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90 Day Fiance Mega Thread 3

Jesse is just upset because he is owed the money. He was spending it on items that he and his male escort boyfriends could ram up their assholes when they play bum fuck train. Jesse needs the money too he has been living off his gay lovers Joey Gladstone and Michael Moore for way to long. Jesse has been open and helping the gay black community achieve their goal of eating shit alot too Jesse is owed lets all riot and protest. After all Jesse Lives Matter.

When Big Ed was a faggot male hooker in Chicago in the early 90’s he use to fuck Eddie and Carl Winslow when he was smoking crack behind where they filmed the hit show “Nigger Matters”. He use to get them to tag fuck his midget ass and then cover him in their cum, piss, and shit and they spit on him and called him names. Ed loved it made him almost feel like a real man. So now Carl and Eddie(when he is not in jail) jizz in jars and send huge amounts of their semen to Big Ed for crack money.

Get it the poo is like her because of their smell and canny resemblance. She is a rapping poo ho rapping about negro tampon spear guns and spray paint lip stick.

90 Day Fiance Mega Thread 2

Like fellow 90 day Fiance co-star Colt Johnson. Paul also fucks his mother whose name is Edna. Edna resembles the face of a woman who belongs on a box of yeast infection cream for old ladies. Thats what they should call Yeastal Vaginal Waste. The woman should say. “I am having an Edna”. An Edna is when the yeast infection crusts on the vaginal lips and turns a moldy brown or metallic rust color. An Edna. An Edna.

Paul Knows he has to stay away from schools and playgrounds. Yet everywhere he goes the cops keep finding him near them and hucking him in jail for a bit.

Ed plays the rat that masterbates to them. Usman plays a nigger.

“I knew Big Ed back in our college days! He sucked a mean dick back then. Use to call him the Bumble Bee Hoover, as he dressed up in a bumble bee costume and sucked everyones dick while singing country music. Too bad he has no neck and a small penis. He would make any man proud”– Gay Activist and NABMLA President Michael Moore

Molly’s family obviously doesn’t give a shit about her or they want to see her fail for the shits and giggles. This is what her dad should of done when he welcomed that coon Luis.

Big Ed Scoops The Goat Cheese Yeast Out Of Michael Moore’s Ass With A Shovel And Eats It.

Big Ed Brewing Up A Big Gooey Storm For
Michael Moore’s Faggot Fucking

There is a Nigger Orchard, with nigger trees, all growing niggers, grown from nigger seeds, shit out by other niggers, in Flint, Michigan. In the midst of all those trees owned and maintained by land whale Michael Moore. Among those workers on the nigger farm is a disabled midget from San Diego named Ed Brown. Or as he is called while getting butt fucked in the shower, BIG ED. Ed waters trees and feeds niggers watermelon. But Michael Moore being the perverted pig he is gets big Ed to do sexual favors for him to get bonus pay for neck surgery and a penis pump. One of Michael Moore’s turn ons is getting his ass yeast scraped out of his rectal cavity with rusty objects. He loves the feeling of the dried bum crust cutting his asshole and bleeding.

In 1986 while working for Tupac Shakur selling crack on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Michael Moore came out as homosexual. He said that the new feeling of being a fat ugly faggot has made him feel like sticking a cucumber in his asshole and going to JC Penny and try on womens underwear and walk around the toy section with is pet poodle max.

Big Ed broke into Homosexual activities mainly for money in the 80’s. Big Ed said he gets nothing but pure enjoyment having a big sweaty man ass take a big steamy shit on his face. He says the more splatter the more I orgasm. Ed’s known for his role as a sex tourist in 90 day fiance and his hit adult man film “Bouncy Butt Lovers: Big Eds Bonner Boat Bum Bash”. Since Big Ed has worked on the Nigger Farm his new favorite meal is shitting his diarhea in a bowl, crumbling oreos on it, and having some wine.

I never could understand why people would digest human waste. Big Ed Why?

90 Day Fiance Mega Thread

big ed 90 day fiance mom

Big Ed uses the extra Mayo as lube on his tiny pecker and goes onto the cast of little people big world and butt rapes his fellow midgets.

In the country of Jordan it is quite usual for most men to live with their parents at 30. Like in all Muslim countries fucking your mother and father is a key pilar of Islam and must be obeyed by Allah.

“I bent Ed Over And Fucked Him Anally raw up his crusty asshole SO FUCKING hard his head smashed into the metal bedframe, now he has no neck”John Legend Homosexual Trumpet Player

After this was taken Colt hit his mom in the head with that weight. Ripped her old lady clothes off, rammed the fucking weight up Debbie’s naked old wrinkly ass, then stood over her naked shivering passed out cold body on the cement floor. While he jerked off until he covered his mom in his nut butter! You tha man Colt! You The Man!

“I think that stupid show 80 day fiance is gayer than the load of cum with AIDS I have swirling around in my ass cavity right now”.-Don Lemon CNN News Reporter

Myla Vox. When your ass burns…. Think Of Mylavox…

mylavox, nicaragua, boy band, faggots, black lives don't matter, Mylavox hates niggers and laughs at them when they take a shit they say it reminds them of black people,

You know those things that grow around your asshole? Those red burning itchy things that aren’t quit warts and not quite pimples. Puss comes out of them and it really burns and is uncomfortable when you take a big steamy shit loaf. That my friends means you have MYLAVOX. MYLAVOX is a contagious disease form making gay love with another mans asshole. It is common in Nicaragua and other beaner latin American Loser shithole countries. Some say it is due to butt hurt from Trump building a wall. Others say it is from all the drugs they do. But it is a national pastime itching eachothers MYLAVOX scabs and sores.

Be the first to join the MYLAVOX facebook page and show your PRIDE.

Chelsea and Yamir got married within the 90 days of the fucking show and the spic came to America legally. However, Chelsea started to feel like Yamir was more focused on other mens assholes than their marriage, which put a strain on them. In 2017, the 90 Day Fiance couple ended their relationship and got a divorce. Yamir served a brief stint in jail in 2018 for raping a cat in the park with fellow 90 day fiance star Colt Johnson.

Colt And David Butt Fuck Each Other Then Run Around Vegas Raping Cats

Many 90 Day Fiancé crack head fans have wondered what David Murphey does for a living. Bear in mind he has spent around $300,000 on visiting Ukraine and talking to Ukrainian women on a dating website. That’s a lot of money, even if it was spread out over around seven years. While his net worth is unknown just like his sexuality, his job and his loser social media and male on male porn hub profiles do give a clue. As said by Jim From Progressive, visiting David Murphey’s SweatyManBalls page gives quite a bit of information about his employment. According to his profile, he works for An Animal Lube Company in Nevada as an “Anal Sex Tech” According to John Legend, someone in that kind of position has an average salary of $98,784. You have to factor in that David also has close ties to the Sinaloa Cartel where he seized head of transport years ago after orchestrating a jack movie in the 90’s that framed Tookie and paved David’s path to success.

Colt who is a master stud was born into money. His mother Debbie use to work for David. David use to produce Main Stream Porno. Debbie was in his feature film. Colt was the result of one of the many cock pellets that Debbie took shrapnel from in making hard core porn films. She to this day still thinks that Colt is the Wad she would of rather swallowed. Colt got into Computers and other nerd shit as a kid as he had no real friends and no drugs were around back then to get girls fucked up enough to have sex with him. Since Debbie and Colt have winner radiating off of them they got into advertising.

So Colt and David became close home boys chilling with the same fags from the same gay hardcore anal sex no condoms allowed bath houses. They both got to talking about how bad they wanted to hump other cats than the ones they already had at home. Since they both resemble fucking child molesters they thought nothing of wearing trench coats and running around parks and alleyways finding cats to rape. Often in broad day light. High on crack and strung like a horny bull on viagra. These 2 are so beyond help in the cat raping game. If they see a Tom and Jerry Cartoon they jerk off and hump the tv its on. They got Big Ed involved in the cat raping game at one point filming it and often times running after cats like the midget he is with a club and smacking the cats over the heads. In turn knocking them out so David can stick his throbbing stiff cock in the knocked out cat’s dry asshole.

Baby Girl Lisa Puts Her Nigger In Its Place

They may have fucking made it through the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season, but married stars Lisa Hamme, a.k.a. “Baby Girl Lisa,” and nigger jungle bunny coon Usman “SojaBoy” Umar still had plenty of relationship watermelon nigger hurdles to jump for like niggers for bananas. In leaked ass fluid from Usman’s nigger bum hole and footage from the tell-all finale, shared by an Instagram meme account, the Nigger goat raper accuses his lady of calling him A FUCKING SHITSKINNED NIGGER — and she doesn’t exactly deny it. Lisa says “If you don’t beat the nigger out of its nigger skull it forgets. Its a nigger after all” The clips don’t share the full context of the conversation because Usman taped gay porn on the rest of it, but the claims come up mid-argument as Lisa, 52, warns Usman, 30, not to “open that can of grape koolaid.” However, he barrels ahead with a hidden Jessie Jackson Immunity Card, revealing she called him A SMELLY JUNGLE NIGGER one week earlier — which he knows “is totally a way to get free shit for nothing in America.” Though he claimed he “didn’t even get angry” about it, he attributed that becoming “used to how bad he smells and ugly he is as Lisa bought him a mirror” not to being OK with her fat blubber ass though.

Big Ed Jerks Off With Tweezers While His Dog Teddy Licks Honey Off His Nuts

The tension lingers. 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Rosemarie “Rose” Vega accused her ex Ed Brown (a.k.a. Big Ed) of offering her money to get naked on camera during the season 4 tell-all, which aired on Sunday, June 7. However, he denied it ever happened.  The drama popped off after Rose claimed he previously asked her to strip for him while they were discussing issues in their relationship.“He said to me that ‘I was a flat dirty hooker, why do I always have a problem?’ I told him there are many problems here. That’s what I told him. You know what he said all of a sudden? ‘Open your video, get naked. Get naked now. I’ll video you, pay you money,’” she alleged on the highly anticipated special. She then did for Ed and she watched Big Ed jerk off with a pair of tweezers while his dog Teddy licked his nuts with honey on them.

Lots of people often questioned Big Ed on why the young girl you fucking pedophile? “I never thought of her as this young girl. With no tits I always imagined a young boy when I played with myself thinking of her. She just became this single mother that I wanted to help, and I was banned from going to playgrounds in San Diego” Ed, 54, told “The Fat Losers Faggot Time Show Podcast” host Carl Winslow. “The first conversation we had was, ‘Look, Rose, I’m 54. I’m old enough to be your dad.’ And she’s like, ‘Well you’re actually one year older than my dad.’ And I’m like ‘Oh my God, so great let’s just be friends.’ And she’s like ‘No, age is just a number.’ I’ll never forget that. You know, age is just a number.” But neck size length isn’t.

Ed Squeezing Out A Sloppy Little Shit Nugget In His Diaper

Colt Has Raw Bare Back Anal Sex With His Elderly Fucking Mother


Colt Johnson’s mother Debbie believes her son was absolutely a victim of abuse at the hands of his estranged wife, Larissa Lima, after the Brazilian reality star was arrested for a third time for misdemeanor domestic violence charges earlier this year and for getting caught with a few pounds of meth in her fucking asshole. Debbie and Larissa actually got along well enough in the beginning of Colt and Larissa’s relationship. They use to share dildos and fuck the same male escorts and laugh at Colt’s small penis together while sharing a cock. But it didn’t take long for the two to start butting heads over yeast infection creams and hemroid medicine. Here’s what you need to know about Colt’s mother, Debbie Johnson:

Debbie Sitting on Her O Ring
As Her Hemroids are Flaring
As She Just Rammed a Carrot In Her

Colt has lived with his mother Debbie for the majority of his life, and his sexual relationship with his mother played a significant role in the mounting issues between him and Larissa. As soon as Larissa arrived in Las Vegas, she made it very clear that Sunday night was her night to get Ass fucked. Larissa was arrested for domestic abuse on several occasions, the most recent one taking place earlier this year on January 10, when she allegedly attacked Debbie with a chain saw while high on meth and was arrested in Clark County, Nevada. Debbie’s nickname is “Cookie Dough” as her and Colt like to ram it in her pussy while he ass fucks her. Then when Colt cums in her ass Debbie grabs the tube of cookie dough and rams it up Colt’s ass and he Holler’s her name so the whole neighborhood can hear.

8 Eyes, 2 Assholes, 1 Goal

After Hearing About How Colt Fucks His Mom. Angela And Her Cotton Picker Are Excited And Can’t Wait To Join The Cookie Dough Club

Big Ed Wants To Get His Little Wiener Cut To Not Have Any Rice Picking Offspring

We all know Big Ed from the hit show 90 day fiance has no fucking neck, is a midget, should not be allowed around playground zones, be around Asians or minorities in general, showers with cum in his hair, and is a future cast member for Little People big world with his fucking faggot boyfriend Matt Roloff. But he didn’t tell the love of his life, some rice bitch Rosemarie that he wants to get his willie cut. Ed claims to have a child that is older than Rosemarie but most still wonder if Ed has ever had sex besides raping animals or nigger cheap crack hookers. He rides a bike with his pet poodle. In the picture featured here it appears that he has some sort of foreign object in his asshole.

A clip of the March 15 episode of Before the 90 Days also sees Rose taking money out of faggot Ed’s fucking wallet, which has fans speculating that the Filipino slutbag might be scamming Ed for money.

“I’m not comfortable with Rose grabbing my little penis because that’s not what you do,” Ed notes in a clip. “I think it’s borderline inappropriate and I already have questions about her sister because she asked me for drug money and videos of me fucking my dog … I don’t want to believe that this could just be a scam, but I don’t know if Rose is in on it or not.”. See Ed is a real fucking idiot. With all the money he wasted on this bitch he could of saved a shit load of money and just called one of these.

I mean he would still be a fucking pathetic loser like Caeser but at least he could finally REALLY lose his virginity.

Rosemarie’s dad looks hungry to make man love to Big Ed

“Last night, I finally revealed to Rose that I want to have a vasectomy and I don’t want any rice picking slant eyed kids,” Ed explains about Rose, who is 31 years his junior. “And when I woke up this morning, she was gone.” “So Looked out the window and started jerking off to the birds” Explains a calm big Ed stroking his little dick with tweezers. ” I was lonely so I phoned up Rose’s Dad, I wanted to explore his asshole with my tongue” Ed continues. So later that day. Ed and Rosemarie’s dad played dick swords all fucking day in the hotel room (That the staff at 90 day fiance paid for). They did crack and heroin and trashed the room with shit covered condoms (when they used them) and blood mist from their heroin needles.

Ed left the Philippines with a big smile on his face, a satisfied asshole, and a pink shirt covered in some Asian mans dick goo. #WINNING

There is way fucking more to tease the guy about than his height and neck.

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