Chris Harrison Grabs John Paul Jones By The Hair Like The Reigns Of A Horse When He Ass Fucks Him

John Paul Jones is a dishwasher at a gay nigger hip hop shower and bath bar in Baltimore and is from Maryland who is here looking for a place to crash as he got evicted because he spent his rent money on scratch tickets and hookers. When John Paul Jones isn’t masterbating to Clifford The Big Red Dog Books , he enjoys chilling at Soup Kitchens and contemplating the easiest way to score crack. Could Hannah be John Paul Jones’ future bride? Of course not she wants a man that at least owns a bed and doesn’t sleep sometimes behind the Lucky Dollar.

  • When referring to John Paul Jones, always use his full name: John Paul Jones. Unless he is around Chris Harrison’s Nut Sack because John Paul Jones is a bitter.
  • John Paul Jones’s favorite drink is champagne. And he was the one who told Hanna Ann on the Bachelor to fuck with the bitch Kelsey for Champagnegate.
  • John Paul Jones rarely uses words that are considered nice. He calls the women whores and talks about how bad their fucking muffs stink like sewage. He calls all the niggers niggers and the shows Jew producers make him suck Chris Harrison off alot for those mistakes. So he makes them alot.
  • Checked into a Rehab Center last Spring after getting addicted to crack/cocaine while living with fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestant Dylan under a fucking bridge.

John Paul Jones Loves His Cotton Alot.

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Neuter Your Negros People

Kenny Nigger Pickles

Kenny The Wild Nigger Who Escaped From The Zoo

Kenny Nigger Pickles is a member of the Bachelor in Paradise Cotton Pickers Union Season 5. He stinks like shit. He thinks he is a wrestler as he idolizes sweaty men rolling around in their underwear. He claims one niglet as a form of collecting a gubament check. Kenny is considered dangerous and may have rabbis and should not be approached with out gloves.

During a few commercial breaks while they were filming Bachelor In Paradise Season 5. Chris Harrison would often grab Kenny aside right before he felt like he was going to piss or blow his load. Grab Kenny by the brillo head, plug his nose, ram his cock down his mouth and squirt his dick contents down Kenny’s throat and laugh. Kenny loved this game.

Interview with Kenny

A chicken drumstick, a watermelon on my ankle, and on my back FUCK THE WHITE MAN

What is a typical Saturday night like for you?
Dressing up in a ski mask and hiding in the park waiting for white women to rape.

If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why?
MC Hammer his beats are dope.

Who is your favorite actor and why?
Spongebob Square Pants. I sit in the back of blockbuster and jerk off to the videos and jizz in a jar and save it to dip my chicken strips in later.

What is your favorite all-time book and why?
Im a nigger I can’t read. Reading and books are a form of white supremacy invented to bring the black community down.

What is the most romantic present you have ever given?
HIV and or herpes

Who is the person you love most in this world and why?

If you could live in any other time period, what would it be?
Ancient Egypt When blacks were Kings and we could fly and had super powers until the evil white people stole them.

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Dean Gets Ass Hacked By Chris Harrison

Sydney Has CoronaVirus In Her Moldy Snatch

Chris Hitler Harrison

Christopher Adolph Harrison (born July 26, 1971) is an American Gaylord Cult Guru and game show host, best known for his role as host of the joke television dating show The Bachelor since 2002, and its spin-offs Sluts and Guys who pretend to not be gay since 2003, Maxi Pads For Single Moms from 2010 to 2012, Bachelor in Paradise since 2014.

From 1993–99, Harrison worked as a male stripper in Oklahoma City. He was married to his college sweetheart, Victoria F. They have two children, which child welfare service took away from them. In May 2012, after 18 years of marriage, Harrison beat the shit out of his wife and announced he was into men. As of 2018, Harrison was confirmed to be dating numerous dudes most recently John Legend.

Chris Harrison Vows To Never Let Niggers Win In The Bachelor
Chris Harrison does this in front of the mirror in public gas station bathrooms before he jerks off to mens underwear catalogues in the shitter stalls. All while using the ketchup packets he stole from the station as lube for his cock.

Random Fun Bits About Chris Harrison

  • In 1992 He received a life time ban from Wendy’s fast food restaurants for sticking the straws up his asshole twirling them around in his poo and then putting them back.
  • Was a relationship organizer for Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Jeffrey Epstein, and O.J Simpson.
  • Ordered in extra high bushes and tinted walls for the sets of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise so he can jerk off to the contestants with out them seeing or the cameras catching him.
  • While working at Wal-Mart in 1996 he was fired for getting a blow job from an elderly customer sitting on a fat scooter. It was not revealed if the customer was male or female but it was rumored it was a store Bernie Sanders frequented often.
  • Placed 17th at the 2003 American National Porcupine Raping Games in Syracuse. Beating out fellow celebrity Jim from the Progressive Commercials who placed 24th.
  • Says if he ever sees Survivor Host Jeff Probst walking down the street he is going to beat his goof ass fucking sensless. He says he will shit on the ground grab Probst’s faggot head and smear it in the shit make him fucking eat it all, then piss on him.

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Chris Harrison Shoves Playdough Up His Fucking Asshole

Dean Spits Out Chris Harrison’s Load In The Pool

Dean Spits out Chris Harrison’s Load after blowing him at the pool bar so he doesn’t have to sleep in his shitty van at night.

Dean Unglert was a contestant on the 13th season of The Bachelorette. During that fucking shitshow of a joke he fist started blowing Chris Harrison for muffins from the breakfast room He was eliminated in week 8 for personal reasons to attend a KKK rally.

He later appeared on the 4th season of Bachelor in Paradise. He quit in week 4 again for a White Pride Event. He returned again for The Bachelor Gay Mens Anal Assault Videos. He was eliminated in week 4 when he failed to fit Chris Harrison’s dick up his ass because it was limp. He returned again for the 6th season of Bachelor in Paradise. He quit in week 3 because his mom (RIP) came down from Heaven to smack him in the head for how stupid he was because all her friends in heaven knitting club were mocking her because of him. He returned in week 5 but quit in that same week.

Dean gained attention after appearing on Bachelor in Paradise, where he attempted to juggle two relationships, with Rosie Odonnel and Some Paki From Another TV Show, at the same time. Dean didn’t end up with either. As he got madly hooked on crack and sucking off Chris Harrison Every living second of the day.

What is your favorite memory from childhood?
When I was very young, my family lived in a mobile home. I remember sitting on top with my brothers watching hard core gay anal fuck me in the ass bareback and raw porno and eating cat shit out of the litter box while our nightly step dad ass raped us.

If you could go anywhere in the U.S., where would you go and why?
Pete Buttplugs House to suck his balls for hours and hours after he ass fucked his boyfriends diareahed up asshole. I highly doubt I could ever get tired of the sound of Buttplugs ass cheeks rippling together. Just the slapping thought alone gets me horny.

Describe your idea of the ultimate date.
Michael Jackson’s Never Land Ranch with Chris Harrison and meth AND ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chris Harrison Fucks That Rubber Pool Flamingo

Diggy The Four Eyed Nigger

According to The Nebraska Farmers Almanac, Diggy was a senior cotton picker for Colonel and Bernie Sanders and has worked at companies such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s. His Myspace he recently started up a How To Rape White Women blog offering up advice and guidance on playing the race card, aptly titled Your White Ass Owes Me For Slavery. Fun nigger fact: he actually got his nickname Diggy because his classmates caught him digging up dead bodies in cemeteries to rape.”

In a 2017 chat with Nigerian Gay Nigger Nightly Nigger News, Diggy was proud to call himself an HIV and Hemroid Explosion survivor. He told the mag: “Bix Nood Muda fukin whitey gibs me foo”

Diggy, whose real name is actually Field Model Nigger T-1987634-09.4b, initially appeared on Season 13 of The Bachelorette, vying with other savage niggers to rape the Queen Gorilla Rachel. He was eliminated in week 4 for not understanding how to use the restroom facilities properly (he shit and pissed all over the fucking floor all the time). Even with a nigger-ish exit, Diggy quickly became a felon among the FBI and Americas Most Wanted who were happy to see him return to jail. It was there where he first connected with Lacey Mark a Jewish Pig and then went on to strike up a relationship with Chris Harrison. The couple seemed solid until one of his own species another nigger boon entered the picture, capturing his attention enough for him to accept her plate of watermelon. Diggy and the sheboon hit it off, but their situation went into friend-zone territory when they ran out of watermelon and crack. Diggy didn’t find everlasting free shit on reality TV yet, so why not go rob a fucking liquor store?

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Dean’s Moustache Made From Nigger Ass Hair

Dyke Demi Eats Shit With Stolen Silverware

Bachelor in Paradise To Spay and Neuter Nigger Contestants

On June 11, 2017 production was suspended indefinitely due to normal nigger behavior. It was reported that production allegedly filmed cotton picker field nigger DeMario Jackson in a sexual encounter with Corinne Olympios, who may have been passed out drunk or on a date rape drug. They didn’t want to state the obvious due to fears of being called racist. Peter Buttplug released a statement saying:

“We have become aware of this negros monkeyshines on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.”

On June 20, 2017, it was enforced that this did not occur and that the investigation was over and it appeared no misconduct occurred on the set. That’s the word from Jesse Jackson and Michelle Obama which released the following statement:

As we previously stated, we recently became aware of allegations regarding an incident on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We take all such allegations not serious because black people can do anything if you don’t accept it you are RACIST. Our internal investigation, conducted with the assistance of OJ Simpson, has now been completed. Out of respect for Jewish interests of those producers and bankers, we do not intend to release the videotape of the truth. We can say, however, that the tape caused a lot of vomit by those who seen it. Production on this season of Bachelor in Paradise will be resuming, and we plan to find a white male contestant who used the word black edit the clip and frame them for a racist action so this can be covered up”

Bill Cosby then released this response:

“We appreciate Jello and the swift and complete investigation by The Duke Rapist Investigation Team and Jussie Smollett did into the allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise,” said a network spokesperson. “Given their results, the series will resume production, and will air this summer on some tv channel for homosexual and transgendered faggots. Kids say the darnest things and for all we know, no sounds like yes and she may of been HIV positive before meeting the demario Jello Pudding”

Host Chris Harrison tweeted:

“Fuck you DeMario you stinky nigger you stole my fucking playdough you brillo head. #BachelorNation Fuck You and to your entire nigger tribal monkey family.#herpes #gaypride #peterweberputhisballsinmmouth”

While neither Corinne Olympios nor DeMario Jackson returned to filming post-scandal, they will still appear in this season from footage shot before the scandal halted production. Due to this incident in the future if the show allows niggers they will all be spayed and neutered.

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It Is More Than Contestants Even Animals On The Streets Aren’t Safe


Blake Takes Shits in Boxes and Mails the Contents

It was a heartfelt goodbye for big time cock sucker Blake Horstmann on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise after he learned that Kristina Schulman has herpes and didn’t want to pursue a relationship with him. He then moved into a crack house in Will Smith’s backyard and fucked some elderly niggers in wheelcharis.

The Gay Male Film Star didn’t exactly have the easiest time while dating men on the beach this summer, and he took to his Justin Bieber fan page after his Season 6 departure to detail his rocky experience. He spent most of the summer mailing his stinky poo logs from his ass to politicians like Hillary Clinton and Obama while high on crack he stole from niggers at McDonalds.

“To say paradise was rough on my asshole was an understatement. I have no one to blame but myself for the anal leakage now. It’s not easy putting yourself in a diaper and all of your mistakes out there for the world to see,” he wrote along a photo of his dirreah on the beach. The mistakes he’s referring to, are, of course, the way he treated some of the women on the show — specifically that fucking skank Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who Blake claims is as usless as a cum rag under his grandfathers bed.

Lots of people do not realize that Blake was born with a rare disorder called Biocolonorcapstiocity. Which basically means he was born with 2 assholes. That is twice the gay and twice the amount of faggot jizz pumped into his rectum cavities. Kanye West is the only other American to be known to have the disorder.

After giving his first STD to that gorillaTayshia at the first rose ceremony, Blake tells slutbag Caelynn and Monkey woman Tayshia he is there for Hannah G as her muff doesn’t stink as bad as theirs. She is not reciprocating his affection. Hannah G. has been with that faggot fairy pricess Dylan since day 1 of filming and it appears she has zero interest in pursuing Blakes warty ballsack.

Blake is reportedly regretful of his rapist actions and has shed faggot jizz more than once on this season. This drama has tarnished his reputation that fans had loved so much. Will he be able to redeem himself? Will Blake leave Paradise alone or will one of the women give him another chance? Odds are Dylan will murder Blake after an argument over meth.

The new season of Bachelor in Paradise will premiere in August on the FaggotTrannyChannel.

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Mike Is A Dog Fucking Nigger

Diggy The Four Eyed Nigger

Dylan Sucks Off Old Men Under the I-10 Bridge For Crack Nuggets

Dylan speaks out about how growing up with a lack of smell made sticking sweaty old man balls in his mouth less painful.

I knew Dylan in High School too. He called all black people niggers. Even the ones he owned and beat on his fathers cotton plantation. The guy use to sit and stare at other dudes in the shower with his jaw wide open. Licking his lips thinking of man balls smacking him in the face.

Dylan also has been facing legal issues from jerking off in public outside of the Pet Store. He likes licorice with rice which he learned from the nigger chicks on the paradise bachelors. After he sold them to a cotton plantation in Quebec that was owned by Celine Dion. Dylan and Celine share 2 children and multiple STDs together. I mean do you think that old guy that was with Celine Dion had a dick that worked?

Poor Dylan. He has herpes in his asshole also. He got them from Chuck Lorre.

Chris Harrison Shoves Play Dough Up His Fucking Asshole on Sundays

There is no proof that Chris Harrison shoves play dough up his asshole. I mean really come on have you seen the show. He cant afford Play Dough it may be silly putty.

Chris Harrison with some dude he transformed into a chick.
This picture was taken in front of Chris Harrisons Grandmothers stolen tv last christmas. Before Chris packed his anal cavity with playdough and bakery yeast.

Chris Harrison was born Liham Kozhnikokooffstan the 3rd. His father was a Jewish Pig rapist and his mother was some nigger bitch who shined Aunt Jemima and Uncle Bens shoes.

Chris came out as a flaming fudgepacker in 2001 when he was caught having bum sex with Kanye West in a broom closet in Spain. Kanye denied these allegations and then talked about the cauliflower looking warts on his cock that came from all the AIDS niggers fucking his wife and the Koaldashians.

Chris Harrison at a Tampon Convention in Little Rock. Talking about his dedication to making bathroom cocking seal up his loose asshole when he has diareah He talks about the struggles, his addiction, and his new found love of banking cookies.

Chris Harrison has won many awards for his greatness. …………

Chris posing with soccer world Champions. He bought them the world championships to keep them quiet for the sex abuse

Sydney From Bachelor In Paradise Why?

I went to high school with Sydney. She sucked everyones dick back then. She use to store dudes jizz and use it for toothpaste. She was so nasty. It was rumored that she would huck in her used tampons and maxi pads in the Chinese Food at her dads Zipperhead restaurant.

Sydney hates when people call her a stupid chink and think she works as a massage parlor or nail stylist.

Also when Sydney was a child since her parents are some type of chinese they wanted a boy. Since they couldnt molest Sydney because they thought back then she would have no tits so she would be a useless chink. Her dad hit her in the face with a shovel alot to make her look better. I helped a bit. After that her friends gave her the name Shovel Face. She was then admitted into the retard classes in school. Since she was Asian she was smart and started fucking all the teachers.

Why Sydney feels less fresh down below she uses a bar of soap in her muff to freshen up and kill the stench of old man jizz.

Sydney I last heard is doing alright. She had an audtion at a show but after getting hooked on Heroin with Fred Penner her life went down hill.

Sydney Claims that Fred Penner is the best lover she has ever had. Fred apparently likes anal alot.

Sydney will go down as not only the greatest actress in Bachelor in Paradise History but also the one with the largest shit skid mark in her white granny panties.

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