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Massachusetts 2

I have been with my husband since I was 14, I am now 20. We had our son when I was 18. We never had much but we always had each other. Here recently, he started telling me things like maybe we should take a break and he no longer wanted to be settled down. He also said older women with bigger tits can fuck better than I can. He said he thought he wasn’t reaching his full potential. He wanted to work on his self. 3 days ago he told me to take our son and move out. I’ve never been allowed to drive, he’d never let me even get my drivers license. I have stayed home day in day out raising our 2year old son. I came home earlier today to get more of my things and caught him in bed with this bitch Elaine! We have spent a whole 2 nights apart and he said we were supposed to work on our relationship! This SL*T pretended to be my friend. Coming to me telling me things my husband was saying. She’s been after my man and pretending to be my friend. What’s even more sickening is she jumps from man to man. She was all hugged up on another guy just last week! I looked up to this bitch like a big sister.

Cock Sucking Crossing Guard

This nasty selfish woman Lolenia slept with my husband of 14 yrs knowing we are married with 3 kids. The worst part is… her boyfriend is my husbands best friend and she is the damn Crossing Guard at my kids school! So now my poor kids have to see the girl who destroyed their family every day at school! The kids probably have to plug their noses from the wiff of her stinky vagina. She fucks all the guys in the neighborhood other teachers, dads, older brothers, cops, firefighters, the homeless, ect. She won’t stop. She is a cock drainer.When I went over to Lolenia’s house to confront her about it and tell her fucking boyfriend. I was shocked to find out he was cool with my husband fucking her. In fact her jerks off to it. What is wrong with these people. She makes videos of herself getting fucked in her crossing guard uniform with her drenched in cum. She is a fucking pig!

This here ladys and gentlemen is Sherry. A full time mother of three beautiful children as well as a part time homewrecker. Sherry here has become very upset that her husband has fallen in love with one of the many other woman he has been sleeping with, usually at the crack houses he frequents for gay raw unprotected all male on male orgies. Which is very understandable. Except she’s not that innocent herself. Sherry has been a very bad girl. She admitedly told her husband (by the way, his name is Shaun) that she has slept with his boss on multiple occasions and that his boss knew how to fuck her properly. Bare with me. Sherry stays with her husband knowing how terrible of a man in the sack he is and has come as low as giving permission for him to sleep with other dudes. Permission, you ask? Sherry personaly told her husband (at their own house party) to i quote “stick his dick inside her brothers unwiped shithole.” Shaun happily did so and Sherry then became jealous and exclaimed he must stop at once and let her suck the ass goo off his cock. She is sick and twisted.

Fucks In Wal Mart Bathrooms.

This is Margey. I fucked her on the cold dirty tile floor of a Worcester Wal-Mart Public bathroom when she was willing to do anything for meth. It was fucking gross. I have big cauliflower like warts on my cock and balls and it burns when I pee. Her vag looks like a dog ate shit and barfed it out on a plate and it smells just as bad. Her super sized granny panties were crusted to her body when I pulled them off with what I assumed was crusted liquid shit and urine that her poise pad missed. It could of been dudes jizz too who knows. Thanks Margey! I kept Margey’s Poise pad and tampon of a momento remember that crusty bitch and ugly fucking city.

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Massachusetts 1


This 30 year old, rave going, gold digging HOMEWRECKER Brittany lobes to mess around with married men who have children. She’s been with many married men and has been caught on several occasions. She likes to go for men who can give her a good time and buy her things. She was screwing her boss at her old job until his wife found out and fired her, she then found her next target while working at a bar called MAPLES. She now lives in Boston and continued to help a married man with children cheat on his wife. She’s learned this way of living from her mother who works at pbmc in riverhead who also cheats on her husband and knew the family of the man her daughter was cheating with fairly well. She goes after nerds and dresses like Superman. The only super powers this bitch has is Super Herpes. Whore.

The Boston Police Department is seeking help in identifying a fucking nigger wanted  for breaking and entering and indecently raping a white woman in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. He goes into females homes he enters black female homes too. He doesn’t have to rape the black females as they just let the buck mate with them. Black females are like males they will have sexual contact with anything anywhere no matter the circumstances.

Alana is one of the most despicable displays in Bean Town. Tricks everyone into thinking shes so sweet and innocent and caring when in reality shes a selfish cheating lying manipulative tramp who has ruined so many relationships and lives and doesn’t care who she hurts to get what she wants even when there is children involved. She has lied about her porno roll in the movie “Pig Tailed Bitch Sluts Milk Large Elephant Cocks” She was seeing Billy from Walmart in 2012/2013 and said to everyone about how he use to jerk off to gay porn when on the phone with his mom. He was and she didn’t even like him or his 5% Walmart Employee discounts. She had the NERVE to get on the news and cry crocodile tears like she actually gave a fuck when everyone knew better. Disgusting. Started dating his friend who worked at rival K Mart and was running around on him too with the dude from Home Depot! Had a baby and left him and got with another guy from Lowe’s Hardware. Lots of running around don’t forget to watch Alana milk elephant cocks dry in her new movie. She needs the money for meth and crack and abortions

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Katey Bancroft Flitchburg Massachusetts

This cumdumpster Katey is the trash of the earth! She is world famous and is From Fitchburg, Massachusetts. There are photos above of the cop shop where she has stayed many nights in the cell. Or goes there to blow cops to get her drugs back.. No job, and pays for her drugs/suboxtone by sleeping with men for money. Her side hobbies include sleeping with any one of her loser junkie friends who happen to have drugs on them and stealing from various stores to pay for her habits. She has kids that she doesn’t care about and that she has abandoned due to her drug habits. She uses her lies to gain sympathy. She also confided in me that when she sees a happy couple she ENJOYS sleeping with the man or woman in the relationship to try and cause drama. She said she gets enjoyment out of it and that if they were willing to sleep with her then the relationship was doomed anyway. She really is the most disgusting woman to ever walk this earth. biggest snake alive.

Beware ladies! This low life Jocelyn pretends to be a nice paki girl but she is a hard core porno slut. Her stupid taxi dad and husband have no fucking idea. Jocelyn has done such films as “Paki sluts love American Cock” and “I wish East Indian Men Weren’t So Repulsive 2” This shell of a woman has no shame is trying to steal your man and will go to great lengths to get fucked and have Christian American men shoot their jizz on the Koran as she spits their loads on it too. Eventually after one of her relatives see her when they are jerking off to porn she will be beat. Muslim men love to beat women and fuck goats just like their friends the Jews. Jocelyn is also seen at Home Depot wiping her ass and vagina with sand paper and selling it to contractors to sniff so she can buy H. She shoots up a lot that is why she is skinny and has massive drug bags under her eyes without make up.

If this is the best looking woman in your state you have a problem! The liberals and Jews keep attempting to make black people appear beautiful. Some things you just can’t fix, they are ugly, it is sad but true. By no means am I this good looking person but fuck at least I don’t look and smell like a piece of feces. God people is anyone falling for any of this?

Devon Debendictis of Billerica This girl will ruin relationships and families and get your man on drugs. The good shit she doesn’t fuck around unless it is with your man and his pole. This heroin junkie will spread her legs and ass cheeks for anyone or thing that gives her the slightest bit of attention. She needs to spend more time closing her legs and staying off of drugs and being a good role model for her sprog child then just dumping her kid with random people all the time so she can shoot up and party and suck the dogs balls in the fruit bowl. The other night she was out with Eve Sandler and the two of them were pissing and shitting on fire hydrants in nigger neighborhoods for heroin. This girl is straight warty ratchet junkie trash with no self respect. I have had more respect for yeast infections of yeast infections before this skankaradoo. BEWARE.

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There Are No Black Serial Killers

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