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North Dakota 3

I’ve hooked up with this slut Savannah behind her mans back several times. She is the city whore in Bismarck. Dumb guy has no idea. Too busy working to pay for her and my drugs. Problem is that she’s a gold digger and she thinks I am rich. I lied and said I had money coming. I still sleep at my moms couch am unemployed and crack head and i’m 35. She’s a freak but her pu55y smells nasty and she thinks her sh1t don’t stink. Trust me its bad. I have to be half out of my tree just to stand the smell once those legs are open. The fumes are like a skunk you smell for days. My friends still think I am chasing a skunk at my moms. Truth is its from this bitch, its just this prudent odor of garbage and pelican shit that follows you around like a bad dream. Once she’s gotten what she wants from you she’ll never talk to you again. I am starting to run out of lies.

Skanky Rez slore. Just beware of this slore when she comes around. men are pigs and mine sure was since he likes to mess around with miss piggy, Rasputia, thing she acts like she innocent she isn’t she a slore who don’t know who her kids daddy is. And she tried to say my NOW EX HUSBAND was the father of her child and I was stupid to stick with him for that long. And I told her right out DNA test and she freaked out saying I have no business to be in hers and I snapped on this slore saying if he wasn’t married I wouldn’t but since I was married to him I told her that’s all my business he’s my husband and she freaked out more and blocked us on social media and blocked his number on her broke a55 phone. She gets back at whitey. She hates white women she is very jealus and for taking her land fucks your husbands.

Savannah A Horse Tootherd Cum Hoarder

This little skeeze Savannah from Minot will have sex with anyone and everyone , she doesn’t care if you are married or in a relationship. A friend of mine had been in a relationship and had kids with her then boyfriend and he went to Minot to do some work , well he was out at a bar and met this skanky little skeeze, he bent her over in the parking lot and blew a gooey wad of jizz in her face infront of cheering on lookers. The video made its round on facebook. Cant say I didn’t frig my mud flaps to it too the shit was hot. The whole point of this is she’s a slimy little sleezed up ho. “Horse toothed skank” don’t trust this warty herpes giving dirty b1tch around your man even if she says she’s “just friends” with him , that’s never the case with her ! She is a jizz hoarder.

North Dakota 2

This girl is Jen. And shes from Mott, North Dakota. She is on the super cool welcome wagon there and she shits in welcome packages for Somali niggers. You know those niggers that collect welfare, stink, dumb as rocks, but somehow society is told their culture is rich and they benefit us?. If you think that is mean, it isn’t for that purpose. The shit smell reminds the niggers of their African Homeland and it is like looking in a mirror in a box. It is uncertain if the pieces of shit can be used by the Somali hiv infected niggers as welfare tickets but it is believed it is. Some liberal white douch said niggers deserve all the free shit that they get because the are worthless niggers and the jewish TV told me to. This way if we let all the niggers kill us the Jews can own the world via stupid white peoples guilt and niggers just being flat out themselves,stupid niggers.

Tarina Henderson: Alright, ladies, I have a story for you!!! This little bitch, who works at Mandan Walmart, likes to fuck with the wrong people. Tarina finds the most attractive thing about a man is his sweaty prickly pimply sagging ball sack on her tounge. Not only is she FUCKING my husbands warty scholng, but she is also getting brought into MY home and around OUR daughter (I had with my father). My daughter just told me all about how daddy’s “friend” was there and her and daddy had alone time. Watch your men, ladies! We’ve got another nasty one. She blows all the teenagers that work at walmart and fucks old men in the pharmacy there while she steals beer from the back. Tarina I know you lick the maxi pads in the tampon section you rank skunt bitch.

Jordan Smith The Hannaford Bird Seed Ho I would like everyone to know to date this horny bird fetish psycho mega slut. Her bird wont leave her ex boyfriends alone. And there new girlfriend as well. She will make fake bird profiles of them and then fake bird chirpping conversation to make it look like it’s them. Then she will say dirty bird talk to multiple guys there the dad of her bird’s eggs, I don’t even think she knows who jerks off to her birds anymore. She also kept bugging a pregnant girl because she wanted crack shipped in dildos to Fargo which wouldnt add up. On that note she doesn’t have a car seat for her child who she just hucks in the trunk anyway (useless wad of sperm she wishes she swallowed now)and she never sees her child it’s always with her mom so she can bang needles with ex NBA allstar Larry Bird. She only uses it to get likes on facebook. She even said she never wanted kids, she’s hateful and nasty. She had sex with 2000 plus guys. I found all this shit out after she put bird seed on my dick and pecked it off AFTER.

North Dakota



October-10-13 7:09pm

When your in Elgin go visit Michaela she services dudes underneath the water tower for a cheap rate. Here is a customer review  Introducing you the BIGGEST WHORE In north dakota. she has been pregnant 23 times, by 23 different men, she grew up in a barn, shes a nasty gold digging big slut nosed swallowing whore. she works at the past time bar right in marmath north dakota.. she works as a WHORE and bartender raking in any LONLEY married man thats workin for the oil field.. watch out boys..shes been doin this for years..shes still hangin around with her fat little worn out whore legs wide open smellin like rotten moldy groid puked up chicken..shes a LIEING LITTLE WHORE.?? shes a sick little midget cock suckijn WHORE..her clit is so streched out,its nasty It is like a mud flap on a semi truck driving through mud for weeks.. SHE I NASTY.. if ur man is workin the oil field in marmath, watch out.. she is there becuz she loves to be surrounded my men loads.. ?? shes a sick little midget cock suckijn WHORE..she loves money and anal sex with donkeys.. warn these guys about her.. shes nasty.. and she dont wear condoms because she can’t afford them so she can PURPOSly get pregnant and collect child support for crack money.. [removed] .she made some guy pay for her boob job in black mail or else she would tell his wife they fuked..she thinks because shes blonde, that makes her hot.. shes a DUMB GIRL and nothing helps..

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