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Newark Problems

You know those evil white nazis that attacked those Jews in Newark awhile back. You know those evil white people all its all our fault. They got these Nazis off the street below good job.

Niggers in Politics too fucking funny why do they even bother. They can’t run a nation in Africa not a single one. Why bother trying here? The reason there is less crime probably is that nigger was too busy lying to steal shit he normally steals.

Jersey’s finest we must put more people who are minorities in with the police force

This dune coon that looks like Theo Huxtabul is being charged with sexual assault.
The police are racist and are always trying to bring a brother down. They hired him just to bust his black ass. That is what Jesse Jackscoon will say.
New Ark, New Jersey. All I think about when I think of Jersey is the Sopranos and those whores and fags on Jersey Shore.

The buck above killed his wife and has been on the run since 2014. Maybe he was upset because the Nets moved over to Brooklyn. Or she forgot watermelon and the grocery store. No grape kool aid he is a pissed negro. He has a shinny thick ape skull. More Here

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4 thoughts on “Newark Problems

  1. No my kids and mother know that niggers are gross disease carrying creatres and that would never happen. Just your stench alone is so vile. Whites are too scared of the savage nigger to say it. Niggers are like gorillas in the zoo most people wouldn't taunt the gorilla.

  2. Pussy ass racist, say it in public and see how many whites take your side. Your kids will probably have mixed kids and your mother def sucked black dick before. Have a great day

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