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Black History Month

According to groids everyone was black in history. I do not know if some moron feeds them this or they truly think it. I believe in a bit of both I think that society doesn;t want them realizing how fucking useless of a race they are. They haven’t done shit for the world in a positive way. Make up inventions. politicians ect…..
The Following is a list of positive contributions blacks have added to society
1. HIV
2. Employ police and social workers
I am stuck???????? What the fuck do they do on a Leap Year? There is a reason why it is the shortest month of the year. Most negros aren’t even aware their pants are falling down let alone which month it is.
Off to the pawn shop I will go, get crack money for this negro
With whitey’s shit he surely never will know………………….
I know what you will say,
Stealing is not the way
But today is Jamal’s history dayyyyyy

(Niglet in the red wrote this) Mom is in prison now. Just like dad, older brother Tyrone, Other older brother Jamal, And Jerome. I had lots of uncles visit once my dad went to prison too. Uncle T Dawg, Uncle Slinky, Uncle Abdul, Uncle b Flat, Uncle Cedrik, Uncle DJ fancy dog, A bunch of others. My momma always had sleep overs with these uncles they only stayed once. They must of been sick as they were always taking needles I think some if not all of these uncles were gardeners. I always heard them talk about hoes. One I think worked at a bottle plant. He always tallked about capping things. He had lots of money. Then some guy came by in a car and yelled at him. I think they were playing hide and seek as he got in the trunk. We haven’t seen him in awhile I heard he was going away for a long time. He must of travelled the world.
Tommorow my family and I are going to a store to get some things. The good thing about this store is this white family has it in their house. They are never home and apparently you don’t pay. I like that store. I hope they have a bike in stock tommorow.

Celebrate Black History


Celebrate It Come on


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