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Random E3

“Sometimes it burns when I pee. It is like I am peeing boners that are ejaculating. Sometimes I go with the niggers black ass in the hot tub and we fill the hot tub full of or pissed out boners. And we shit out our cum and drink the water while farting bubbles and singing christmas carols.” American Presidential Candidate Joe Biden on his time with Barrack Obama in a hot tub in Switzerland.

Random E2

john legend faggot floppy wiener transsexual queer butt pirate
john legend faggot floppy wiener transsexual queer butt pirate

All I do is sit in the back of the library to use their wifi and watch movies. This be whack Help me brothers”-Trumpet Player John Legend

This Paris Hilton quote comes from an interview with the New York Times, “I can’t stand black guys. I’d never touch one. It’s gross.” The quote is part of a hilarious story of the time Paris made out with someone at a party, not realizing he was “a black guy” until the lights came up. In the interview, Hilton was asked ‘how black’ someone had to be for her to shun them. Her reply? “One percent is enough for me.” Now that is gross. Rumor has it that the guy in question was Vin Diesel.

Jeff Epstein Is A Sick Jew. You know he went down and ate out Hillary’s Nasty Pussy With A Fork and big Glass Of Her Period Juice to Drink with a used tampon straw.

Random D8

Lets go to a riot with a bunch of wild niggers and expect nothing to happen…….

Don Lemon is A Racist Gay Negro Who Loves Obama and His Boyfriend’s Asshole

There was no violence mentioned on what I posted what so ever. It is an educational piece on how to deal with niggers safely. It is a public service. This is how bad society doesn’t want you to notice the true violent nature of these beasts.

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