FIVE to SIX times that day. When Chazz left for work that day Jamie gave it a hug and said “I am going to toss your salad and lick your fat ass cheeks if I dont get my fucking crack faggot” a little after 5pm Jamie sent Chazz one last text saying “Now or I’ll go postal you lesbo fucking cow with a cock” after Chazz got to the job it did fuck all as its a fat lazy fuck. Chazz collected its pity/equal rights pay as it can’t get fired because its a faggot, so it could pay for her drugs…. Pay to make sure she was high enough to walk the street to make money for more drugs. Made sure she had the needles, pipes and supplies needed for hooking because Jamie’s drug addicted ex husband beat her ass instead of paying her. Bitch just wont stop. Watch out for Jamie she is a trans gendered chasing bitch.

Jizz Is Starting To Rust On The Metal Shit On Tawnya’s Fucking Whore Face

Tawnya is the Biggest cum sucking pin cushion face in New York. Yes, it takes two to cheat but she knew I was engaged and living with my man. My fiance and I were together for 3 years, we had our ups and downs like normal couples but we were happy and madly in love with each other. We were each others soul mates. (his words) we went through a miscarriage and since then having been trying to conceive. Out of nowhere Tawnya threw her skanky cVm dumster self at my soon to be husband. Literally the definition of a homewrecker. Do not trust this hoe. She met my man while working as a sh1ty server at the distillery when my man worked there. Almost 30 years old doing nothing with her life but ruin other peoples relationships. What a disgusting excuse for a human being. You should be worried about rasining your son and not sleep with other womens fiance. You don’t deserve to be a mom acting like the town Slore. Also when dudes blast it on your face clean the metal shit on your face its starting to rust.

This is Jennifer she a pasty druggie crack head fuck. Jennifer is an ex girlfriend of my husband. They found each other at drug rehab for heroin and began a 3 year affair. She knew he was married but still sent him naked pictures and used needles. She knew my husband and I were in addiction counseling working shit out. I even spoke to her and asked her, woman to woman to please back her clear looking pasty ass off. She kept pursuing him, despite the fact that she was married too. She eventually lured my husband to Rochester near where she works the streets for crack money so they can “talk”. She rented a hooker hotel room under my name and had sex with my husband. (June 30th, 2091 where she also lied to her pimp and said she got jacked). She’s done this before according to one of her friends at the safe injection site who I reached out to. She has a history of being a home wrecking whore. 


This woman is Rachel she is addicted to anal and works at a gyms daycare facility and looks for married men to fill her shitbox up. She does this because she knows the men won’t say anything to anyone about her in fears of losing their marriage or admitting where they got warts. Little did she know my marriage was already failing on me when she started hitting me up through Facebook, then Snapchat, then in person. Her name Is Rachel (soon to be A$$QUEEN007 as soon as her breakthrough film comes out.). Lives in Durhamville NY with her dildo muff diving mother and she has been with 3 married men at once in her hot tub fucking them while her mom filmed it. One dude was ass pounding her and in a close up when his wiener comes out you can see a mix of cum, blood, and shit ooze out of her asshole. She works at the local Popeye’s Chicken where she spits cum and mucus in niggers chicken for fun. She doesn’t even need or want the pay check she just goes in there to fuck with niggers meals for pure entertainment.

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This girl Shelia of Eldon has been sleeping with a married man for who knows how long. The man was someone I called a brother. She along with him have destroyed a family. She doesn’t care. She needs to be exposed! She goes to the butcher shop and gets a massive sausage and fucks herself in the streets of Eldon with it all while whistling. Bitch laughed at me for her escapades. All she does is suck cock and shit her pants. ALOT. The whole town has seen Shelia out at the bar whore it up wearing her diapers. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. Shelia has a secret she has an old lady bladder. No fucking lie. She pees herself constantly. Ask any guy or chick that has been with her sober. They will all tell you like she smells like she baths in cat urine. I have seen articles wrote on her about people smelling like piss BUT SHELIA REALLY DOES REEK OF CAT URINE.

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