Brazil 10

Beware of Luciana she has herpes. I know I gave them to her. Back in 2004 I went on a singles site to get a hot brazilian bitch. Instead I got Luciana. I fucked her a couple times then ditched her back off at the bus depot I picked her up at. I did promise her I would pay for her and marry her and all that shit. But I fuked her and she wasn’t as hot as the picture she sent so I tried to return the bitch for a refund. She can’t cook, read, clean, speak barely any fucking english except for fuck me and blast it in my mouth. Just a dirty skank. Just beware you will itch and burn I have a really scabby case of those bastards and did the best American way and shared them with Luciana and the rest of Brazil. Fuck You Luciana And Fuck your faggot homo soccer loving country of losers.

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Sao Paulo

Claims That Black People Should be Recycled To Tar a Bridge from New York City To London to Sao Paulo. United Nig-Tar-Mac.

Claudia from Sao Paulo does granny porn. She grabs her knitting needles and hooks them up to her electric toothbrush. She then masterbates with the needles in the electric toothbrush. She puts the setting on to high and cums out loud while watching the Price is Right. This one made it pretty simple. Didn’t have her own husband because hers is in jail for raping pigs so she stole mine with her sob story of being lonely. My husband in return took advantage since spending much of his business life selling drugs in Brazil and started a long term relationship with this ruthless foureyed period juice blood smelling woman, who couldn’t care less about our 3 children or the damage that would be done. My son Pedro is still fucked up and looks like that 4 eyed faggot Milhouse from the Simpsons. From what I heard, she is doing the very same thing to other married men from the same company on their business trips. She thinks she is better than most Brazilians too because she is white. Well ok thats one good thing about her. But the rest of her fucking sucks.

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Maria sucking as much cock as she can until someone buys her some real tits.

My loser husband and I had been together for 13 years. Last year 2019 it was a very nice starting year for us. We had a vacation just the 2 of us and so many plans for our family. Then he left for work abroad in Chui, Brazil for 6 months. During 5 months we are really ok, we are planning our house but I had no idea that he is having an affair to an 19 year old Brazillian nurse named MARIA with 1 son from some smart guy who ditched her brace face ass. . Then December came, which his contract ends. 2 days before Christmas, I discover him in the garage sniffing her maxi pads. I ask him to choose between me and Maxi Maria. He chooses me of course because I have more money. We try to fix our marriage by bringing in hookers into the bedroom with crack and meth, and promise that he will let me fuck his grandfather with a strap on dildo. He was just tempted to let me do him right there. Watch out For Maxi Pad Maria in Chui Brazil.

Brazilian Nanny by Day, Country Side Yeast Infection Spewer By Night.

Livia has massive spewing yeast infections all over the Brazilian country side. She has no morals and no regard for the Brazilian Yeast Infection Standards Code. She started sexting my boyfriend of 6 yrs on his work phone with pictures of her yellow mucus crusted Mickey Mouse underwears. He hired her as a nanny for our young daughter and he kept Livia in a barn and fucked her as much as he fucked the cows and horses. We came to Brazil from the UK to help these shitskin spics not fuck them. I only fucked the pool boy on weekends for fuck sakes. This bitch pretends she doesn’t speak English and is so innocent but is just trash trying to get pregnant to move out of her drug dealing dads house and stop sucking little spick pricks! Nothing happened cause I found out about her but she still tries to contact him and it’s been 3 months! Watch out if you’re looking for a nanny, she’ll sleep with your husband in a min and bring strange men into your home! Dirty skank with legendary Yeasting Skills. She puts the Yeast in Yeast Infection Whore.

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Top Ten Countries That Produce The Most Watermelons

Nigger Pickles are a delicious healthy snack food. High in Protein and fiber. It makes you strong so you can steal TV’s better. Here are the top producing countries of Nigger Pickles in Tons they produce.

10- Mexico 1.1 Million Tons

Over a Million tons of watermelon produced in Mexico and the NBA put a team in Canada and not Mexico? Bad marketing. Bad bad marketing. When its not Lettuce season and lawn season in American most Mexicans that don’t hibernate migrate to Mexico for watermelon season. This way they stay in shape for Lettuce season in the USA.

9- Egypt 1.68 Tons

Allah thinks that watermelons are a sin. So all these Egyptians that eat watermelons are failed Muslims. It clearly states in the Koran. But since Egyptians are fucking losers in absolutely every other aspect in life. Taking #9 on the list is a feat for a national holiday for this country full of losers.

8- Russia 1.757 Tons

Due to Russia’s immigrant hating lifestyle, the local Russian’s get to enjoy their watermelon in peace with out having a group of savage wild niggers steal them.

7- United States Of America 1.823 Tons

Watermelons were invented by Americans in 1735 as a way to motivate slaves to not rape the farm animals on cotton plantations. It didn’t work well. But turned out many years later to be a quality delicious snack.

6- Algeria 1.877 Tons

The history of d’Alger or Algerian melons dates back to ancient Roman times where they were held in high esteem and available only to the very wealthy and or white people. This heirloom in the Cucumis genus originally hails from North Africa and is one of the oldest heirloom melons still available today. It is rumored that Jay-Z and Oprah have put in bids to own the magnificent piece for their mansions.

5- Uzbekistan 1.976 Tons

The climate of Uzbekistan with long hot summers fit well with such a heat-loving plant. It doesn’t bid so well however for an Uzbek woman when a man comes home with sweaty balls and expects a blow job.

4- Brazil 2.09 Tons

Brazil’s annual production of watermelons is large due to their large population – in recent years approaching Oprah Winfrey levels. Almost all of Brazil has climate conditions that allow successful cultivation of watermelons, and most watermelon is consumed close to where it was grown. This is mainly due to the fact that normal people are too smart to buy anything from a shit place like Brazil.

3- Iran 3.813 Tons

Iran makes a shitload of watermelon annually. Which means it is only a matter of time before the Jewish CNN liars write a story about them supporting terror or sending bombs in the watermelons. Trust me an Iranian Melon is great try one next time. And spit the seeds in a local Jewish owned newspaper for fun.

2- Turkey 3.928 Tons

Turkey also grows more watermelons than the entire European Union (EU) combined, namely 44.3 percent more. The country’s watermelon production has remained stable over the past ten years at about 3,800 million kilos. The EU’s watermelon production stood at 2,692.5 million kilos. Well then why don’t the African niggers only make it as far as Turkey and stay there? Watermelon is the same as welfare.

1- China 79.244 Tons

China leads the world in watermelon production and consumption by a fucking long shot. These fucking chinks have a watermelon museum in Beijing.

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Most Popular Twitter Users Per Country

Twitter is a great way to tell someone how gay, fat, and or ugly they are in less than 30 words.

This list may be a little hard to understand. At least if your black, but if you are you probably can not read. I picked the top twitter accounts by country then I went until I got 10 countries.

10- Spain– Real Madrid

Real Madrid has 33 Million Twitter Followers

Spanish Football club Real Madrid has 33 Million followers which makes them 45 the most followed handle on twitter in the world. They are the most followed team in all sports. Just down the list at 50 is Barcelona.

9- Ireland– Niall Horan

You still look like a fag with a flag. Your dad Bono must be so proud.

The kid that was in the backstreet boys or what ever from Ireland has 39 million twitter followers. It makes him 33rd in the world.

8- United Kingdom– BBC Breaking News

BBC Breaking News is the largest followed thing by Twitter in the UK with 41 million followers.

Ha ha Take that Royal Family and Elton John. BBC Breaking News is the most followed twitter thing from the UK. And this site actually has more reliable truthful information than they do lol. BBC is the 30th highest twitter handle in the world. Yet American CNN is 17th and the most followed non person account is YouTube at 9th.

7- Brazil– Neymar

Brazilian Footballer Neymar has 45 million followers

Now I have never heard of Neymar mainly because I don’t watch pussy sports like soccer. I like real sports like NOT SOCCER. Neymar is the 22nd highest followed person on twitter with 45 million followers. He is sandwiched right in between Americans Bill Gates and the New York Times Newspaper.

6- Colombia– Shakira

Colombian Shakira is 19th in the world with 52 Million followers.

Another one that isn’t a shock that she is the biggest Colombian. Her world rank shocked me a bit. Minus Pablo Escobar name someone from Colombia? Pablo wasn’t a fan of twitter because Trump body shamed him on there.

5- India– Narendra Modi

Modi has 52 Million Twitter followers.

If you haven’t heard of this diaper head you are not alone. But if you guessed this rag top is the prime minister of India. He is the 18th most followed world wide. After Ronaldo there was a shit load of American jew puppets.

4– Portugal– Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo is the 4th on this list and 6th in the world with 82 million followers.

Christiano Ronaldo is also the highest European, sports person, and male to make the list. Come on do you really think Bieber and Obama are close to men?

3- Barbados– Rihanna

Rihanna has 95 million Twitter followers.

Singer Rihanna from Barbados is 3rd on here and 4th in all users. It is not certain if her tweets are about her music, skin bleaching, or the fact that she tries hard to look white and distance herself from her monkey nigger roots.

2- Canada– Justin Bieber

This little faggot is 3rd in the whole world with 108 followers. Katy Perry is second in case you care.

I knew this faggot would be the highest Canadian. He is third in the world. I would of thought one of those soccer guys would of beat him out though.

1- United States of AmericaBarack Obama

Obama has the most twitter followers at 112 million. Most of them are Michelle and Hillary Clinton

Not shocked it was an American and not even shocked it is a nigger. More shocked it is him though. I sort of thought it would of been a real famous nigger like Tupac, Aunt Jemima, or that nigger from the cream of wheat box.

If you liked that article. Not that I care if you fucking did or not. There are more here.

When Trump takes a shit he flushes it down the toilet. When Obama did he named it, gave it welfare, and settled it in white neighborhoods.

Brazil 8

With a population of over 200 million fucking losers, Brazil is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world. But the huge number of mentally ill inhabitants brings about a dramatic amount of murders – just in 2012 alone, almost 65,000 people were killed in the country. It is believed that drug trade and raging alcoholism are among the major causes of the high homicide occurrence. But then again it is Brazil and most people that live there do not want to live anyway as life sucks there as is. I thought Brazil would of been higher on the Murder List. But it is the 12th most likely country in the world to get murdered in.

Brazil 7

Brazil SImpsons

Granjeiro Cock Gobbler Man Elina is a lot of fun if your in Granjeiro, Brazil or any Canadian city she frequents to ride the knobs. If she ain’t home wrecking her muff with dildos she’s doping up. It’s not hard to get this one bent over in the bushes or on her knees with a stiffy in each hand eagerly awaiting loads. Weed, mushrooms or crack/cocaine, will definitely have her worshipping your stick. Worn down is an understatement and all her holes have been filled, you won’t find friction anywhere. Insides are burnt out so feel free to fill up without repercussion. Sexual history before immigrating to Canada really built up the gag reflex’s on this one. Good for a one nighters, long terms not so much. But all in all still worth the few pesos that she costs. You have to put a diaper on this one as she poops in her sleep/or pass out. Her asshole is literally so loose I built a model train city inside of it complete with a diner and post office.

No wonder there are so many murders in Brazil country looks boring. The media spends a lot of time trying to brain wash them into thinking they are good at soccer. The whole world knows they suck and are a joke, but Brazilians really believe they are good. Fucking idiots.

This lovely lady here is Diareah Santos. She lives here right in that bank pictured above. This is what a Canadian woman said about the joy of having her in her home. I welcomed this “nanny” into my home . She was asked to leave 4 days later after bitting my 5 year old child and calling him a spoiled brat . He went to school and told his teacher about the horrible nanny he had , at that time we called CAS . She had told me her mother helps girls in Brazil ,that are in bad situations. After doing some digging we found out that the money that I thought was going to a charity to help women was just getting pocketed by this girl . Please parents looking to hire her or other nanny’s please check and call all references . I did not . I wish I did . Charges for sex trafficking , drinking and driving . Parents please check all references . We need to get scum like this taking advantage of our system, she needs to get out of Canada and go back to Brazil . I also caught her having hard rough bareback sex with my husband in the garage. Him and all is friends were using her as a cum dumpster. Her name in town is called the cum rag. She once filmed a porno movie called “No Cum Dodging Allowed”.

Brazil 6

Simspons Brazil

Brazil is a fucking shit hole enough said almost. It isn’t shitty enough where it deserves a cleaner on the top of it but in a few years it will. Besides Soccer and Tom Brady’s horse face wife. What has Brazil exported? They probably rip most drugs from the other countries. If Brazil is suppose to be the king pin of South America they are fucking doomed.

I know there are niggers in Brazil but two together spells and smells trouble. They are planing a huge bongo party tonight. Since in Brazil all white people don’t even talk to niggers period. Niggers have formed a new form of their natural instinct of screaming racism on other niggers that are lighter skinned or smell better.
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