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My husband of a 13 year marriage has been cheating on me for the last 3 years with a 28 year old blond girl from work Nicole in Cape Town. She divorced her husband for my husband. We have 2 children 10 and 9. I had no idea about the affair. She sent me anonymous messages and when I did not respond, she started texting me herself. Eventually I went to hear what she wanted to tell me, and to my shock and horror learned that they have been sleeping together. He would climb from my bed into her bed on the same day. I am disgusted. I kept thinking niggers were breaking into my house until I found out about this bitch. She stinks, is filthy, and it is rumored she got HIV from being gang raped by a nigger. She is so filthy I would gamble about a 2% she willingly fucked the nigger. I know 2% is high but lots of people fuck animals and molest children. Same thing. Nicole you are a sick bitch. And your picture makes you look like you are squeezing your bum cheeks together to hold your poo in.

Owns a store and shoots niggers that rob her

Rakhee is a fucking Paki who hates niggers/kaffirs. She purposely left India to open up a store in South Africa to shoot niggers/kaffirs that rob her store for crack. She knew the only way to be able to legally kill groids was to bait them with a store that specializes in watermelon and malt liquor. My marriage is the third she wrecked and her poor rapist taxi driving fucking husband thinks she’s Miss India. I have a little girl who has cried her eyes out because her father who has always been hands on has started to ignore her and her needs. Her father loves to watch Rakhee shoot niggers. So he also sticks his wiener in Rakhee. Often times while she wears a turban and holds a shot gun at the Kwik E mart she owns. Rakhee you stinky bitch South Africa doesn’t need your paki hindu ass move to Israel bitch.

This woman, Liliana the Hoburg of Joburg, had an affair with my husband for a almost a year. a hard core fucking in gravy and urine affair. I found out when she sent an email with a dildo machine and her fucking a horse to him but I saw and jerked off to it with my son. Then the whole story came out. She emailed me to say that she wouldnt make another movie with out a seal of approval from the South African Porn Industrial corporation. It was too hard for her. He had told her at 1 stage that he wanted to stop and had cut off his penis with a pair of rusty garden shears but the communication repair man stopped him when hooking up a netflix box next door. With her there is absolutely no cum dodging allowed, but she kept on calling all the other whores that hang out with her cum hogs. Slutty bitch Liliana I hope you choke on your dads dick crust ass.

Despite its faggot sounding nickname “The Rainbow Nation,” South Africa, home to about 54 million people, has a very high rate of murders, assaults, rapes and other violent crimes against the white population. Although the white people invent everything they use, feed them (They are too stupid to farm), and would end niggers existence if they left. The niggers are still too stupid to realize this. Statistics published by local police suggest that in South Africa, around 50 people are murdered every day, which is really alarming how the Jew brainwashed world does not see racism here. Fortunately, the homicide rate has slowly been decreasing because white people are dying or moving. Which also makes for weaker niggers too as they barely have food with whitey dead now.

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Cape Town

Uganda 2

This Jigaboo is looking for some fellow negros to “JACK” to obtain money for crack/cocaine. Only problem is the other niggers are all broke or dying from AIDS or Hippos eat them. He best be looking for that groidle of niggers behind him by the blue tarp. Shit looks like it could be a bum rush attack.

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Senegal 2

Well we fucked this country up before our 7th Birthdays. Lets move to France and Fuck That place up. I heard they pay you to live there if you are black and Rape is legal.

Senegal is one of the world’s poorest nigger lands. In 2019 it ranked 162nd out of 188 nigger inhabited regions on the United Nations Development Programme’s Ape Development Index.

In 2020 Senegal currently has approximately 15.13 million groids. The population is young with an estimated 62% of Senegalese under the age of 25. Senegal is populated by niggers with virtually no white influence. The Are fucked in other words. May as well just grab some popcorn sit back and watch.

Not everyone has access to a toilet, and probably would not know how to use it if they even say it, especially among women and girls who still think the get pregnant by dancing to nigger music. Environmental degradation is hindering development in some regions, where the niggers pollute the hell out of the land. Yet That little bitch Greta is too scared to go there and tell them they need to stop. Below are a couple major issues Senegal is facing

  • accelerating wild life (apes, snakes, birds, hippos, ect) fleeing due to nigger violence. Which proves the animals do not want to live around niggers why should people in first world countries.
  • Poopification. Not only are the female niggers giving birth naturally to niglets but their human waste is no becoming aware of its surroundings and moving.
  • disappearance of vegetation: Niggers did not realize that if you do not water crops and plants they die. It is not that the plant is racist. It just needs water which the nigger used to moisten its old ladies vaginal crust.

Drought in the Sahel is exposing Senegal to recurring food and nutrition crises. Even the evil rain which refused to meet and talk with Jesse Jackson is racist and is not raining to water the niggers crops because the clouds hate black people and have ties to white supremacy because they are white.

Senegal 1

The Gambia

Kenya 2

That mane pictured above is Mukeka or Mukeki or I just called him nigger. Anyway he fled Uganda because they wanted to kill him because he was a homosexual. In Kenya he can bum fuck niggers all day and not be judged. He is the Elton John of Africa

This nigger is keeping tabs on the cops before he jacks that ride there.

Walter HIV Asshole Rapist With A Gay Hat

This ugly buck nigger he is Walter he has HIV. Walter got his gay faggot hat when he raped Freddie Mercury in Prince’s Hotel Room one night. He roams the streets of Mombasa at night. Looking for assholes to rape. Niggers like rape. Walter likes rape. Walter is a rape nigger. Walter is a con artist he steals nickles for doctor pepper. Walter lies from everything from the fact that he is homeless, to being able to use the toilet. He is a sewage mouth and his breath from all the cum and shit on his tongue is enough to make you puke. He owns a bicycle which he stole from an elderly white tourist who was dying of cancer. Beware of this infected toxic nigger and its associates. I found out recently about his family and his brother was devastated that Walter raped all his goats and filmed it. He is not remorseful and will do the same to other woman. Walter stole a watermelon from one of Gorilla Oprah’s Nigger scam Schools(You know the schools that dumb white people donate to and all the money goes to junk food for nigger Oprah’s Fat Ass) and now is wanted by the police.

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urinate here nigeria niggers
nigeria geoguessr

Bunking with another Nigger Sows Buck

Why do niggers act so surprise when their other cheats. I have never ever met a nigger (all jokes a side here) That has ever been faithful to a spouse. Not one. Not a single one and I have met hundreds. I know nigger cops, teacher, all aa jobs but still they all fucking cheat lol. “”While I was out of town, this bed-hopping HOMEWRECKER Abiola Mohammed Stinkynigger found her way into my home and unto my bed (which by the way has our wedding picture right next to it) with my two-faced, sneaky husband and practically played house the whole time. She is a greedy woman who preys on sexually indiscriminate married men such as my husband, to fund her lifestyle and care for her child. Considers her body her only means of survival in life… “”

Who gave these niggers all this wood? Who expects them to figure out what to do with it? The niggers are like wow we have weapons to fight white people with now.

Why the fuck isn’t the wood making itself into a house like it does for the white man. I think the white man gave us racist wood. The wood just stays there and doesn’t become nice house.

It would be the biggest event to watch live or on PPV if the Silverback Gorilla they stole that fruit from came down and went ape shit on the niggers.

White people are stupid they build their dumps too far outside the city. Niggers are educated and innovative and build them in the city center.

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